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RWS 350 Magnum

Available in 0.1770.220.220.177Superior quality German airgun made by Diana
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With its sleek design and break barrel action, the 350 is easy to cock and handle. With velocities in the range of Rimfire shells this model offers the shooter many options for use. Long range pest control, target practice or just plinking, the 350 handles each task effectively.

Even if you are not an air gunner, but a serious hunter, the 350 will sharpen your skills in the off-season and allow you to practice your trigger control for that big hunt.

It is a great addition to any gun collection. These magnum+ Airguns do require a little more attention to detail when making scope and pellet selection. We have found that the best all around performance is achieved using RWS Superdome pellets. They are a little heavier and will travel flat and hit hard.

RWS Diana 350 Magnum Air Rifle Features
  • Spring-piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • T06 trigger
  • Rear is adjustable
  • Raised cheekpiece
  • Monte Carlo buttstock with ventilated buttpad
  • Beech stock
  • 11mm scope rail
  • Deeply blued
  • Ideal for hunting
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    RWS 350 Magnum  
    42 Reviews
    83% (35)
    14% (6)
    2% (1)
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    57% Recommend this product (24 of 42 responses)
    By Diego
    Huntington Park, CA
    May 2, 2012
    Simply the Best
    I can say honestly with no exaggeration that this is the finest quality airgun I have ever owned. Incredible craftsmanship and quality control make this the best value for the money that you can hope for from an airgun manufacturer. I encourage anyone thinking of picking up one of these to not hesitate and buy one today!
    ProsQuality, Craftsmanship, Power, Value, Durability, Attention to detail (bluing, sights, wood), In short - everything on this rifle is good
    ConsHonestly can't think of anything - its simply a fantastic gun
    By terry
    hickory NC
    February 27, 2012
    best air rifle i'v ever owned!!
    I'v always heard all the hype about RWS. and now i know what the hype is all about, this gun is awsome!!! very accurate, i shot a crow 60 yards away and at it was at least 70' high into the tree and i hit him with the first shot! and dropped him cold, The RWS 350 is no toy! i shoot a hole clean through a sheet of plywood 1/2'' thick at 30 yards. THATS POWER!! This rifle is also well balanced and fells good to hold, they say it weighs 8lbs, but does not fell like it! and another thing! it is not that loud for a break barrel! its almost as quite as my Remington nitro piston! so if you want a top quality break barrel you would love this rifle! my other rifle's are collecting dust now!! LOL. i will enjoy this rifle for years and glad i bought it, if you buy one of these gems you wont regret it!
    ProsI like the accuratecy. and the power, quality! well worth the money
    ConsI don't have any dislike's but it would be nice if RWS would get a little more creative with there stock a thumbhole grip would be great
    By Ken B
    Pittsburgh, PA
    November 19, 2018
    Diana 350 Magnum
    This is an awesome rifle and at the reduced price of $350 it is a must have if you are into springers. I like springers of all power levels. I have a R7 and a R9 and love them both. I also enjoy the challenge of mastering the technique of accurately shooting a high power springer. I will admit the first time I cocked it my reaction was "OMG what have I gotten myself into? It was very tight and gritty and hard to cock. As with most springers, the more you shoot the smoother it gets. After only about 10 or 15 shoots it got very smooth. I am 67 years old, 5'-3", 132 lbs and have no problems cocking this rifle. After about 30 shots, I shot a 10 shot group and got an average of 769 fps; Hi of 777; lo of 762; extreme spread of 15; and a std deviation of 4. This was with JSB 15.89 grain pellets. This pellet produced 20.87 ft/lb energy.
    ProsThe T06 is a fantastic trigger. Fit and finish is top notch, bluing is superb. The rifle is long but very well balanced. The rifle is very accurate if you are willing to do your part and learn how to hold it. AND PRACTICE!
    ConsNot really a con but the checkering could be a little deeper. The checkering does its job though and that is to give a better grip in warm and hot weather when the hands are sweaty.
    Best UsesThis is not a rifle to shoot a tin of pellets in one session. It is best used to eliminate a pest or to just shoot 20 or 30 pellets and put it away.
    By Jim Lindsay
    August 11, 2018
    RWS 350 Magnum Springer 22 Cal.
    I got my RWS 350 magnum, and I love it, with the longer barrel it reaches out further then most 22 cal. that are springers. I mounted a bullseye scope rings to it, then I put a UTG Leapers 3-12-44 snippers scope, and it only took 3 to 4 shoots to hit bullseyes at 30 yds., and at 40 yds. it took about 4 to 7 shoots to hit bullseyes again that's not to bad for a 70 year old man, not to toot my own horn. I think I can hit 50 yds. bulls with in no time at all. Lanky Jim.
    ProsGreat for hunting, plinking, and very accurate, auto safety
    ConsCant think of anything
    By Robert Sweet
    June 6, 2018
    Still Slamming the pellets.
    Excellent experience.Its really is a nice gun.Had mine for around ten years and still looks and shoots like new.Would consider trigger upgrade but it shoots so well as it is with the older plastic trigger.Have a very large scope to help with my eyes and to stabilize the rifle with the added weight.Mine cost less than current price but that was in 08.Also have a model 52 purchased at AGD.Both in 22 cal for hitting power.
    By Scott
    Upstate n.y.
    February 3, 2018
    I.have this 350 magum RWS. This air rifle I use on Rabbits. Eastern grays. Crows. And let me tell you It will knock Out the life out of them....this is not a toy Always be sure of whats be on your target. Because it will. Travel. And hit hard. Supperdome. Pellets Are the ones to use. Mine is a 22cal. Buy it you will Like it wellmade. Break in with crossmen. Pellets They also Shoot good . have fun .hunting. Is a American Heritage. N.y. trapper..
    ProsWell made hard hitter
    By Tim
    Hendersonville, TN
    April 8, 2017
    excellent German tool
    I bought a Diana 34 in 1992 and it was incredible, it still is. It has been sent back to the factory twice in the last 25 years because it began to lose power. I shoot a lot, every day a lot... both times they worked on it for free and it came back better than new. It was a .177 and I routinely shot blackbirds at 60 yards. I moved and my yard was infested with squirrels and raccoons.Yet I live in the city limits and no firearms are allowed. So I decided to invest in an even more powerful pellet rifle. Of course I went right back to RWS/Diana and ordered their 350 Magnum in ,22 caliber. It is very, very, powerful. In fact it had such a powerful spring that it jumped and moved all over and I had trouble hitting anything, The solution was to have it tuned and get a Vortek PG2 kit installed in it. It is now the sweetest shooting air rifle I own with power to spare. If you are a first time magnum air gun buyer beware of these magnum springers, they are extremely hard to shoot with any accuracy without a lot of practice or a tune. Maybe both,,,
    ProsBuilt to last a lifetime. Extremely accurate with JSB 18.1 grain pellets. Excellent trigger, and my scope stops work perfectly with a very large, heavy scope. A Meopta 6-18X50 target scope with side turret focus and target windage and elevation knobs. The mil dot reticle is a blessing when using these heavy pellets at long distances. 70-80 yard shots are not uncommon at crows and squirrels, this rifle screams Made in Germany quality.
    ConsLikes to jump when the trigger is pulled. This gun really needs to be tuned to reach its full potential. It reacts better to a tune than any rifle I have ever seen. Buy one, get it tuned and put a Maccari or Vortek kit in it and you will have the best air rifle in the world.
    By Mike
    Saint John, IN
    June 6, 2016
    Great Airgun
    This is my second Diana (RWS) rifle and just like the first, a 34P, the quality of this rifle is outstanding. Great trigger, smooth, nice wood stock & it hits hard. I purchased the 350 Magnum in .22 and is accurate out to 50 yards plus. At 50 yards & shooting with the iron sights I put 20 rounds within a 3" circle. With a scope I'm sure it will shoot tighter groups than this. Diana rifles like the heavier pellets and found the domed pellets shoot longer distances better. These rifles will last decades. Several family members & a friend purchased Diana''s and all are 100% pleased. Airgun Depot processed & shipped fast as always. Stay away from the China built rifles if you want high end quality and longevity.
    ProsGerman build quality, T06 trigger is a two stage fully adjustable trigger, but no need for adjustments they are nice out of the box.
    By Matt
    Central New York
    June 5, 2016
    Fantastic refurb in .22!
    The refurbished RWS 350 .22 was a fanatic bargain (especially since I got it as a lightning deal)! I got it in June 2015 and the rifle has a 2015 date stamped on it. The condition is 98% perfect. My only concern is that a screw head at the back of the scope rail was sheared off by the previous owner. I would have thought this would have been caught and replaced during the refurb process. I'll contact AGD and report back as to how this is resolved. Over the chronograph it's shooting at just under 22 FPE (738 fps with jsb 18s). I also own a Hatsan 135 in .22 and while I like both, 22 FPE from the RWS is much more doable than 28-30 FPE from the Hatsan! Accuracy is fantastic. It has the best front sight I have used on an air rifle. Actually any rifle. The rear sight is fine (standard RWS / Diana). I was on paper from my 1st shot at 11 yards, quickly moved to 30 yards for the next target and never looked back. I did scope it (3-12 UTG) and managed to shoot 1/2 inch group. Remember this is a MAGNUM SPRINGER so I could not be more pleased. Read more on the GTA site here:
    ProsTrigger & Accuracy
    ConsCame with sheared off screw on scope rail.
    By Malcolm
    June 5, 2016
    Quality Airgun
    Purchased this in the .22 version, (refurbished). A clearly good quality Airgun. Have not had the opportunity to complete an in depth test with accuracy and consistency. My reason for 3 stars is the manner and state in which I received the gun. The front sight was either packaged loosely with the rifle, or had come of the gun secondary to it being loosely fitted. The barrel and the stock sustained damage by the loose metal front sight. I cannot recommend this to a friend, if they were to receive it in this condition.
    By desertguns
    Meltingballs, AZ
    November 8, 2015
    Nice for the refurb price
    Mine arrived with the front sight bent. I can fix it but should have been caught during the "refurb" process. This one has the T06 trigger. Nice bluing but checkering is buggered up in a few spots. Really doubt this was a refurb - looks unfired. More likely returned for stock blemishes. Whatever it was, I'm glad to benefit from it. No locktite on any screws. Seriously overbubed at the chamber with something that smells like cosmoline . Don"t get me wrong. This is a good deal at two & a half bills!
    By Diana
    September 3, 2015
    Diana 350 .177
    This air rifle is so accurate and powerful.At first , I did not manage to shoot perfectly with it, but after I understood its recoil, I barely miss a target.I use TS 10 pellet.
    By Frank
    March 7, 2015
    I have owned my 350 for 2 years and everyone who shoots it cannot believe how accurate and deadly it is. It Definitely does not like our Tree Rats. I have a UTG scope on it and it has been exceptional. By far the best air gun I have ever shot. Highly recommend RWS. High quality.
    ProsAccurate, Great 2 Stage trigger, Great stopping power
    By Edgar
    Newark, CA
    June 11, 2014
    A true Magnum beast!!
    I got this gun a year ago and I remember opening the box.. You could really see the attention to detail on this German beauty and as beautiful as it looks, the power and accuracy match it. Targets up to 35 yards are a walk in the park with this gun. At long ranges pay attention to your hold and trust me its possible to make long range shots, I just barely grazed a dove from 75 yards and... With a better hold I would've dispatched it. A great gun overall.
    ProsBeautifully made, great accuracy, magnum power perfect for small game. Try Crosman premiers hollow points perfect for this gun as I recall its not pellet fuzzy so choose the ones that are right for you. Not too loud considering its a magnum; from 1 to five I'd give it a 3.5 on the noise level.
    ConsIts sad to say but its the last springer I'm going to buy.. Why? Because its a springer... Expect your scope to be slipping if you don't put the right mounts on it to hold it rock steady. The screws on the side would loosen up and it would impact my pinot if aim on my scope even after I got the weaver rail on it. I chronied mine after about 1000 shots and it was shooting below standard specs maybe it could've been something I did wrong but then again this gun was supposed to get faster as more pellets you put through it. As someone who has owned springers for years and those out there who know what I'm talking about it can get frustrating at times when you have to get the right hold to get the best accuracy from it a slight error can throw it off.. Needless to say its still a great gun I just can't prefer springers anymore.
    By Miguel
    Calexico, CA
    May 30, 2014
    It's a new rifle! T06 trigger no way of knowing that is Refurbished! Excellent quality. Even to get better than a 54 rws recently purchased another shop! As for the very precise performance without any problem! This is the 7th buy air rifle and together with my rws 54 is spoiled. Great product and excellent service AIRGUN DEPOT!
    ProsT06 power precision Finishes operation
    By Tom
    Blue Ridge Mountains, N.C.
    March 13, 2014
    RWS 350 Magnum, .22 Cal
    I recently purchased a RWS 350 Magnum in .22 Cal. Upon receipt, I was amazed at the craftmanship and ergonomics of the rifle. Today I shot 100 pellets through the rifle using iron sights. I ultimately zeroed the iron sights at 30 yards. Shooting at 30 yards, my best 3 shot group was 5/8" x 3/4" with JSB Diablo,15.89 gr. Jumbos. My best 10 shot group was 1" x 5/8" with the same JSB 15.89 gr. Jumbos. I consider this outstanding accuracy for a new air rifle that is not even broke in yet. I found the RWS 350 Magnum less hold sensitive than I have read about the rifle in reviews. The iron sights are superb, and provide a great sight picture and positive adjustments. About every 25 shots I tightened the action screws that had loosened slightly. I checked the position of the screws every 10 shots, and tightened them when they had loosened about 1/8 of a turn. I also shot Crosman Premiers and H & N Field Trophy's but did not get the same consistent accuracy as the JSB Jumbos. Incidentally, my 350 has no barrel droop. I will be using a Leapers one piece mount with high rings to scope this rifle. I look forward to mounting my scope and seeing what my 350 Magnum will do. I am a big fan of RWS already. The 350 Magnum in .22 Cal is a great shooting air rifle!
    ProsExcellent craftsmanship, great ergonomics, superb iron sights and trigger, well balanced, very accurate and hard hitting!
    ConsMay be too long for some shooters, and can be a challenge to find the right mounts and adapters available to properly mount a scope. The 350 Magnum has a reputation for abusing scopes. I will report on this after lots of shooting and hunting with my 350 Magnum.
    By Dimitri
    Sahuarita, AZ
    November 17, 2013
    The best for his Class
    I have this Rifle for almost a year and I did a lot of shooting with that. No matter to what I use it for, handing, Pest Control or Target shooting, is very accurate and 1/8" grouping to 120' . Can not get any better.
    ProsA-1 all around!! Accurate, Power, Steel material, Wood Stock, Sites, Trigger, Well made .
    By Rick Wilson
    Troy, Idaho
    September 22, 2013
    Really Impressed!!
    I bought this air gun about three months ago. Could not be happier!! Great workman ship. Quality through out. Great accuracy. I'm using the Beeman .177 silver arrow. Its the best pellet I've tried. I bought a Benjamin NP XL 1500 in .177. Total junk. No comparison!!
    ProsWorkmanship, bluing, stock fit, trigger.
    ConsIt's a little heavy to pack.
    By Robert
    Brighton MI
    June 7, 2013
    Outstanding gun
    Spent a lot of time researching both .177 and .22 airgun's. Settled on the RWS 350 Mag with a Hawke 3x9 mill dot reticle. Topped the gun off with dovetail to pictanny mount (slight 10" droop UTG) and UTG 1" short quick detach pictanny rings. Gun itself needs screws tightened upon arrival, both the front stock screws and the trigger guard screws. Tightened everything down, through 750 rounds so far solid as a rock tack driver. Blackbirds within 60 yards are dead meat. 1" diameter circle (target Jack) at 60 yards hit 100% of the time from a bench rest.
    ProsFantastic gun, I have 15 guns and look forward to shooting this more than the others. Well made gun (Germany), do your research and find the right mount and scope and you will have a very accurate gun. .22 much more force and killing power than .177 (I have both). Extremely accurate with the cheaper Crosman Premium Ultra Domed 14.3gr pellets. Beautiful, big, checkering, deadly accurate up to 60 yards.
    ConsBig and heavy, but I like a sturdy well made gun. Feels like my 30-06. Nice stock but they can alway be better...but worth the extra dollars. Very hard to cock for the first 200 rounds or so. After 500 rounds gun smoothed out, need to shoot differently than a normal firearm rifle with a lighter and follow through hold, hard at first but once you get the hang of it makes it more enjoyable to shoot. As expensive as a high powered rifle, however quality is there and will end up shooting it more than any of my other guns.
    By hmarramlien
    Botswana, Africa
    May 12, 2013
    Diana 350 .22 mag the best spring rifle I have come across so far!
    I have owned Diana RWS 350 .22 magnum for the past one year now and I am fully satisfied with it. Recoil is there but you have to master the off hand, artilery hold position shooting. Once you master this, you will LOVE it! Power is already there and accuracy is for you to earn through practice. As for pellets, I have tried 16 grn JSB Exact domed, H&N Baracuda 21.14 grn round head and 14.66 grn H&N FTT domed pellets. The FTT is most accurate and most powerful up to 70 yards. At 80 yards, the FTT pellet shot from Diana 350 .22 mag easily punched through the hard steel bottom of mosquitoes/insects repellent steel can. I knew that my HW80 .22 FAC version could not perform this feat even at 60 yards distance. Once you master Diana 350, the accuracy is same with HW80, maybe even better with the 350 (at least for me). I am more confident with my 350 .22 when I go out hunting in the wood/forest since I knew that I can take down game up to the medium size (head shot) on emergency. Remember, 350 .22 and H&N FTT .22 pellets are perfect combination.
    ProsSpring piston powered, most accurate and powerful. You don't have to bother with gas cylinder like PCP. Walk around in the forest, hunting with confidence. Buy 350 .22 magnum, find out the best pellets for her and you are settled.
    ConsNothing, so far.
    By Dakota
    afton, Wyoming
    March 4, 2013
    Good starter air rifle
    Terrific gun, kills anything you shoot at so be careful. I like the wait and the power the most. It really knocks down the wood chucks up to 40 yards away very very accurate.
    By Oliver
    December 29, 2012
    Marksman out of the box
    This is a beautifully crafted air rifle and you can see where the cost goes. The wood is gorgeous, but certainly heavy. I am currently using Crosman pellets and having no problems hitting the target. I took the rifle to the local range and was able to place an accurate 1 inch group at 50 yds with no adjustment to windage. It is good to play with the elevation since the tics are not indicative of distance. It does take getting used to if you've never used an air rifle before. Practicing the ABC's of shooting, one should have no problem hitting the target, as the local squirrels have found out. The break barrel does require some force. I've found that using two hands, one at the end, and one near the lever, is easy, without putting all the force on the end of the barrel. In some ways, I think this rifle is better built than some of my firearms I own. You can't go wrong with this rifle as a plinking, target, or small game rifle. If you get sights, you will have to make sure they are Air rifle sights. The recoil is completely different from a firearm.
    ProsCraftsmanship, accuracy, power, and simplicity.
    ConsElevation adjustment does not correlate to range.
    By David
    Alabaster, AL
    December 23, 2012
    A man's gun!!!
    Love this gun. Have barely put 100 rounds through it but I have been very pleased thus far. Gun kicks more than the model 34. Awesome trigger. Very large and heavy. Packs a punch. Have put RWS hollow points and domes through it and both are consistent. Not a kids toy here - this is a man's airgun!!!
    ProsConstruction Simplicity Trigger Squirrel busting power
    By PRIMO
    September 2, 2012
    The rifle offer those not specify if the trigger is T.O. 6 ?
    I bought this rifle from AGD about a year ago. It's a fine weapon. It is capable of 100 meter accurate shots. With the right scope and mounts you'll be plinking at pennies at 40 yard no big deal for this gun. The most important thing to know if your going to buy it is that it comes with the TO-6 trigger. This is absolutely the best trigger for your money. Mine came with it and I'm super happy with the RWS .22 350 mag. The TO5 trigger is ok, but what makes this gun a Rolls-Royce is the TO-6. Please be sure it has this trigger. The price is the same in cal. 22. As for power, expect 24 foot pounds more than enough for airgun hunting. Big punch.
    ProsIt's the coolest looking gun of my collection. It looks like a very expensive safari rifle. A Leapers 4 to 16 x 40 AO is the perfect scope for this gun and at a good price. Get the weaver compensating mounts, they are a must! The rifle is very powerful and this is the only mount that holds the scope firm and steady. Price at AGD very good
    ConsThat Air Gun depot does not specify the trigger. Get with it!
    By Abdul Haleem Khan
    Opp.Mission Hospital, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, INDI
    December 30, 2011
    I usually used to hit the targets lying at the maximum distance of 150 - 200 feet. It was a normal practice. One day I decided to pose an unusual challange to my Magnum Air Rifle. I placed an 8" tall with 3" diameter hard plastic shampoo bottle filled with water at the distance of above 300 Feet (above 100 yards) to be hit with my scoped brand new Diana 350 Magnum .22 using Spain made Gamo Pro Magnum Pellete which is 15.43 Grains in weight. This is a slightly rounded non-pointed and heavy headed smooth projectile. Most of its weight is concentrated on the solid and massive head. If properly selected then the pellet fits well into the port of the Magnum Barrel without leaving any air leakage point. I shot the bottle almost at the spot where I zeroed in at. I did it in a single shot by late night with the help of a long range German Spot Light. The pellete penetrated the hard plastic and made two holes - enter and exit, by tearing the 3 inch deep water apart !!! An unbelievably formidable performance competing with RIM FIRE .22 ! Apart from it German Magnum phenomenon did equally marvellous jobs in the fields, too. 350 Magnum is a reliable gun with essentially compatible pellets. Yes, pellets must be your right choice. Its accuracy, long range, power and pleasant cocking amaze the shooter that the Diana technology could create such a deadly miracle only with spring and piston !!! Without this Air Rifle no collection of guns can be said to be complete. Reviewer - A.H.Khan Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh December – 2011
    ProsFirst of all this rifle is accurate, powerful with extra ordinary knocking down power at a very long distance which is usually impossible for spring piston system.
    ConsIts barrel is abnormally longer but once accustomed this is not a problem. On the whole I would like to say that you can not call it my disliking to any feature of the gun.
    By SCOTT
    upstate n.y.
    December 12, 2011
    Has the power & hard hitting
    this is a great air rifle, hard hitting pest killer. great for tree rats, feral cats. small foxes. I have been shooting air guns for over 30 years these are great on the trapline for small Raccoons, foxes, so it dont punch a large hole in the hide, Head shoots or behind the ears only for quick kill, have fun with it & SHOOTING TARGETS THANKYOU,
    By Den
    August 9, 2011
    350 22 Feuerkraft
    Bought refurb....had cosmetic bluing issue where breech block rubbed on wood stock...otherwise...perfect. T05 trigger no different than my 48 22 t06..wonderful...shooting 880 fps with RWS Super-H-points....1 inch off hand groups at 20 yds. A wonderful, powerful yet comfortable rifle to hold and shoot.
    By rony
    July 27, 2011
    rws 350 mag
    By Scott m
    July 20, 2010
    350 magnum 22 cal
    This is a Good air rifle. fast and strong nice wood stock first day out with it #1 Tree Rat down and many more to go I have thought about this air gun alot and order it from airgun depot -great sales dept. & customer service many thanks to all working there. America Land of the free home of the brave. thank you.
    By Brian
    July 12, 2010
    Very accurate and powerful! Love it
    By joe parker
    April 1, 2010
    rws 350 magnum
    I wrote a review a few days ago, and blasted the gun. It would not cock as it was. I did not discover this until i spent about an hour cleaning the barrel. A D offered to take the gun back, and even offered to pay return shipping. I took the gun apart, vioded warranty, and found a small prob. eith the cocking arn alignment. Fixed it and the gun shoots greattt. It is my new squirrel buster, with iron sights. I read a lot about this gun being hold sensitive, but i have no problem hitting hickory nuts out to 15 yards. If you need a powerful .177 for hunting or plimking, buy this gun. sincerely, Joe
    February 22, 2009
    By Bob
    February 4, 2009
    Deadly accurate
    My RWS 350 Magnum is in .22 caliber. Out of the box, I found that I could put 5 shots in one ragged hole at 50 ft and that it will also punch through 1/2" plywood at the same distance. The trigger is excellent and I found that I could mount the rear peep sight from my Anchutz target rifle which makes a big difference for me with my bifocals. A very handsome rifle that is a pleasure to own and shoot. I would recommend it to any one wanting a higher powered air rifle
    By Michael
    December 10, 2008
    HEAVY hitter
    This is one heavy .22 cal,hunting tree rats through the woods you learn all the carring positions and then some. The break berrel is quite tight and noisey starting out, after about 100 to 150 shots it quietens down and loosens up perfectly. The craftsmanship is superb beautiful wood grain not a scratch and the bluing on the metal is perfect I used the Iron sites at 30 yrds and beeman crow hp's grouping the size of a nickle, the rws superdome's the size of a quarter and the gamo pointed fits loose in the barel was all over the place next I will use the crosman premiers and the jsb exacts and lets see if I can get that dime size grouping. The cocking effort is not for wimps and the rifle does kick a bit about like a 410 shot gun. Sounds cool shooting across the river at old fish bait cans the pellets have a high pitched whisling sound you can only hear going across water. well I think that is about it for now happy shooting
    By Doug
    July 30, 2008
    Beautiful and Deadly
    I've had the .22 version of this rifle for three weeks and have put close to 200 rounds thru it. Plenty of power-17.1 grain Silver arrows go thru one side of a heavy gauge empty steel gallon paint can at 200'. 14.5 RWS Superpoints will blow completely thru a large steel coffee can at the same distance. I wear trifocal eyeglasses, so it's something of a chore for me to use the open sights, but I still hit my targets ( usually soup cans) at 100' to 150' most of the time, so this gun obviously shoots pretty good. Even so, a good structurally strong scope (gun has a pronounced recoil) for the 350 is next in line. In addition to the power and accuracy, this airrifle is esthetically pleasing to the eye. I think it's one of the prettiest springers around-the word "sleek" comes to mind. Quality of fit and finish is quite high and the beech stock is really elegant looking. All metalwork is of the same high quality. Only possible cons are the gun is fairly heavy, and long. Cocking effort is not for sissies : ), but these are the physical prices you pay for a hard hitting springer. At this point I'm pleased that I selected the RWS 350 mag., and I'm inclined to think it should provide good performance, with periodic maintenance, for many years to come.
    By donald
    September 13, 2007
    i love hunting with my 350 magnum it give perfict result s every time
    By Brandon Payne
    July 28, 2007
    this is by far the BEST pellet gun i have ever had. me and my dad went and adjusted the iorn sites and we now can shoot a target that is 1inch by 1inch EVERY time i shoot at it. just take youre time and stay calm while you shoot it. its the BEST!!!
    By Dave
    July 11, 2007
    A very nice piece of work
    This is the first adult spring piston rifle I have owned. I have been a "powder burner" for the last 12 years. My first impression of this weapon was that it was a solid, no BS piece of work. The furniture is very nicely finished, and the workmanship is first rate. The second impression was that it is not a light weight! For me, it is not a big deal as my back yard is as far as I would likely go with this weapon. I also ordered a Leapers 6-24x50 scope with this rifle and it is not a toy either. After sighting in the rifle/scope, which took about 20 min, I found the weapon to be "Dead nuts" accurate. Truthfully I wish I had used the iron sights to get used to it for the first time, they seem like a really nice setup. My first rabbit went to heaven today after a shot from about 17 yards, with a RWS superpoint pellet. I would have rather shot the creature with the super HP's that I ordered, but someone decided that the superpoints are what I was to have. If AGD is listening, I'll happily take a free tin of RWS super HP's! Anyway the rifle is a truly no nonsense weapon that will get the job done in a quiet (wife can here me shoot inside the house) quick way
    By Dale
    February 19, 2007
    Model 350 Combo
    The 350 is a powerful magnum class full size adult air rifle with finely finished steel receiver, barrel, and wood stock. Cocking is relatively easy for such a powerful gun. Although I'm still looking for the most accurate hunting pellet, I've found the 14.5 grain RWS Superdome to be acceptable. With it , my gun has a muzzle velocity of about 875 fps, which provides 25 fp of energy. Velocity at 50 yards is about 552 fps with 9.8 fp, which is capable of dropping jackrabbits with head or chest cavity hits. Accuracy is good with the iron sights, although an optional peep sight with various front aperatures would improve target accuracy. The Model 300 4x32 scope with AO is adequate, but the RWS adjustable C mount is difficult to properly install and the directions are not as clear as they could be. The mount lock pin is inadequate. It's not deep enough to secure the scope. After numerous shots, it will enlarge the recoil key hole, break loose, and deeply score the mounting grooves as the scope moves rearward. Use of Lok-Tite on all the screws and constant retightening only slowed the process. A temporary fix is to locate the C mount stop pin in front of the rifle's scope groove, where it holds better than using the shallow under-sized holes located in the mounting grooves. Don't use the large screw at the rear of the grooves as a scope stop; it can shear off due to the recoil stress. An optional scope stop appears to be the best solution. Accuracy with a secure scope is good, with 2" groups possible @ 50 yards using the RWS Superdome pellets. For hunting larger varmints, I use a "dead on" hold with the rifle sighted in 2.5" high @ 25 yards and 0" @ 50 yards. The 350 is very hold sensitive, so practice with consistent holds is necessary for good accuracy. I rate the rifle a 5, scope a 5 where greater magnification is not needed, and the scope mounting system a 1. RWS Diana needs to redesign its mounting system.
    By Frank
    February 9, 2007
    I got mine a while back and it really does shoot quite fast. I chronographed heavy pellets at 950 fps (10.3 grain) and light pellets at almost 1100 fps. The downside is that it is slick and hard to hold and extremely heavy. I use hunting gloves to get a grip but I prefer my lighter RWS 45 due to the lighter weight.
    By jimbo
    December 30, 2006
    hot .177
    Although its on the heavy and long side, its shear performance that makes that unoticable. I had put a leapers scope and mount soon after it arrived. Within two hours I had it dialed in with 8.6 gr pellets. The power was amazing for an airgun. I now use a heavier pellet and use it for varmit control on my land. Looks like my 10/22 will be collecting some dust!
    By jeff
    December 23, 2006
    so sweet
    this is the best air gun ever
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    Compare Calibers
    RWS 350 Magnum
    • 0.177
      Caliber 0.177 Cal
      Velocity 1250 fps
      Loudness 3-Medium
    • 0.22
      Caliber 0.22 Cal
      Velocity 1000 fps
      Loudness 3-Medium
    • 0.22
      Caliber 0.22 Cal
      Velocity 1000 fps
      Mag Capacity 1
    • 0.177
      Caliber 0.177 Cal
      Velocity 1250 fps
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