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Benjamin Fortitude Premium Combo

Includes 4-16x40 AO Scope, Rings & Hand Pump
  • Code: AGD-45699392 · .177 · 950 fps
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This Airgun Depot exclusive combo is everything that one needs to maximize the effectiveness and mobility of the new Benjamin Fortitude Gen 2. Included with the kit is the Benjamin hand pump, making field refills easier and a CenterPoint 4-16x40 AO scope with an illuminated reticle. The Fortitude is the newest entry level PCP on the market and is powered by a regulated 3000 psi cylinder, for consistent and accurate shots. Shooters can expect up to 90 per fill and at velocities ranging from 950 to 800 (depending on caliber). The Fortitude is fed by a 10-round magazine and uses a clean breaking single stage trigger. Pick up this exclusive kit today and head out to the field this weekend.

Benjamin Fortitude Gen 2 Premium Combo Features:

  • Pre-charged Pneumatic
  • Bolt-Action
  • 10 round rotary magazine
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Regulated 3000 PSI cylinder
  • On board pressure gauge
  • 11mm Dovetail mount
  • Fully Regulated
  • Single-Stage trigger
  • Fully-shrouded barrel
  • Male Quick Disconnect fill fitting
  • Includes CenterPoint 4-16x40 scope and Benjamin Hand pump
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 950 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 5.30
  • Overall Length 42.60
  • Barrel Length 23.31
  • Loudness 2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 10
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 70
  • Trigger Adjustability Single-stage
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 5-year limited warranty
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By ColeDecember 31, 2022 Verified Purchase

Only given four stars due to the first one having a leaky seal which seems to be something these guns are known for. Second one Ive put multiple rounds through with no signs of leaks.

Its a great light weight gun, very accurate and very quiet.

First one I bought had a leaky seal so I couldnt get it pumped up. Airgundepot was very good and quick about the exchange and my second one is perfect.

By ColeUSADecember 18, 2022 Verified Purchase

Airgun depot is supposed to be replacing the gun so far theyve been easy to deal with. Well see if they cant find a way to get out of it like any other company would.

Good light weight gun, not hard to pump to 3600.

Gun leaked air new right out of the box under feed port. Had to be sent back so Im out of a gun for a who knows how long. Quality control issues.

By Olli-PekkaUSAJuly 21, 2020

Received rifle and pump combo with pump manometer (pressure gauge) glass cracked, but pump was functional and able to fill rifle. Rifle shot fine for first few hundred rounds, then upon reloading and firing 3rd round in a clip, a continual hissing sound could be heard from the feed port, indicating a possible seal failure or something of the sort. The rifle's air reservoir leaked empty within 20-30min. As I did not want to void the warranty, I opted to send it in for a replacement, however, the pump is out of stock so I have not received a replacement for almost a month now and DID NOT HEAR BACK FROM CUSTOMER SUPPORT for over 2-3weeks about them (1) receiving my return OR (2) contacting me about my 5-6 inquiries about it.... I had to call the 1-800 number to get an answer - not happy. I had the option to send it to Crosman, who probably would have sent replacements sooner and with better support, but I wanted to give AGD a chance to fix the issue, as it was under their warranty still.

The rifle is nice and light. It fills nicely with the pump in a short few minutes and fires a good 60-70 rounds before going from 3000 to 1000psi. The front loop mounts allow for nice and easy installation of collapsible bipod. Fired around 250-300 rounds so far and it was achieving around .25 inch groups to hole-in-hole groups at 20yds. Trigger is on heavier side, but consistent enough to become proficient with. Was a joy to shoot before the malfunction (see below.)

Possible CQ issues with the rifle -Review will be updated after REPLACEMENT rifle!!!

By NelsJuly 3, 2020

Really pleased overall as a light weight pest control and target rifle. I would buy again. The multi shot setup is great and my break barrel would not easily match this accuracy. Final thought- for my use the velocity is ok but if you want stock velocity above 780 fps it is not likely on this even set to max trigger spring. In my opinion this is not for groundhog or crow size critters.

Good entry level pcp at about 20 fpe in .22. Everything in the kit works. Pumping from 2000-3000 does not take long but is stiff on the last couple hundred pounds. The meter is good and matches gauge on rifle. Love the light weight and is quiet. The scope works well and reticle is good in shadows. AO works well and image is clear. It holds zero but rifle has no recoil either. It is accurate- see pic of target with only 200 rounds on it. 10 shots of JSB 15.89 or Hades makes one big hole at 25 yds. Crosman HP in lower right not so much. Soft JSB do well and Crosman pellets do better than this in a slamming piston rifle from my experience.

The scope is not forgiving for off center viewing as far as halo effect as expected at this price. I am leaving it on as it works well for pesting patrol. Cheek rest would help this some. One magazine needed the spring seating corrected- easy permanent fix online found. Really 3 minutes. But for this price not a big issue.

By KendrickUSAJune 25, 2020

The gun is excellent however the package deal may not be the best deal... Based on how you're gonna use the gun... If you will be shooting daily... Here are some suggestions... Even though this package gets you in the game, and keeps you shooting, as long as you can keep pumping it up... That's cool, but if you're gonna be shooting all the time, You're gonna get tired and look for a real air source... Whether it be a HPA compressor or high volume HPA scuba tank you're gonna need something to save your limbs from the task... It's not too hard of a job to pump this gun to 2500 psi. Takes about 100 strokes using the hand pump but it reduces your shots down to around 35-40 before you clearly notice a difference in power and have to start back pumping. The scope is great but if your going to take farther shots you'll wish you had a mildot scope to help compensate for distance adjustments. You will not be disappointed with this purchase

This gun is the truth. Everything they say it is! 1. 10 shot bolt action is smooth and easy truly does allow for quick follow up shots 2. Super quiet... The target impact makes more noise than the firing of the gun especially on metal 3. Superior accuracy at short ranges with the right pellet 4. Entry Level PCP Rifle kit gets you shooting the first day 5. Easily 60 powerful shots per tank fill 6. Hand Pump works great "until you can get a bigger air source" 7. 5yr Warranty... FIVE YEARS!

what I paid for... A quality PCP airgun. 1. The clip that cI gotame with my gun never shoots past the 8th bullet. 2. Here on the Gulf Coast we have salt in the air... The gun should be blued to prevent rusting. 3. I'd exchange 60 shots per fill for 30 shots with an added 100 fps 4. The CP scope is excellent but I would trade for Mildots

By JamesMay 2, 2020

200ish rounds in and i love it. Was shooting dandy lion heads off at 15 yards.

My fortitude combo arrived in the mail today. This is my first pcp as i have always been a cartridge guy. This is a great back yard plinker. Very very quiet. So far with crossman premier hps it shoots dime size groups at 10 yds and quarter size at 25 yds. Some of that is my bad too. Im 150lbs atheletic build and it is fine to pump up to 3000psi by hand. The scope is not a leupold, nikon, or vortex but it has good clarity and adjusted as expected. The ilumiation is cool too. Overall it felt well balanced and the price point was right on par.

The trigger is heavy.... but consistent.

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Dose a buyer of this gun need the pump with it or could an air Venturi hand pump on this gun?

asked Wyatt from USA

Is this fortitude gen 2

asked Richard from USA


Mark from USA

any clue what kind of hand pump this comes with?

asked Richard from USA

That is the Benjamin handpump.

Mark from USA

Would the .22 caliber version be a good squirrel gun? As a first time pcp buyer I want to be humane but I can't risk a powerful pellet go through and ricochet and hit someone's house(I love in town) any advice?

asked Richard from USA

the 22 cal is the choice for pesting.

Mark from USA

how many psi will the pump go up to?

asked Richard from USA

Goes up to 3600 psi

Mark from USA

Can trigger be adjusted to a lighter pull

asked Tao from USA

A little. The trigger is single stage.

Mark from USA

Is the reservoir on this the same size as the one on the Marauder?

asked Bruce from USA

No. The Fortitude has a 135 CC air cylinder. The Marauder has a 215 CC air cylinder.

Mark from USA

Is there any adjustment for the regulator in order to have more velocity & less shots per fill?

asked Bruce from USA

You can not adjust the regulator. You can vary the shot velocity with the Adjustable Hammer Spring Tension

Mark from USA

can I use Beeman Pointed pellets in the Benjamin Fortitude

asked Larry from USA


Mark from USA

how many hand pumps to reach 3000 psi capacity

asked Larry from USA

Approx 125

Mark from USA

I have the Premium combo on order and cannot wait for it to ship. For the centerpoint scope that comes with the TAG reticle can you provide me with a STARTING point . What distance to zero and what distances will the holdovers be at? (.22) I will most likely be within 50yds. Thank you.

asked James from USA

Start at 10 yards, Solve for right-left first. Then move to the range you think you will shoot at most of the time. Sight in. We can not tell you what your hold-over or under will be.

Mark from USA

What is the maximum effective range of this rifle? It seems like a good entry level pcp am I correct?

asked Greg from USA

100 yards. The fortitude is a good entry air rifle.

Mark from USA

Is it the Gen. 2 Fortitude included in this combo?

asked Kalan from USA


Mark from USA
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