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Benjamin Marauder Pellet Pistol

Available in .22, Includes Stock Extension
Only $398.99
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  • Code: BP2220 · $398.99 · .22 · 700 fps
Estimated in stock date is 10-04-20
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NOTE: ONLY FILL TANK UP TO 2900 PSI! Crosman has informed us that if the tank is filled right up to 3000 PSI then reported, this will lower velocities. Please fill to 2900 psi only. Going to 3000 will cause a bit of valve lock and low velocities will be the result. The manual states 2900 psi as the Recommended fill pressure (section 11). Thank you! Benjamin Marauder Pistol
  • Up to 700 fps
  • 8-rd circular mag with auto-indexing
  • Internal shroud makes this a VERY quiet gun
  • Choked barrel delivers superior accuracy
  • Raised aluminum breech for easier loading of the clip
  • 2-stage adjustable match trigger...and the trigger is metal!
  • Uses 3,000 psi compressed air
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Tank ends with quick-disconnect Foster fittings for fast refills
  • Includes shoulder mount stock
  • Ideal for hunting small quarry up to 33 yds away
  • Made in the USA
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber.22
  • Velocity700 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBolt-action
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight2.70
  • Overall Length18.00
  • Barrel Length12.00
  • Loudness2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity0
  • MechanismPre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail11mm dovetail
  • SafetyManual
  • Front Sightsnone
  • Rear Sightsnone
  • Shots per Fill0
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action0
  • UseSmall game hunting/target practice
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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By FrankUSAJune 14, 2020 Verified Purchase

Fun to shoot I have been using it about a year now and careful not to over charge the air.

Great trigger pull, well balanced and consistence shot placement. Would like a greater shot count, but it would increase the weight.

Cocking the gun is a little firm, but I would not give up the trigger pull.

By clayton 7.April 18, 2019 Verified Purchase

Great gun

By StevenUSAOctober 17, 2018

I liked the one I had so much I purchased a second one. Just to change into a night stalker with IR DIY sights on it. Works great around a farm yard for RAT's & Pigeons in the rafters.

Lower cost magazines as compared to other PCP's. Easy to replace parts in also (picture included) Also easy to get- parts for it at a low price.

Runs out of air a little fast if your shooting a lot.

By Louis P.September 6, 2018

Very accurate! A bit large, but manageable. Consistent power to 30+ shots. I placed a Kronus dot sight on my Marauder and have solid performance out to 30 yards. This pistol is diffidently a winner and worth the money in my book!

Accurate Shot count Consistent power

A bit large

By GuyUSAAugust 29, 2018

Very please with this purchase. Awesome value. I was able to get into compress air gun sport without breaking the bank.

Ease of use! Shoots where its pointed. Awesome @ 1000 psi. QUIET!

I hope Benjamin have plans for a raise comb stock.

By RayMay 30, 2018

Had this pistol for about two weeks. At first it performed like expected.. great. Then it started hang firing, yeah the gun would fire when the trigger was released. Then it stopped firing at all, until I put the safety on. I am very disappointed and all bit upset that safety was not safe. Not one of my best purchases sadly.

By BenjaminUSAOctober 31, 2017

As a dad of 3 and uncle of 5, I always have kids wanting to shoot airguns with me, but they can't properly hold and shoot a full sized rifle and they struggle with finding proper eye-relief on a scope. My solution: P-rod with pistol grip installed, red dot sight, tripod rest. They love shooting and can hit spinners at decent distances. Once they get older, I'll put on the buttstock and add a small scope, which will really allow it to be used to its full potential. It's easy to fill with a hand pump and provides a decent amount of shots.

Light weight, easy to fill, decent shot count, magazine fed, shrouded barrel, configurable as pistol or carbine with included grips/stock.

There is a little play in the grips/stock, even when fully tightened. The set screw in the trigger guard is sharp and rubs my fingers.

By MikeApril 5, 2017

See headline. Needs to be available in .25.

long barrel for a pistol. Aftermarket upgrades.

Needs tuning

By ShawnUSAMarch 6, 2017

Nice little backyard carbine, 33yards max in my case. Easy to fill with my Hill MK-4 hand pump. Optimal accuracy is achieved between 2500-1200. Excellent Accuracy with H&N Field Target Trophy (5.54mm). I will be adding an aftermarket regulator to increase consistency and de-pinger to reduce decibels. Even with the extra aftermarket parts, suits my purpose quite well. Eurasian Collared Dove Eradication and target shooting.

Easy Fill Hand Pump. Good accuracy. Good noise reduction.

A little pricey compared to 2017 offerings. Not regulated.

By JohnUSAJanuary 20, 2017

This is a great PCP! It likes the CROSMAN PREMIER 143.GR HP. The trigger is excellent and I get about 24 consistent shots. It likes to be filled to about 2700-2800 PSI to get the ideal shot curve.

The best way to shoot this is as a carbine. I needed to shim the stock to keep tight and limit the movement. I mounted a Picatinny rail on the front for-stock to mount a bipod. I mounted a 3-9x32 UTG Bug buster scope. Also used a small portion of pipe rubber insulation to pad the rear stock. This is a fun gun which chrono'd in the mid 600's FPS with the 14.3 gr Crosman HP

Not much. The carbine stock is not solid but the problem was solved with some aluminum shims.

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Do you pump this up with a handle under the barrel or do you have a separate pump. Is it quiet enough that people next door can't hear it.

asked liljohn

This is a pre charged pneumatic. That means you fill a tank inside the gun with air and have around 20 shots until you have to fill it again. You will need either a hand pump specifically mad for high pressure airguns, like the hill, benjamin or fx puts out the most expensive one.Or use a scuba tank or scba tank(like the ones the firefighters use) available used on e-bay for under 200.00. You nee one less than 15 years old as they expire and noone will fill it. Don't buy on older than 2001-it's useless. More like 2006 or later. A local scuba store or paintball store can fill it for less than 5 dollars. It will last for 50 or so fills on the gun depending on the size. SCBA tanks come in 30 min,45 minute, or 60 minute. 60 min is the best as you will get the most fills. They are 4500 psi so you can get more fills than a scuba tank.

kyros malouta

You have to buy a separate pump. this gun is a PCP airgun not a multi-pump pneumatic aigun.


The Benjamin Maurader Air Pistol appears it will do the job I need it to do. What other accessories would you suggest I need to purchase with the Pistol. Can you recommend a particular storage / carrying case and what kind of kit for cleaning and maintenance do you suggest? Where do I go for the best ammo deals?

asked Chuck

How many repetitions could a 48CU IN air paintball tank can make at whats the minimum air pressure that the marauder can work properly. Thanks Phil

asked Phil

shipping for italy Marauder PCP air pistol?

asked francesco greco

Francesco, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected] They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

are there any open sight options ?

asked mark

No open sights are available that I'm aware of, but perhaps a custom gun shop could modify the pistol for you. Besides I would recommend a red dot or 40mm scope with this pistol due to it's accurate shooting.

Gary from USA

there no open sight Benjamin marauder pcp airpistol

yuanliang from USA

my marauder pistol will not shoot past 2000 psi it locks ups. any ideas?

asked matt

Can you ship this to Ontario Canada?

asked Quentin

Quentin, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected] They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Quentin, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected] They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Does this include a pump?

asked chris from USA

No pump is included, but there are package deals available.

Joel Espanol

Does it come with all the fittings needed to hook it up to the scuba tank?

asked Rusty

it has a 1/8 male fitting like those used in paintball.


does it come with the stock

asked Man

Yes, what you see in the picture is what you will get.

Scott from USA

I'm having scary raccoon problems. My family is scared of them and on garbage night there they are. I want to wipe them out. Can you help me?

asked beetzme

Dear sir, I'm very interested to buy Benjamin Marauder Air Pistol. i would like to know it is possible to ship outside the USA. The country i would like you to ship is Curacao. sincerely, W.Liang

asked Liang

Go to that webpage, where the item you want is. Click on "Add to Cart." (There will be a pop up with other items if you want those) Then click "proceed to checkout" if that is everything you want. When your checking out at the sight and there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden.

Scott from USA

Rather not be dumping lead around my house or anywhere for that matter. Skenko lead free "Hyper-Velocity Field Pellets" are too long for the magazine. What lead-free pellets will fit?

asked Bob

Unless you are shooting thousands of rounds everyday you will not be putting more than a trivial amount of lead into the environment.


On a Marauder, can you use nitrogen, CO2, or compressed air. Does it matter what gas you use? What size scope base does the Marauder have, will a picatinny scope base fit?

asked J.

It uses compressed air only.

Steve from USA

Will this kill very large iguanas?

asked Pam

Yes, if shot in the head or top of the neck.


Yes, This will kill large iguanas.

Phillip from USA


Pablo from Argentina
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