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Brocock Air Rifles

When choosing the right airgun for your needs, you need a brand with a solid reputation to back up their product. With almost 30 years of experience creating high performing solutions, Brocock Airguns was founded by the Silcock brothers (hence the name) in Birmingham, England in 1989. Innovative and storied, the Brocock Company was purchased in 2014 by the Italian Dianna Group (who also own famed rifle & shotgun manufacturer Marocchi as well as airgun manufacturer Daystate). This move allowed the innovative brand to share information and technology with its sister companies, the first byproduct being the Brocock Compatto. Always staying true to their commitment to creating high performing solutions, the brand continues to deliver a range of high quality, lightweight hunting PCP air rifles, carbines, and pistols to a worldwide market.
We are honored to bring you a diverse selection of affordable and high performing Brocock air rifles for your collection. Available in a range of price points, there is an option sure to fit your budget while giving you the shooting power you deserve for your next endeavor. Perfect for hunting, training, or plinking, these air rifles are available in a range of specification features to ensure the right choice. With your choice for either side lever or bolt action, as well as various velocities, to meet your shooting preferences, finding the right option is easy. Another important matter when choosing this type of air rifle is the caliber. We offer calibers of 0.177, 0.22, and 0.25 to match your preferences and activities. With a focus on high performance that is easy to master, many of these models are made to be lightweight for easy carrying and handling. These options are designed to be quiet, easy to use, and accurate with every shot so you get a training or hunting gun that is meant for the long haul. Add one of these reliable solutions to your arsenal today. Please contact us with any questions you may have while shopping and a member of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you further.