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Brocock Airguns

The world of airguns is an interconnected world of ideas and innovations. Many companies start out as one thing and are bought by another a company to merge the strengths of both into something bigger. The Silcock brothers founded Brocock Airguns in Birmingham, England in 1989, but were later purchased by the Italian Dianna Group (IDG) in 2014. Under this new ownership, the original brand built on its successes while adapting and innovating new technology and designs. Featuring lightweight PCP air rifles that are perfect for hunting, Brocock aims to develop a range of high-quality rifles, carbines, and pistols which became even easier since the acquisition. The IDG also own Marocchi and the well-known airgun manufacturer Daystate, which has allowed Brocock to share technology and information between the companies to create an even higher quality product for consumers. When you choose Brocock air rifles, you are getting the benefit of a larger network working together to bring you superior performance at every turn.
We offer a diverse selection of Brocock air guns to meet your needs with ease and affordability. These pre-charged pneumatic Brocock air rifles are available in bolt action and side lever to meet a range of preferences. With repeater firing mode, you can get more shots without reloading to keep the hunting or target practice going longer. Best of all, many of these models are designed to be quiet in their operation without sacrificing on any power you expect of this brand making them perfect for hunting without scaring off the game or firing a few rounds in the backyard at targets without making the neighbors hate you. With features such as adjustable butt pads and textured grips, these airguns are designed to be easy and comfortable to use so you stay focused on what really matters with every shot. Add one of these high-quality options to your next target practice or hunting trip to experience a powerful option at an affordable price.