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Crosman 1077 Wood Stock, .177 cal

  • Code: PY-224-602 · .177 · 522 fps
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Selected for the 2001 Bikathlon Event at the Boy Scout Jamboree- the Crosman 1077 is great gun for anyone -- adult or youngster -- who loves to shoot. This 12-shot repeater uses a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge and can be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger. It's easy to use and delivers hours of fun. Just because it was used by the Boy Scouts- don't think it's just for kids. This rifle will become a favorite of kids- teens- moms- dads and senior citizens! Low on noise- the 1077 won't disturb those with sensitive ears or alert everyone in the neighborhood that you're shooting. This air rifle will surprise you with its accuracy. Use good quality pellets- put a drop or two of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of each CO2 cartridge before inserting it into the gun- and the Crosman 1077 will deliver years of fun shooting and dependability. The 12-shot rotary clip is easy to load. For even greater accuracy- mount a scope on the 11mm dovetails.

Crosman 1077W Repeatair Rifle Features
  • Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • 12rd rotary clip (which is inserted into a box magazine)
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Fixed fiber optic front sight
  • Rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation
  • 11mm optics dovetail
  • Ambidextrous wood stock
  • Single-stage trigger
  • Double-action only
  • Manual safety
  • 625 fps max velocity*

*Your box and owner's manual may show a lower velocity- which Crosman states as "average velocity." However- 522 fps is the max velocity with lead pellets. If you shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger- your velocity will be lower. Since CO2 is a refrigerant- you will receive somewhat fewer shots and lower velocities compared with waiting 5-10 seconds between shots. This applies to all CO2 guns.
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 522 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Semiautomatic
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 3.75
  • Overall Length 36.88
  • Barrel Length 20.38
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Single-stage
  • Trigger Action Double-Action only
  • Use Plinking & target practice
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By Brian November 24, 2021

The quality of this rifle at this price is amazing. The accuracy is great and I am getting 48 shots avg per CO2 cartridge in cold weather. Here is a pro tip for you try putting 3-4 cartridges in your pocket while you set up targets and you will get 48-65 shots because they will stay warmer even in cooler weather. The sights are great and hitting yhe bullseye out of the box, the trigger pull is long but predictable. I bought several extra magazines so I have 10 loaded and at the ready when I want to shoot. I like the look of the wood stock it is as nice as more expensive rifles and it really balances well allowing you to lock on targets quickly, quietly, and accurately. I have fired a variety of 500 crosman pellets and about 100 of another brand without issues it's shooting everything accurately. This rifle is for shooters of all experience levels and perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy shooting and not break the bank doing it. Don't forget to buy CO2 and plenty of ammo and magazines

I should have bought 2 of them.

By BrandonUSAJune 22, 2021

I purchased this rifle to replace my inoperable Ruger 10/22 of comparable price. TL;DR if the 10/22 came with a wooden stock for $50 more than this gun I would recommend that option: 1. The Ruger receiver is all metal and though it lacks a dovetail for optics, it is pre-drilled for adding rings/rails. The Crosman's dovetail is plastic. 2. The Ruger takes two 12-gram CO2 cartridges, Crosman one, giving slightly more muzzle velocity and significantly more accurate shots between refills. 3. Most important to me, the Ruger has a charging handle allowing a light-pull first shot before reverting to double-action comparable to the Crosman's only mode. The Ruger not being true semi-auto annoys 10/22 purists, but used instead like a bolt-action repeater gives superior accuracy on follow-ups. OTOH, refilling CO2 on the 10/22 requires removing the buttplate and using the attached hex key on a coarsely-threaded junk-metal screw that is prone to cross-threading, which is how I wrecked mine.

Good looking lightweight wood stock feels nice in the hands, shoulders easily and points well. Highly visible fiber-optic front sight pairs well with the fully adjustable rear. Rotary mags load easily and grip pellets well without being overly tight, spares are cheap facilitating rapid changing of ammo types or speed loading in target-rich environments. Barrel release makes clearing inevitable jams a breeze. CO2 screw is high-quality steel and finely threaded inspiring confidence in clamping force and well positioned at the front of the stock under the barrel. Swapping out cartridges is straightforward and easy, with practice you should be able to it well under 30 seconds.

Probably the biggest weakness is that Dovetail is cheap plastic, as is perhaps the entire receiver, and has a decidedly peaked cross-section all of which adds up to any mounted optic having potential to rock from side-to-side, just barely adequate for a reflex sight and/or a laser. Mine currently sports a Monstrom 1-6x20 FFP IR to see what the rifle is capable of at distance, I'll very soon be going back to the reflex sight with which this thing is an absolute gas for plinking and light pesting. As others have noted the trigger pull is pretty awful and being double-action only quite heavy. It is unintentionally approximately a three-stage trigger, gritty and sloppy between those "stages", and until I got used to it many rounds were loosed downrange before I was quite ready to send them. A potential silver lining is that it's forced me to concentrate on technique. The rotary mags seem to frequently skip over loaded pellets so I'll count 9 expecting 3 remaining but dry fire instead.

By CharlesUSAMarch 24, 2021

This was my first airgun in many years. If this is to be your first airgun, research the various powerplant options and decide for your self. This one does what is advertised.

This gun does what the manufacturer says it will do. The CO2 cylinders load easily. The magazines work very well. It shoots very well for a CO2 gun. I get about four 12-round magazines of full power shots per cylinder. I put a 2x7 scope with see-under mounts and it is a good 20-yard target gun. I would not hunt rabbits or squirrels with it due to power limitations; maybe chipmunk or starlings at 10 yards.

The wood on mine is a lot darker than the photo. That is not a big deal because it does feel like real wood. I was a bit concerned about the trigger at first. But I was comparing it to triggers that cost more that this gun. The trigger seems like a three stage trigger with a very long pull, but once I got used to it, I actually like it.

By LeoUSAJune 2, 2020

To maximize my fun factor I have a total of 10 magazines so I can shoot 2 full tubes of co2 without reloading. Don't get better than that!!!

This is my 3rd crosman 1077 & I have not yet had to adjust the open sights on any of them, they are that good.Finally got the wood version, color is much darker than pics in ads but still a very nice finish.They don't get much more fun than this so get yourself one... Or two!!!

Should sell special bundles of magazines.

By Logan USAMarch 7, 2019

This gun takes me back to when i started with airguns as a kid, simple, fun and accurate for a great price.. i couldn't be happier.. performs perfectly, pull the trigger 12 times, 12 shots ..too much fun

Great gun for the price


By Brandon B.January 7, 2019

I shot mine about 300 shots now it does great for kids and adults its super quite the trigger is louder than the barrel and its good for 20 yard and 30 feet away plinking its not a gun to use on chipmunks or anything bigger that was disappointing but it is a repeater that's fun to shoot around

Its grate to get kids into shooting because it has no kick its light quite and its got a good look in the wood stock

Pump guns have more power nuf said

By EricApril 12, 2018

I bought the Crosman 1077 with the wood stock to teach my grandchildren to shoot. I cut 3" off the stock in a manner that allows me to bolt it back on. I had problems initially but discovered that I needed to push the pellets all the way into the clip. The gun is ideal and the grandchildren and their mom's and dads love shooting it as well.

By Nat G.December 11, 2017

Thoroughly satisfied with this product.

Airgun very accurate, powerful, easy to operate.

By MichaelUSAMarch 17, 2017

very nice rifle. very accurrete and a lot of fun to shoot

By Capn j.March 13, 2017

I'm really impressed with the handling and the appearance. It looks just like my brother's 10-22. The first thing I did was mount a 4X scope out of my parts drawer and try some shooting in my garage range. I was pleasantly surprised with some 3/8" 5 shot groups and a couple of overlapping hole 3 shot groups.

Accurate and light weight.

I found some of the Crosman pellets I had fit too tightly in the rotary magazine and would not shoot out. Care has to be exercised in loading the magazine and any pellets that feel too tight should be discarded.

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I only had my gun a few weeks and it's jammed any idea how I clear it

asked Ron from USA

This happens when the pellet(s) slightly protrude in the magazine. There are small plastic tabs protruding from both sides of the receiver. Move them forward and down while holding both sides with your thumb and index finger. Then release the magazine. Push the pellet back in the magazine or remove the pellet. Return the extractor to the back of the receiver to continue shooting. Hope this helps.

Dennis from USA

how is this gun from 20-30 meters?

asked Seth from USA

Will the STOCK fit an average 8 year old male?

asked John Fross

Should be fine.

Dennis from USA

will this rifle shoot .177 BB's?

asked Arthur from USA

is this real wood or mock wood

asked Asher from USA

What's it's length of pull

asked Andy
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