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Benjamin Wildfire

Fires 12 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger
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  • Code: AGD-43048306 · 0.177 cal · 800 fps ·
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Crosman has taken the proven design of its popular 1077 CO2 repeater and added a little heat to give us the Wildfire. The Wildfire is a PCP version of the 1077 repeater that is a great entry level option for those wanting to dip their toe into the PCP world for a price that won’t leave you to survive off Ramen noodles for a month. This inexpensive PCP is a great way for seasoned shooters who are new to airguns to get into the sport, or experienced airgunners to share the love of airgunning with other shooters.

The Benjamin Wildfire features a maximum fill pressure of just 2000 psi, which makes it a perfect option for those wanting to use a hand pump rather than fill tanks. With the 2000 psi fill tank topped off you can expect around 60 full power shots at around 800 fps.That makes the WIldfire a great option for backyard plinking or dealing with garden pests.

The Wildfire PCP air rifle uses the same quick firing rotary magazine system as the 1077 so you can pack a few extras in your pocket for quick reloads. The 1077 also has a 11mm dovetail rail for mounting optics, but if open sights are more your style the Wildfire comes equipped with fiber optic front sights and fully adjustable rear sights for an easy to see sight picture. The lightweight synthetic stock is both durable and comfortable in the hand and makes for a very quick shooting package. Benjamin Wildfire Features Diagram

Benjamin Wildfire PCP Air Rifle
  • Precharged-pneumatic
  • Semi-automatic
  • 2,000 psi
  • Up to 60 shots per fill
  • 12 round magazine
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Single Stage trigger
  • 11mm Dovetail for Optics
  • All-weather synthetic stock
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Fully adjustable rear sight
  • Fiber optic front sight
Made in America
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity800 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionSemiautomatic
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight3.69
  • Overall Length36.88
  • Barrel Length20.39
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity12
  • MechanismPre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail11mm dovetail
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsAdjustable
  • Shots per Fill60
  • Trigger AdjustabilitySingle-stage
  • Trigger ActionDouble-action
  • UsePlinking & target practice
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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Benjamin Wildfire
24 Reviews
54% (13)
21% (5)
8% (2)
8% (2)
8% (2)
83% Recommend this product (20 of 24 responses)
South Carolina
Leaks air.
January 26, 2020
If it didn't leak, it would be a great rifle for the price. The only other fault other than leaking is the heavy trigger, but that has to be expected for the price and the fact that it has to turn the clip in the magazine for the next shot.
I have had this for about 4 months, and shot about 500 pellets through it. It leaked slightly at first, but has gotten worse.
ProsVery good price. Fun for plinking. Accurate.
ConsLeaks air. Heavy trigger.
Best UsesPlinking and informal target practice.
By hopefully
northern California
hand pumping is a hassle and tiring time for something new
December 7, 2019
here is a great idea how about inventing a battery operated pcp air rifle that runs on batteries that automatically refill after its psi goes down our you switch on a button to turn on the battery runned pump to refill our a battery runned external pump any one would work and that would out perform manual hand pump and that is the truth someone going to get rich here free of charge manual hand pump is for the past not future
Consill never buy one again on less a battery operated pump comes out our a battery operated pcp rifle it self it is just a matter of time iam sure they will be made eventually i won't buy another in till then iam sticking with my co2 guns even my pneumatic pump air rifle is more pleasant to deal with it's not as demanding as a pcp rifle to fill the psi back up so there advantage's and disadvantage's to both type of air gun even a break barrel air gun has advantage over a pneumatic pump but contain vibration issues that i find unpleasant sometimes the barrel can go crookedly so i don't usally recommend them they are stronger but have their problem's also but it's always up to the shooter to determine what is best for them and always safety first and always look first beyond your shooting target to be optimize your safety potential because a pellet our bb will travel further than your target so always keep that in mind .
By Jeff C.
After filling 8 times to 2000 psi started leaking air from trigger area
October 22, 2019
trigger valve started leaking and not holding air after only 8 fill cycles, When the rifle was working 1/4" groups with scope at 30 feet.
By John
Louisville, KY
1022 On Steroids!!
November 14, 2018
If you like your 1022 you will love this gun. It gives more power and a flatter shot curve than the 1022, especially in cooler weather, since it doesn't use CO2. Very easy to fill with a hand pump and can be modded out just like a 1022. Don't mistake this for a high end PCP. It is definitely a low end PCP with the unique qualities of having a drop out box magazine and a so-called semi-automatic action that is ,in fact, more like a double action pistol, but great for action shooting. Most all other PCPs are single shot or bolt action, regardless of their price point and, therefore not suited for fast action type shooting.
Best UsesShootin' stuff fast!!!
Central Indiana
First one went back, second one is great!
October 30, 2018
The first Wildfire would hold air for a while but would randomly blast out all the air and would not fill until completely empty. I returned it and received a second one that had obviously been serviced. It works great with lots of power and no leaks. It is lots of fun to shoot and easy to fill with a hand pump. I own a chronograph and it averages 690fps with Daisy cheapo pellets.
ProsSemi auto, not picky about pellets. Easy to fill.
ConsLong trigger pull but it's normal for this gun. First gun had issues.
Best UsesThis gun is great for plinking cans and gallery type shooting.
By James
Palm Beach FL
Fun Toy.
September 2, 2018
Perfect for the little shooter. Fun plinker. Trigger is 9 lbs or so. I put a cheap Gamo scope on it ,and it surprised me. I hit my brass swingers 8 of 10 [email protected] 32 yrds. Super fun plinker with alloy pellets. 5 grains zing's along sweetly. 2 mags per fill, more and performance drops off quick. Lighter pellets for this gun. Ralphie would so like this one.
ProsNo break to eat little fingers. Lightweight. Accurate to 30 yrds. Youth size PCP, brilliant! Crosman.
ConsAll plastic. Keep this in mind.
Best UsesGet phone out of little Jhonny or Sally's hand. Get em outside. Use this to teach them to shoot. This gun needs no strength to use. Super girl friendly.
By Jason
Great Air Gun
May 25, 2018
Shipping was very quick, gun is great
By Arthur m.
No good
December 25, 2017
It broke after 2 shots
By JimmyBoyJames
Middle Tennessee
Great Starter PCP
December 20, 2017
Great starter pcp rifle.I don't think there is a cheaper PCP rifle out there.Great way to start on the dark side.Easy to pump with a manual pump.Has plenty of power for a back yard rifle.
ProsLight weight, price, loads, from a magazine,has good power
By Rick M.
Danville, CA
Very fun shooter...
December 18, 2017
I agree with several other reviews that because this is a PCP rifle, if you don't currently have access to high pressure charging equipment, it may not make your best, first PCP purchase. I have several PCP's so this was like a 'stocking stuffer'. Having said that, it is a remarkable gun for the money. Because it is a repeater that needs no cocking, the trigger pull is fairly heavy. That's the price you pay for the amount of hammer energy needed to overcome a very high pressure valve. Some have remarked that the rifle loses charge quickly. I haven't seen this. I know that if the tank is depleted to say 800 psi, sometimes I can hear some leakage internally. By topping up to 2,000 psi, everything seals and remains for several days without much loss. I shoot a lot at 75', and have very consistent groups of 1.5" with a cheap scope. More plastic than metal parts and a barrel that is just a tube inside a metal shroud. But, it is a great value!
ProsPrice with more than adequate performance.
ConsNone except the obvious mentioned above.
By Dusty m.
Cottonwood California
On fire
December 18, 2017
Nice gun shoots great and very accurate and its affordable.
ProsVery good pcp for the price
ConsNeeds better sights
By Ray
Castro Valley
Not too bad
December 18, 2017
Its a starter pcp rifle. A tad cheesy, lots of plastic, but functional. Fun to shoot, just pump it up and blast away. Careful to make sure the plastic tabs are in the correct position though.
ProsCheap repeater
ConsCheesy plastic
By Steven
Petaluma, California
Great rifle to shoot cans with
December 2, 2017
I use this rifle when having fun. It's not as accurate as my Gauntlet or other rifles. I use it when I want to go out and shoot a bunch of cans. I line up about 60 cans. I get my magazines ready, then I go out and shoot them. The placement of the shots are not consistent, that doesn't matter when shooting cans.
ProsIt's really easy to change the magazines. Only weighs about 3 and 1/2 lb. That's without the scope. It's not very long so my nephew who is 11 years old can easily handle the rifle. It's easy to pump up with air. It takes me 71 pumps with my hand pump to fill it to 2,000 PSI. The sights on the rifle are easy to adjust. The shot groups are two inches or less at 10 yards. That's good enough for shooting cans.
ConsShot groups are close to 2 inches at 10 yards. It requires a high pressure pump which is expensive.
great gun
November 27, 2017
By bmwclay
Low power
November 25, 2017
For those writers who suggest disappointing velocity, make sure that the lever on the left side of the gun is pushed all the way forward in order to snug the bolt up against the magazine so there is NO air gap for the air pathway.
By Thunder( J.
SW idaho
a little short on post
October 18, 2017
arrived as stated simple to assemble , clean lube ,charge load and shoot . best range for shooting under 45yds. would suggest this item be used for targets, cans , or small birds only , have tried it on small rodants to no avile . wish there was an upgrade to 3000 psi air tube , might work a little better on small game
Proscleans , loads and shoots easy , easy to mount scope and zero., handles quick .charges easily with either air tank or hand pump.
Consdoes not produce the muzzle energy or veloicety that is stated , (box states 800) fps , after crono with different pellet weights ,even pba, could do no better than 450 fps.
By Kirk R.
Fernley, NV
Fun Airgun
October 16, 2017
I bought this for plinking. Got a pump from Wally World for less than $50.00 so I'm into it $160.00 total. The trigger stinks. The one I have pushed 7.4 grain pellets at 780 fps. This knocks the crap out of starlings and English Sparrows. I get an honest 40 full power shots per fill. The gun is accurate and with a decent trigger it could be deadly still with crappy trigger i was able to shoot sub 1 inch groups at 20 yards if I took my time. Yep it is fun and fast shooting, surprisingly accurate and cheap!
By Joe C.
Worcester, Mass
Love this gun
September 20, 2017
What can I say, this is a great, fun gun. It has no leaks so it holds air like a champ. It's super accurate and it packs a good punch too. I'm only using it for target and plinking and it suits those needs perfectly!
ProsEasy to pump up Shoots fast and accurate Easy to load
By Peninnah M.
Benjamin Wildfire Rifle
July 1, 2017
srf0726,01072017.Thank you` works fine , I associated the pump_pcp- with my radio at the. barometer^MHz%with ledwireClips 'clavelchord stuff -7,7,15,29"minimSemiminim/'baratoneBass\7,7.15,29.TremoloTreble_with my gasmask very much fun to shoot ~
By Sam
This item did not meet my expectations,
June 17, 2017
I was depressed with the function and performance of this air rifle. With the promotion of it performing well enough to dispatch varmints and other unwanted critters. I was truly let down when it did not show me enough power. The pellets would just spit out of the barrel, instead of forceful propulsion to display, and rid my yard of pests. I think I heard the animals laughing at me and my attempt at getting rid of them.
There was a limit on the amount of pressure that you were to use. I thought the pump that I purchased separately from the rifle itself was defective, but after several tries by myself and my brother, we came to conclusion that this item was not the right one for me. It looked nice, but felt a bit too light. I also purchased an additional magazine, and magazine holder with the promise that I would be well supplied. Now all I have is some parts for this unit that I was not totally satisfied with. Needed more power for me, that advertisement made it seem as thought it had enough knock down power to do the job that I was looking to do.
It maybe good for someone just playing around, or just target practice, just not for me.
ProsGood potential, good looks
ConsA bit light for me, did not perform as expected.
By Michael a.
Niagara Falls New York
Benjamin Wildfire semi-automatic rifle
April 6, 2017
The rifle is awesome it's huge excellent very accurate looks extremely well-built very light in weight easy to handle
ProsVery lightweight accurate rifle very easy to mount any scope on it
ConsThe only cons I have about this rifle is it doesn't shoot exactly the amount of shots that they claim it does with a filling it's more like 20 or 30 shots before it needs to be pumped up again
By Jeff h.
Thawville Illinois
Finally a pcp semi auto at a lower price
April 3, 2017
This wildfire shoots hard and fast it is light weight gun. Airgun Depot had the best price and had it in stock. Other sites were to high priced and out of stock I will shop at Airgun Depot again.
McLean, VA
Great entry level PCP; does everything it promised
March 29, 2017
Works like it advertised. Nice accuracy after sight adjustment. Surprised how accurate it is, getting 1.5 inch diameter groups with the iron sight at 10-yard. Not bad!
I will put on a scope when my dove rail mount arrives and test again but it is pretty good already.
about 45-50 pumps to shot 30 rounds, pressure drops from 2000 to 1550. Notice the speed drops as you can tell the pellets goes a bit lower.

ProsSimple and does exactly what it promised. Accurate (for the price) Very little recoil;
ConsWhy dove tail? If you must dove tail, include a converter or mounts. Gun is light and short for an adult; feels cheaper than TR77, Hatsan 1000S, Ruger Elite which are all cheaper than Wildfire. Sights as shipped was not tested - aim way off; needs adjustment to be on target Trigger is heavy; luckily not much recoil so it still allows good accuracy. 600 ftps is very slow; pellet holes are not round after 20 shots or so when pressure drops to 1700 A lot can be enhanced. After playing with it, still thinks breakbarrel is probably the way to go, PCP is still over priced a little for what it can offer.
By Dennis K.
SW Florida
Fun PCP on a budget
March 14, 2017
I pre-ordered this Wildfire as I already have two CO2 1077s and they are great fun to shoot. I am amazed that this Wildfire is the low price it is but this may be the manual trigger/reload/friction assembly. The gun is accurate and I am still experimenting with which pellet it likes. At 2000 PSI I can use the rest of the air in my scuba tank after shooting my Marauder. The simplicity of this rifle is great. It is very light and make sure you purchase extra magazines and clips.
ProsFun quiet backyard shooter. Fairly good accuracy so far but still playing with different pellets. Light and easy to fill. The Foster fitting being standard is a nice feature. This is a GREAT starter PCP! Very easy to reload!
ConsOnly about the friction of the trigger. It does several things but once you get used to it then it smooths out.
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