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Benjamin Trail NP® XL MAGNUM, .177 cal

Includes CenterPoint 3-9X40mm Scope

Benjamin Trail NP® XL MAGNUM, .177 cal

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The XL1500 features a handsome, checkered, hardwood stock. With its daunting 24 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, and shot velocities of up to 1500 fps*, small game ? it?s game over. Independent research by Intertek found that Nitro Piston technology reduces noise by 70% during the shot cycle comparted with traditional steel spring break-barrels!

Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 Air Rifle
  • With Nitro Piston Technology
  • 70% Less Noise then the competitor’s “quiet” break barrel
  • Gas Piston Technology uses Nitrogen as the power source, instead of a steel Spring
  • Dramatically reduces felt recoil by eliminating the "double hit" and "spring torque" of a steel spring
  • Quicker lock time leads to increased accuracy
  • Velocity up to 1500 fps (w/ alloy); 24ft lbs of downrange muzzle energy.
  • Hardwood Ambidextrous Stock w/Thumbhole Grip
  • Integral Rail Mounting System – make mounting optics quick and easy
  • Sling Mount and Swivel Studs Included
  • Includes CenterPoint 3-9x40mm with adjustable objective and Mil-Dot reticle

Want more info? You can read a full Benjamin Trail XL Review.
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity1500 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight9.7
  • Overall Length48.25
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity1
  • MechanismGas piston
  • OpticsVariable / 1 inch Tube
  • RailWeaver/Picatinny Mount
  • SafetyManual
  • Trigger Pull3.5
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Benjamin Trail NP® XL MAGNUM, .177 cal
44 Reviews
61% (27)
18% (8)
7% (3)
5% (2)
9% (4)
61% Recommend this product (27 of 44 responses)
By Darryl
All Most Heaven
January 23, 2012
First let me say I'm not in any way a air gun expert. I am however a high master in other shooting disaplines and an avid game hunter. This is actually only my 2nd air rifle and my first Nitro Piston. I've spent countless hours trying to find a quality air rifle to be used for pest control and small game with a infuses placed on accuracy and all this at a reasonable price. Airgun Depot had the best price,fast shipping and the rifle arrived on time and undamaged in any way. Things looked pretty good when I opened the box, nice blueing,nice lines or over all shape, wood stock could be a lot better but now days you have to go custom most of the time to get anything that does not resemble a 3 dollar 2x4 with a coat of brown high gloss shoe polish. First thing I did was to focus on a good thorough cleaning and I mean thorough. Then mount the scope, that everyone seems to complaine about,......( I knew going in that it wasn't a high dollar item but may work for a while). Anyway, outside I went to see how the trigger would react when a pellet was used........WOW one I shoot with would want to shallow breath that long. Few turns of the trigger adjustment screw and I can now get the shot off without going into cardiac arrest ! By no means is it anywhere near where I want it to be, but I'll work on it some more and probably end up doing what most have done and replace it. First stage is very do-able, its that second stage that's the bear. On to the shots! First few loud like a small fire cracker going off, then a noticeable (very notceable) dulling of the report to the point where the impact of the pellet on the cardboard backed target at 25yds is much more pronounced. Accuracy.....wasnt sure of what to expect here with a new barrel not being broke in and was not exspecting all that much, just enough to show that it was not wildly erratic. So with the scope set on 4 power and adjusted for me, and not careing where on the target I was hitting, I proceeded to fire 3 five shot strings at different aiming points from a leaning shoulder rest. Going forward I found that all groups could be covered by a fifty cent piece easily and two would fit under a quarter with one being a little bigger than a nickel. Good enough for me justify putting more money into this rifle. Pellet used was H&N Baracuda @ 10.46grs. Reasonable enough for me to work on or replace the trigger and upgrade the scope, dont you think !!!
ProsPrice Potential overall looks,fit and finish on metal shooter comfort related to hold
ConsWood is so so- as expected Trigger- starts you out behind the 8 ball
By Richard
Heavy weight magnum
September 3, 2017
Vary heavy rifle rather hold sensitive magnum class power.
ConsWeight, barrel release.
By Brian O.
Grass Valley, CA
Poor design, poor manufacturing quality, poor gun, and Crosman fails to stand behind product or even admit it is a disaster.
September 19, 2015
I had a very optimistic attitude upon receiving this gun. But I soon discovered this gun is hopeless in terms of accuracy and it's quality of manufacture is crude. I tried countless different pellets (weights, head size, thickness of pellet skirt, etc).some were better than others but the best accuracy achieved at 30 yard was around a 6" diameter at best. After spending excessive time zeroing this gun and finally achieving a "grouping" the next time I shot the gun the pellets were all over the place often completely missing the target. I would have to start with a 2' x 3' target to get the pellets on paper. I tried 4 different scopes, countless scope mounts, I replaced the piston seal, I replaced the trigger, I polished the sear surfaces, I did all I could to salvage this junk gun. I would have been happy if the gun would hit consistently within a 3" diameter area but that is beyond the grasp of this gun. The trigger is so bad. There is no feel to it. The sear release is always a surprise even with the Charlie the tuna trigger. This is no way a two stage trigger. It is rigged up to try to emulate a two stage but it iit cannot even do that. The trigger parts are rough, bent, move side to side in the trigger assembly. Very crude trigger. And on top of everything else the barrel droops. There is nothing I did to cause this it came this way. When my frustration finally peaked I called Crosman customer service and was told that there is nothing wrong with the trigger, the barrel is the result of my mishandling, and that my experience with the gun is very unique, most people who have purchased this gun are completely satisfied. When someone makes a business replacing the stock trigger with an aftermarket item and almost everyone replaces the trigger in the hopes of remedying the horrible trigger then there is something wrong with your product. To tell me the gun is great and any thing that is not right is my fault, well I gave Crosman a chance and they aggressively defended this mess of a gun and put the blame on the customer. I have given up on this mistake, Iwill never purchase a Crosman product, and am currently shopping for a new gun, a gun hopefully that is built with craftsmanship and pride. I will be shopping the British manufacturers and I believe they not only do they build a quality product they stand behind what they build.
ProsNice size and weight. Good feel to stock design. Smooth cocking. Nice rail for scope mounts.
ConsTerrible trigger. Extreme recoil- I could not keep my vision on target through scope secondary to recoil. Terrible accuracy and once zeroed it would lose zero next outing. Gun came with bent barrel (droop) which Crosman blamed me for when I contacted them to report issue. I am sure I am forgetting many issue but to sum it up bad trigger feel, unpredictable sear release , bad shooting characteristics, crude manufacturing quality and deign of components. The shrouded barrel does nothing for sound suppression or modulation. It has no design features that would allow it to function as such. It does look good though. I guess that is something. If you are considering purchasing this product I cannot urge you in strong enough term to consider spending your money on another air gun. Who knows maybe mine was a unique flawed product and evert other gun is great. However, I really find that unlikely.
By Frank
Johnson City,N.Y.
Ace piece of art work!!!
May 18, 2015
After I dialed in the scope to work with me,I have a different 1400 fps gun thats got a louder exhaust than the 1500 fps rifle and I Love this rifle and give it a TWO THUMBS UP!!!!
Sweet Air Rifle
February 2, 2015
I changed scope to a Nikon EFR rimfire/ air rifle. Throw the scope gun came with in trash
junk. 1'' groups at 50 yards. Also changed out trigger to Charlie da tuna.............
By giorgi
, Chicago
very Good gun
November 5, 2014
this gun has good strength
By James
Perfect shot
October 17, 2014
I got this gun since 3 weeks ago, I shot every day a least 10 times. I like it for small game, I just squirrel from 25 yards no chance to run :) I recommend this gun only for fun + target shooting + small game.

Now, I am looking other air gun that can shot deer :) some body have suggestion? you can do it.
ProsGood shoot for small game and target shooting...
ConsPerfect shoot for every target from 25 yards +
By Roy
Sheffield, AL
Benjamin Trail Np xl1500
August 30, 2014
AS described, excellent gun, not as loud as I thought . Breaking in before I sight the scope.
ProsNice scope
By Lawrence
Adelanto, CA
Benjamin makes the best break barrel.
May 1, 2014
This thing sends pellets through time. Wow. Talk about power. Use heavy pellets if you want good groups. As for hunting Use blunt pellets If you use pointed or round they go through birds like a hot knife through butter In fact blunt ones do more damage. Remember heavy pellets.
ProsEverything but trigger and that is easy fix.
Constrigger but even that is not a deal breaker.
By Michael R.
Salinas, California
Affordable Awsome Rifle
February 5, 2014
This is a nice pellet rifle its nice and heavy the wood stock is beautiful it has a nice finish on it.The scope on this rifle is great no unscrewing windage or height caps nicest scope I've ever seen on a pellet rifle.This rifle is powerful i bought the Trail NP XL 1500 because it shoots lead pellets only 250 PS less than PBA ammo which is 1500 PS lead pellet out of this rifle is 1250 PS, I have a Gamo Big Cat 1400 its lead pellets 1100 PS. I shoot lead pellets at 35 YRDS pointed lead pellets penetrate a one inch piece of wood PBA ammo only penetrates only a third of the way. I like my big cat 1400 but it kicks so hard in the four months I've had it I've gone through 3 barska scopes its original plastic junk scope it came with a nice center point A-22 scope.What I'm trying to say is this rifle is more powerful but doesn't kick as hard but when I shoot it I hear the difference in the impact from when I shoot my big cat 1400. It comes with swivel rings, nitro piston can leave it cocked it doesn't hurt it.I love it.
By V
San Antonio, TX
Powerful...Not a backyard plinker
January 31, 2014
My first impression was slightly negative. This gun is very heavy and big in every way. The thumb hole does help with stabilization though and the fact that a sling can be attached is a plus. My first 50 shots were with a generic, low velocity pellet. The gun was quiet on these shots and was easy to sight in. Later I moved on to fancier high velocity pellets and those shots were close to as loud as a 22lr.
Overall, this is a gun for grown men with quite a bit of experience. Certainly for use in the country, not a residential area.
Prospowerful. Accurate
ConsLoud, long break-in, heavy, long
By gabe
san antonio tx
tried tested and approved
December 4, 2013
Accuracy is no problem. Power is no problem. Noise is no problem.
%u201CThe more you shoot the quieter this rifle gets and the better you shoot.%u201D
Allow me to address any question or concern.
Now I am very huge on accuracy and am an expert shooter, I will revisit this point later.
To start:
Step 1 this rifle out of the box should be cleaned of excess grease and oil, run a bore brush through the barrel too.
Step 2 Tighten all screws with a screwdriver, the two stock screws, the trigger, and butt plate. & scope mounts and scope.
Important important important...tighten the big screw holding the barrel to the receiver. You will need to remove the stock to access this screw. That will be the two side screws on the stock and the two in the trigger well.
NOTE: this is a magnum air gun, shooting it will loosen ALL screws throughout this rifle. Use blue Loctite.
Step#3 Break it in shooting cheap daisy pellets into the dirt or a whatever. This is not for practice, only to break in the rifle. (Needs to have a break-in period. in this period this rifle is burning off excess oil and grease and seating in all its components. Failure to do this will result in poor accuracy.) 150-500 pellets.
Next: IMPORTANT this rifle likes 10.5 grain and up pellets. Anything less will cause poor accuracy. Recommend Crosman Premier ultra mags domed. Or JSB exact monsters 13.4 grain.
Look it%u2019s like this, the more weight (grain) of the pellet, the more accurate this rifle. Reason for this is this is a Super Mag rifle. Light grain pellets will become unstable flying out of this thing at blazing speeds loosing accuracy. Heavy is better, more kinetic energy delivered on target means more destruction.
This is Crosman big dog flag ship of break barrels. It is worth the money if you%u2019re interested in moving up in shooting ability.
Follow these steps and your new XL-1500 will be the pride of your collection.
Last few things, if you%u2019re having problems with shooting this rifle after reviewing these steps then revisit to your shooting techniques. Don%u2019t call crosman. Their customer service just says to exchange it. These steps will make this rifle perform and remove frustration.
Ps. revisiting my past statement%u2026I%u2019m getting nickel groups consistently at 50 feet in a sitting position. @ 100 feet I%u2019m still getting picking off birds holding over .25 mil dot on the scope provided.
I recommend this rifle.

Prosquiet powerful accurate
Conscrosman needs a 13.5 grain pellet sold in stores as a option for a mag rifle like this.
By Rick W.
Troy, Idaho
Bad Accuracy
September 22, 2013
I own 3 air guns and am a seasoned shooter. Was not able to obtain any consistent accuracy. Tried several different pellets of the 10.5 grain variety, tried two different scopes. I would strongly recommend an RWS 350 MAGNUM. I put this one away in the gun cabinet and called it a loss. I do not recommend this one. Sorry!!
ProsIt cocks smooth, great power.
ConsExtremely poor trigger. A must replace. Even after replacement, accuracy totally unacceptable with any pellet.
By Steve
Normal, Illinois
Great gun for the Money
June 29, 2013
Bought this gun after reading several reviews and I will admit, I was a little skeptical at first about accuracy. Air Gun Depot had the best price and everything arrived in excellent shape. I sighted in the gun and after 50 shots could place 10 pellets into a dime sized pattern at 25 yards. I used crosman 7.9 grain pointed pellets and was very surprised as others had commented that they needed the 10.17 heavy grain pellets in order for the gun to group. The trigger pull is very long so will have to modify this in the future and expect to be grouping hole in hole after this has been done. The scope is really pretty nice and gathers light well and is easy on the eyes. One could opt for a better scope but for most shooters, this should do the trick nicely. Nice power, accurate, nice scope and best price found online at Air Gun Depot made this a wonderful item to add to my collection of airguns. I look forward to doing small game hunts with this air gun. Highly recommended!
ProsGo for it! I think you will be pleased you did. Great price, Great gun and accurate with plenty of power.
ConsLong trigger pull so one would have to modify or replace. There is an easy way to mod this trigger to correct this issue.
By Jeff
Grand Rapids, MI
Very Good
May 16, 2013
This being my first airgun purchase in 20 years, I did a little research beforehand and decided that this was the rifle for me. I purchased the XL1500 first and, having put 1000 rounds through it in about 2 weeks, I purchased the XL725 for more knockdown power when hunting. Simply put, the rifle is an awesome value. Yeah, the trigger is crappy, the scope may or may not last (I just replaced it right off the bat, not wanting to re-zero later), and the wood isn't that pretty, but it's a sub-$300 rifle. On a $1000 rifle, these would be legitimate gripes, but on a $300 combo, I'm ecstatic that it shoots as well as it does.

I get about 2" groups at 30 yards shooting offhand and I am NOT by any means a great shot. It's still breaking in, but I used RWS superdomes with "okay" results (groups about an inch larger) and Crosman Ultra Magnums with great results The Ultra Magnums are heavier and much more consistent. I have a new trigger on order, but tightened the adjustment screw on the factory trigger all the way to get it closer to being what I would consider acceptable. It's still too creepy and heavy but it is better than the factory setting. I have also noticed that the rifle quieted down substantially once I went to the 10-grain+ pellets from the 8-grain pellets. Not sure if that was a coincidence or not, but just something I noticed.

Obviously, I don't have any long-term experiences, yet, but as this rifle goes through break-in, I can see it do better and better on a daily basis. It kind of makes one wonder how good it will end up being... For the money, you really can't go wrong.
ProsWeaver rail for mounting scope rather than 11mm rail - scope mounts don't move over time. Accurate Plenty of power for hunting Lighter than expected cocking effort
ConsTrigger - easily replaced for around 30-35 dollars. Wood stock is not nearly as pretty as the pictures make it look. No iron sights - just a personal gripe
By Josh
, Sarasota, Florida
March 18, 2013
I have had this gun for 3 months and the first 10 shots where loud. The noise started to stop after the first 75 shots. The trigger is a little hard but easy to deal with. The gun is easy to cock and has plenty of power to get a clean kill shot on a raccoon. For the money, it is a great gun. At 50 yards, I am getting 1/2 inch groupings.
By Rich H.
Love It
February 27, 2013
I did all the homework before I bought this rifle. I read all the reviews and found most were correct. Really happy overall. The fact that the trigger is a joke and should simply be updated by Benjamin/Crosman is the only reason for 4 stars and not 5. Thing is a beast and very heavy. You better be in shape to cock it, but looks and feels great. Grip could be slimmer, I have large hands and I can just reach the trigger. Out of the box, the first 6 shots sounded like an -06, then got much lower. Great scope to come included. Sling is great. Get the heavy pellets, mine likes the Crosman Magnum 10.5gr. Most shots through the same hole at short distance. Overall great gun, powerful, quiet, and accurate. Downside is the super long/heavy trigger. You can replace it easily.
ProsAppearance, power, lower noise, accuracy, scope, and sling.
ConsTrigger and really heavy.
By Roberto
Longwood, Florida
High speeds but very very poor accuracy
February 23, 2013
With lighter pellets the speeds are indeed supersonic. However, the accuracy is quite pathetic. The Crosman High Velocity hollowpoint 4gr pellets tumble when they leave the barrel, which is easily seen by the side cross-section they leave on white cardboard targets. Tumbling makes this rifle rather inaccurate. At just 10 yds, the grouping for 5 rounds is about 5 in. While at the same distance, my 1000 fps Gamo Hunter 890 (also in .177) can place the pellets in the same hole (regardless of the pellet brand). At 25yds, I have trouble even hitting a piece of US Letter piece of paper (8" x 11"). While the Gamo Hunter groups in about 1.5 inches. All shots using an artillery hold-style using a sandbag for support of my hand.

Instructions say to shoot at least 200 pellets to improve accuracy, but after 200/250 shots, this did not change. Using subsonic lead pellets slightly improves the accuracy on the 25 yd distance, but that just means that instead of one hit every 5 shots on a piece of US Letter paper I can place 2 or 3 (scattered all over the place). The Gamo Hunter is consistently in groups of 1or 2 inches (depending on my steadiness and the types of pellets).

It was so bad and useless that I had to return it.

In regards to the return, EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE by Airgun Depot. I'll be making all my airgun purchases from here from now on.
By Ridge r.
Mifflintown, Pa
Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500
February 20, 2013
I have only had this for a couple weeks so far. The weather here is very windy and cold to shoot. Over all look and feel is of this pellet rifle is good. I checked the rifle and scope out and everything seems to be ok. I cleaned the barrel and mounted the scope. I had no problems doing this. First off, you need to know that I'm 58 and have been hunting since I was 12. I know a little about rifles, shotguns, and pistols. I also have reloaded shells for 25 years. No one always has the answers. I have read a lot of reviews on pellet rifles. I almost didn't buy a pellet rifle because of what was being said!! 1500 fps or 1200 fps. Has to be done with light pellets. Chronagraphs are all different. My chrony is set at 10' to measure fps on rifles. It is always different from the books by 100 to 200 fps. There is a lot that can affect your muzzle velocity. So to shoot the high end, you may have to give up something to get this. More noise, and wear and tear on the rifle and scope. Only each person can decide this. The same goes as far as the pellets. One has to explore the different kinds and weights. Same as high power rifles. They too like certain bullets, power, etc. How much time and money do you want to invest? The trigger does have a lot of pull in it. Read the manual! Most shooters can use the setting provided! Is the trigger creep and pull important? Yes it is! You do what you can. Then if it doesn't work, you get another trigger that suits you. It's no different than high power rifles. With this being said, the Trail NP XL 1500, Looks and feels good! A little heavier yes, but look how it is made. A little heavy is good for recoil. One can deal with it! No heavier than varmint rifles, mine weights 9 to 10 lbs. Scope is not bad, you get what you pay for. Loading firearm would be better if one could insert the pellet as soon as barrel is broke open. Instead, one has to wait till it is cocked. As far as gouping, I don't know yet. We are just playing around with it for now. I'm shooting Crossman
Premier Hollow Point .177 pellets for now. Not getting excided about it till the weather gets warmer. For now, I know it works. I step outside and shoot at a coffee can off hand at around 22 yards. I have no trouble doing so. It is around 25 degrees out now! Will redo overall ratings this spring or summer! I personally do not give five stars on anything. The four stars are on what I know right now!
By Jason
New Orleans, lousiana
The beast
January 20, 2013
This gun was amazing when I first bought it. I've owned air guns through out my life for about 35 years and this one blows every single other away. This thing was accurate and quiet except for the first couple of shots . This gun helped me eliminate the raccoon problem in my neighbor hood. My son who is 10 can cock this gun like no tomorrow so it's fine for kids 10 and up
ProsEasy to cock Velocity Quiet Style Weight
ConsScrew it nothing
By Juniper30
Long Island
Benjamin Trail NL XP 1500
January 11, 2013
I fired this gun one time with a gamo redflame 7.9 grain pellet and it cracked like a real gun. The pellet penetrated and 1/8 of an inch steel plate then penetrated a round steel leg on an ironing board. If I fired Gold PBA raptor pellets at 5.4 grains, it would of penetrated a whole lot more. I will chronograph today with 4.0 grain pellets 5.4, 7.9, and the heavies. I'm sure this gun will brake 1500 FPS with the lead pellets even. I have a bone collector that rate's at 1300 FPS with raptor ammo and it makes loud crack, but with 7.9 redflame it's subsonic. The accuracy hasn't been tested but to put a lead pellet supersonic and see the penetration was scary. I've seen people chrony these guns and claim there overrated, but when they were shooting them with lead pellet I never heard supersonic crack. Today, I will post FPS of many pellets from Benjamin Trail NP XL .177 1500 and Gamo Bone collector .177 bull whisper 1300 FPS. I will post youtube with chrony F1 and I think people are going to be shocked at velocities.
ProsFirepower so far Scope.
By John
October 24, 2012
Used for over a month.
ProsWowiewowow! I am soooo happy with this rifle. I cannot believe how much power it has. The first 50 shots are very loud. Especially the first 10. I've read the negative reviews and conclude that quality control may be an issue because the one I've received is wonderful. 1/2 inch groupings at 10 yards out of the box without even cleaning the barrel or torquing any screws. Sighted in after 5 shots. The fit and finish isn't perfect but it is pretty good and can be polished with a little tlc. I've since applied locktite and torqued all screws and it is very consistently accurate. I may try the grt III trigger but it isn't necessary. I love how this thing splits soda cans in half when their sealed! No regrets!
September 24, 2012
This gun was made in China. The stock looks like it has a crack in it before they put the final finish over it. After about two hundred shots and several different pellet types, the gun would only shoot about a 4 inch pattern at 20 yards, using a gun vise. The biggest problem is the bad trigger pull. I tried to adjust the trigger with a longer screw but I went to far which allowed the barrel to flip shut while cocking and bent the barrel.
ProsIt is fast and it comes with a sling.
ConsTrigger pull, accuracy, heavy, and bad workmanship.
By Michael
Barnett, Mo.
Good Heavy Gun, Easy Enough to Cock, Good Scope
August 17, 2012
This is a nice gun, but, unfortunately Crosman is still putting this sub-par Trigger in these Benjamins. The Trigger pull is ridiculous, it's like it has 10 Stages (instead of 2). Order Charlie Da Tuna's GRT-III Trigger, or "Fix it with a Washer", that's right, a Washer. I did, and now I have a 1 Stage. 3lb. Trigger pull, and 50 yard groups I can now fit in a fifty cent piece. If Crosman would polish this Trigger, they would sell a lot more Crosman/Benjamin guns. This Gun will "Zing" a .177 pellet.
ProsNice Heavy Gun, Light Recoil, the Wood Stock and the Scope
ConsJust the pathetic Trigger.
By Jeff
Machias New York
Down the Awesome Trail
July 25, 2012
First off I`ve owned air guns for over 30 years. Many different kinds some good, some bad. This isn`t the Christmas story bb gun let me tell ya. This Trail is a Beast.
This was my first order from the Depot and everything went smooth as planned. Very happy with service. I was very excited about opening my new purchase and getting started. Love at first sight. I quickly mounted the scope to my new joy and headed outside. I set up my target and let the first round fly. Crack, a loud echo rang through the town. My wife asked "what did you buy, you need to send that back, you can`t be shooting that here." "No way," I told her and let another round fly. By the third round the noise had settled to a reasonable level for her. Each time making slight scope adjustments. Now I wasn`t expecting any accuracy for some time with all that I`ve read and the 100 shot break in, but on my fourth shot I couldn`t see where I had hit the target. Upon walking to my target I realized I'd hit dead center of the 1/4 inch size bullseye I was aiming at. WOW if this is inaccurate then I can`t wait for it to get broke in. This rifle is absolutely AWESOME. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want an awesome beast of an air rifle then baby, this ones for you. ENJOY MY FRIENDS.
By Ryan
Santaquin, Utah
Awesome Pellet Gun
May 5, 2012
This is my first pellet gun since I got my Benjamin 397 when I was 10 (25 years ago). This weapon is truly a big boy's weapon. Heavy, good looking, and smoking fast. Shots were pretty erratic the first 150 shots or so, then it has gradually been improving. I began with lighter pellets, a 6.9 grain RWS. After reading other reviews that a heavier pellet greatly increases accuracy, I recently ordered some other pellets to try. I ordered some JSB Diablos and H&N barracuda, both roughly 10.4 grains. From what I read from other Trail NP XL shooters, these pellets worked wonders for their accuracy. I will follow-up this review with an update after I get a chance to shoot them. As of right now I can consistently hit clay pigeons out to 50 yards, but it is still only 3" groupings with an occasional flyer. Hoping the heavier pellets slims the grouping down.

This gun is fast, fairly quiet (PBA ammo sounds like a .22 LR), and has been great so far. I have tested it on starlings and some ground squirrels and it smacks em good.
ProsSpeed, price, and looks.
ConsA little Heavy and still haven't found the right pellet for it. Trigger sucks too.
By Dan W.
Fort Myers
More power does not = more accuracy
April 15, 2012
I am not a beginner. I understand break in period, how different ammo creates different results, And how different scopes create different results.
Have tested all of the above, in over 1000 rounds and I suggest you RUN DON'T WALK AWAY FROM THIS RIFFLE.
1. Recoil is 70% more than the average pellet gun
2. Picatanni rail solves the problem of scope mount slippage, but the scope still slides through the rings because of the excessive recoil
3. Had to add lock washers to every screw and bolt associated with the scope to prevent slippage
3. Windage was dead on
4. Elevation was off 3" + - at 50' After every shot
5. Barrel does not lock to chamber correctly or consistently. Barrel after every shot de-cocks itself and drops from the chamber.

ProsThis is a full size Big Boy Toy. Looks and feels impressive. Pretty quiet for 1500' per second
ConsSee above
By John
Get a different gun for this money.
April 7, 2012
Paid roughly $300 dollars for this gun. Shoots pathetically. For that amount of money, You think you can group less than an inch at 15 yds right? Nope. Tried all different ammo with horrible result. Best ammo for it was the kodiak heavy hitter... and that was grouping 2 inches, when/if I am lucky, at 15 yds. Find another gun to pay that much money for it. If I can sell it back or trade it back for my money, I would. Do not recommend anyone buying it. If anyone say they can group an inch or less, video it and show me. For $300, get a .17HMR instead. Much more accurate for the money's worth.
ProsNice construction.
ConsAccurate is good as me shooting with my eyes closed.
By Rob B.
Crossman, Sheridan Triggers
February 25, 2012
For all of you that have begged the question on how to adapt to the triggers on these there are two answers. The first is adjust the screw you have to take up as much slop as you can and fire your 500 break in pellets to see if the trigger wears in to an acceptable cur loose point. Or the sure thing is go to chalie da tuna web site and get a new trigger. I have put four of these in and they do a great job. They come pre-set. You can literally adjust them so light it won't cock! That said these guns remind me of Savage years back when they were well known as very good shooters but lousy trigger guns? These are great guns once you get the trigger done.
ProsVery nice quality and power
ConsTrigger and weight
By Louis
Akron Ohio
This - is what you call an air rifle!
January 1, 2012
I have owned several other air rifles, but this is what an air rifle should be. Worth the money.
Prosnice looking, good heft, good scope, powerful.
ConsHard to cock.
By Todd
Earlysville, VA
love em both
December 21, 2011
I just got my 1500 bull weaver. Sweet gun. Still breaking it in. I have the elite power master ( 1500 with dovetail, rail sights and has 19.5 in. barrel ) its awesome, powerful, accurate and smooth cocking. Can't go back to springs after pistons. The scope is really nice compared to most package scopes. The only problem might be the long trigger but I've gotten used to it. bipod with camo form around barrel fiirst helps a ton. Eats up crosman 7.9 hollow points as a bonus. I've put blue lock tite on both stock screws to keep from loosening due to recoil. Buy 1 buy 2........ I'm itching for the .25 monster soon!!!! Enjoy and Mahalo
Prosnitro piston, weaver rail, power!!
By Grant G.
Lancaster, PA
December 15, 2011
first things first... I replaced the trigger with a GRT-III from charlie da tuna. it is now a dead accurate rifle with power to make great long shots. the feel of the stoke is great. the cocking isnt as bad as I anticipated. open sight on mine are dead on from the factory (mine was a combo or elite) 25yds simple sight in
Prosits everything I wanted in a rifle very accurate now
Consreplacing trigger was a must (but so worth it)
By Tim
Not my childhood air-rifle!
December 8, 2011
This gun is made as well as any rifle, quality speaking. The only thing I find that is frustrating if that you can be drilling tacks one day, pick it up the next day and you find yourself adjusting the scope. It appears (after 300 or so shots) that the trigger can be shot different ways and each one of those will change it's point of impact. I gave it 5 stars anyway though and I hope I can learn to shoot it consistently. I've discovered that if you 'slow-roll' through the trigger the gun shoots differently than if you simply pull through the trigger, if this makes sense. Ive tried three different types of ammo but I don't believe the ammo is the problem as you can get good groups with most of them, out to 40 or 50 yards. Rather it seems to be the trigger or possibly the recoil of the gun (pulled in tight, rested loosely, etc.). At any rate, it's a very well made gun of high quality and a real blast to shoot. Still working out the best way to do it consistently though.
ProsQuality parts, good scope, nice feel.
ConsThe trigger.
By Scott
Benjamin Trail NP XL .177
December 4, 2011
Great gun, very heavy and very long (4'). Shoots great but is very loud to start with. Haven't shot enough rounds to get it to quite down. Other reviews says it takes up to 100 rounds to get it to quiet down.
ProsFast shooting and very accurate.
By William
August 25, 2011
Awsome Air Rifle, i have had RWS,Beeman and now this gun, everything is Great quality feels solid.Mounted the scope shot 14-18 pellets i merely had to adjust down a bit and its rite on at 40 yards.I would definately Reccomend this to another buyer that was interested.
By Scott
Benjiman NP XL 1500 Air Rifle
July 13, 2011
This gun is great fo small game such as groundhogs and squirels. You defenatly dont want to change scopes this scope is perfect. However if you want extreme accuracy go with a heavier pba pellet. Overall KILLER GUN!
By steve
xl 1500
May 26, 2011
Although this gun is NOT any quieter than similar guns that I've been around, it is; well made, accurate with heavy pellets, and very fun to shoot. The scope is well mounted and doesn't move with recoil, and very easily sighted. The heavy wt of the rifle keeps recoil to a minimum. Great gun, but if you're looking for super quiet, then it isn't for you.
By Alireza
This gun is the difference between a boy and a man
March 4, 2011
This is not a toy at all. It is heavy and extremely powerful. The heavy weight makes it very stable while shooting, but if you want to walk all day with this gun and hunting, you’d better be physically in good shape.

If you are not used to the Nitro Piston technology, then accuracy is quite disappointing. Don’t judge accuracy before shooting at least 300 pellets. Once you get used to it, you will love this gun. The type of pellets that you use is extremely important. Use heavy pellets. I am using RWS MEISTERKUGELN 8.2gr and I got the best pattern with these pellets. Light pellets are frustrating.

Apart from all these technical points, the gun itself is beautifully designed. It fits perfectly and looks gorgeous. Holding this gun gives you a good feeling of power and confidence. I love it.
By Darrell v.
crosman trail xl 1500
October 14, 2010
This is a good gun at 40yards with a 10.5gr pellect i can shoot hole in a hole going get the 25cal next
By Chuck H.
Quality Weapon
September 28, 2010
I just got the Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 about a week ago. I've fired it a number of times so far, and I am really enjoying it.

The stock is nice and heavy, and feels very stable.

I like the amount of adjustment that is available on the weaver rails for the scope, and the scope fits very nicely on this rifle.

I have bi-pods on order, and I'm itching to get those on and start sniping.

If I had to complain about the weapon right now, it would be the same complaint as 'Headshot'... for some reason, you will be smelling diesel fuel after you go shooting. I'm hoping this will fade (soon) and I look forward to using this rifle for a very long time. I would definitely recommend this weapon to someone else.
By Tom
Benjarmin np 1500
August 15, 2010
This shoots good, athough its not broke in yet. With heavier pellets it not to loud, but with lighter pellets it it loud. With 7.0 gr. hobby pellets 1356 fps.primer lights 1097fps. Trigger needs lots of work,need to find after market or someone to fix problem. Altogether realy nice and powerfull.
By Ernie M.
Benjamin Trail XL1500 Air Rifle
July 31, 2010
I love everything about the rifle except the trigger. The trigger has somewhat harder pull than I would like, but the worst thing about it is the amount of creep that it has before it fires.

I e-mailed Benjamin and asked if there was a trigger assembly upgrade or an after market trigger available for this rifle, and all I received was a short, one line reply, stateing that there were no upgrades available for any of their break barrel guns. The reply was not even marked as being from Benjamin, just the senders name.

Do you have any suggestions that might help?

Thanks, Ernie W. Merrell
By weebles08
April 18, 2010
By Headshot
Massive Gun...
April 15, 2010
When you open the box to this high quality gun, you will be astounded at the sheer size of it. The bull barrel and huge combustion chamber give it the look of a .50 caliber rifle. It has the kickback of my deer rifle, and the power (possibly more) of my .22. The only problems I have had with it so farare fitting it into my gun case, and finding a pellet that can stay stable during its supersonic flight. I must have shot 100 rounds and 6 different brands of pellets before I could find one with the correct weight and aerodynamic shape. It was the Crosman Destroyer, It doesnt fit into the barrel very tight, but it gave me a relatively small grouping. The scope is amazing, but it takes some getting used to.
PS- You will smell like diesel after shooting this gun
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By frank from canada on January 18, 2012
I want to import it to Canada. I will need to import it trough the custom and they asking me what's is the intial velocity and the initial energy (joules)of the projectile? I found the initial velocity but not the initial energy...

By Staff on January 20, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected] This so we can better help you.

By Jaco Brits from Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa on July 29, 2012
Do you export the Benjamin Trail NP XL1500 to South Africa and if so can you give me a possible range of shipping cost?
By Staff on August 3, 2012

Hello Jaco Brits,
Yes, we are able to ship to South Africa, however, there are restrictions on certain air guns/ air rifles. The cost of shipping depends on the size of your order. You can find a shipping calculator on the bottom of the shopping cart page. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

By gary sanner from "Somerset . Pennsylvania" on November 15, 2011
what is the max acuracy distance

By James from Frankfort IL on November 21, 2011

I can't answer that question right now. I have been breaking my gun in at about 20 yds. I have about 100 shots through it and it is dead on at that distance. I'm shooting Crosmans 10.4gram pellets and they are accurate for now. I gave the gun a good cleaning and put blue loctite on all the scope screws after about 50 shots and the gun is holding a perfect pattern(about a 1/4 ") right now. The gun has plenty of power and I'm sure it will reach quite a ways out after the breakin period !
By Chevota from CA on August 1, 2012

Too many variables, the main question being what do you consider accurate? For example 1" or 4"? and what power to you consider adequate on impact? There are programs available for free online that can tell you your trajectory including pellet drop, and power at that distance. I can send you some, just write me at chevota at hotmail and put "Airgun" in the subject. This goes for anyone who wants the programs.

By Gerald Iwsner from Madison, AL on December 18, 2011
Is this gun (benjimen trail np xl 15
00 air rifle made in America?)
By Staff on December 29, 2011

Some Benjamin products are others are not. One our site, it will say in Blue that it is made in the USA.
This one does not.

By mark from topeka ks on February 29, 2012
come with strap?

By Staff on March 5, 2012


By Eric Rollins from Bowdoinham,Me. on November 16, 2011
I want to put a 4-16x50 scope on mine when i get it.The larger objective lense means i'll have to change to higher rings.What receiver rail size will I need?And type of mount?
By James from Frankfort, IL on November 17, 2011

You can probably use the rings that come with your gun. I don't think the scope you are thinking about installing will require new rings. I would mount the Center Point scope and try it before you purchase a new scope because I think you will be pleasantly surprised. It is a quality scope designed for this air rifle !
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 8, 2012

The rings that came on this scope will work.....but the size you need if you want two pairs of rings, are high profile weaver mounts/rings.
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

The rings that come with the gun will work.
By Chevota from CA on August 1, 2012

I agree with the others, the oem rings will probably fit, plus your rail is higher than normal rails so you have that added height. I always buy the lowest possible rings I can find because it's better to have the scope as close to the barrel as possible, plus it looks better. I think it's cool looking to have the scope almost touching the gun, sometimes it's so tight I can't even get the scope cap on :) One gun I had was a teeny bit too close and touched the gun before the ring screws were tight, so I shimmed it to fit. The other option was the next size up rings which I tried and did avoid using. That scope btw was 50mm w/ the lager diameter adjustable objective using low height rings and a std cut into the receiver rail. Of course that's all my opinion, others prefer it differently such as the high see-thru rings for quick sighting, but if you use both eyes to find your target it works better than see-thru rings. It's not hard to get used to doing it that way. Fyi..... Good luck on it!

By joe from Boston Ma on February 18, 2012
How have you liked it so far? For what reasons?
By Seth from USA on February 24, 2012

I have loved my pellet gun. It is a tack driver and inexpensive to shoot.
By darryl from waynesburg, PA on February 24, 2012

Hey Joe, So far I am very pleased with this air rifle. If you read my first review it is all in there and still holds true at this time. Rifle is very very accurate,hard hitting and a real pleasure to shoot. Air Gun Depot had to best price I could find and fast shipping, easy to deal with. I did notice that mine likes pellets that have a head size of 4.49 or 4.50, meaning that they insert into the breach with little if any effort. This is a rifle,meaning it feels and shoots more like a quality built .22 rifle. I thing that most people will be please with this gun so long as they are willing to put a little time into working with it. If you just want a plinker that is only so so in accuracy and power and do not what to put some time into it, then I would suggest a lower priced air rifle. A little time,effort and money and this thing will realy be at the top of its game, at a fraction of what high priced guns cost.
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 25, 2012

It is a great gun for hunting, and long range shooting, but the .22 would be better IMO, the .22 pellet retains more energy and knocks down stuff harder......177 kinda just does a pass through.
By Lennie from California on February 26, 2012

At first, I was speculating about purchasing the rifle. But after reading articles and reviews, I decided to go ahead and purchase it. I was contemplating of purchasing from another location, but after looking around, I found the exact one at a great price at Airgun Depot. I ordered it on Monday, expected to be in next week, but to my surprise, it came in on Thurs. After examination and mounting the scope on, all the thoughts of regrets and speculations had disappeared.
The rifle is built solid and sturdy, just how I liked it. I already owned a few air rifles so I had a few different types of pellets stocked. So I took it to a nearby field and set in the scope. I was surprised by the effortless of cocking the Nitro Piston. It was smoother and quieter than the traditional spring piston.
I set up oranges at 10, 20, and 30 yards. First I adjusted at 10 yards, after a few shots and adjustment, I knew the next one will hit it. Sure enough, the orange exploded when i pulled the trigger. The next shots on 20 and 30 yards was right on target. I've used all kind of pellets but, personally, the crossman premiers hollowpoint pellets was the best. It had penetration, accuracy, and speed combined. Although the heavier pellets has a slightly more penetration, it tends to drop and slows down more for long range. Its best for short distances.
Overall, I am very satisfied with the purchase. I have no regrets whatsoever since the purchase. All my friends that tried it said they loved it and was looking to get one. So I recommended I've shopped around and Airgun Depot had the best price and quick delivery. Indeed, this is not a toy gun and should be handle by an adult. So if you're looking for a well built, powerful, accurate air rifle, get the Benjamin, its worth it.
By Thad from mi on February 27, 2012

Very impressed . Nice looking and shooting gun.
By Chevota from CA on August 1, 2012

Connor: Try the Crow Magnum pellets, they're hollow points that actually open up and do what they're supposed to do vs others that are just for looks. I've been using them since they came out and I have no complaints. Another pellet that actually opens is the Crosman Destroyer, it's not nearly as good but they're very cheap. They work better in lower powered guns because they open up at lower velocity than the Crow Mag. for example I use them in my Tempest pistol which doesn't have the power to open a Crow Mag, but in a gun like this XL the Crows open just fine and do max possible damage for a .177. When I hunt I usually carry the Crow in one pocket, and something else like the 8.4gr JSB in another. Very similar trajectory and it's nice to choose the best pellet for the job. With the Crow Mags you can clearly hear the distinctive and very loud POP as they hit their target. I always use them on Crows because of the name :) but still they're the best pellet for Crows and they tend to fall when hit with a Crow Mag vs fly away and die elsewhere like round and pointed pellets do as you mentioned.

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