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Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN 2

Available in .22, .177
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  • Code: AGD-527210614 · $319.99 · .22 · 1300 fps
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The Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN 2 gives you a faster and easier way to shoot a multi shot breakbarrel compared to the previous version. You get a lighter and lower profile 10X GEN 2 quick shot magazine that gets 10 shots before reloading and uses a system that uses the inertia of recoil to load pellets, giving you speeds up to 1300 fps with alloy pellets.

This rifle features an IGT Mach 1 gas piston, so you get the benefits of an inert gas technology powerplant instead of a typical spring piston. That means smoother cocking and shooting with less vibration, better cold weather performance, more longevity, and the ability to leave the rifle cocked for long periods without spring fatigue.

The Swarm Magnum lets you separately adjust the amount of travel for each of the stages of the 2 stage Custom Action Trigger to get the crisp break just right for accurate shots. Also, the rifle gives you the comfort you're looking for with the Shock Wave Absorber recoil pad that cuts down on recoil you experience by up to 74%.

With double chamber integrated Whisper Fusion noise suppression technology, Gamo gives you their highest level of noise reduction for a quieter shot that's less likely to scare away game. The all weather thumbhole stock is glass filled and made with automotive grade nylon, and it has checkering on the forearm and grip, so you get a firm grip even in wet conditions.

The included Gamo 3-9x40 scope with rings is fogproof, waterproof, and shockproof. If you're ready for a smooth shooting multi shot rifle with scope for pesting or small game hunting, get the Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN 2 at Airgun Depot.

Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN 2, .22 cal Features:

  • 10X GEN 2 Quick-Shot inertia fed magazine
  • Max velocity: 1300 fps with alloy, 975 fps with lead
  • Breakbarrel
  • .22 cal
  • IGT Mach 1 gas piston
  • 2 stage adjustable Custom Action Trigger (CAT)
  • Checkered grip and forearm
  • Whisper Fusion noise suppression
  • Automotive grade glass filled nylon all weather thumbhole stock
  • Shock Wave Absorber (SWA) recoil pad
  • Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR)
  • Barrel length: 21.3"
  • Overall length: 49.2"
  • 5 year limited warranty

Scope Features:

  • 40mm objective lens
  • 3-9x magnification
  • 1" tube
  • 30/30 reticle with fine crosshairs to speed target acquisition
  • 40' to 12' field of view
  • 3.5" eye relief
  • 21.6 oz
  • 13.5" long
  • Shockproof
  • Waterproof
  • Fogproof
  • Includes lens caps
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber.22
  • Velocity1300 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight6.88
  • Overall Length49.20
  • Barrel Length21.30
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismGas-piston
  • Rail11mm dovetail
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill0
  • Trigger AdjustabilityTwo-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action0
  • UseSmall game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty5-year limited warranty
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By DouglasUSAAugust 18, 2021

Don't try to get away with cheap pellets that have no QC when made. Buy the good stuff and save a lot of time and money.

Overall nice. This will be one year I have owned this rifle. Last fall it was used for squirrel season. You must find the right pellet for the rifle. Like my .22 rimfires, only one type of ammo works. The same with this Gamo, find the pellet that works, than learn about it at the range. This fall I will be out with my Gamo for squirrels.


By TimothyUSAAugust 16, 2021

I have the first generation of this in .22, and it is very close to the favorite rifle in my stable. It hits hard, is accurate, and is also surprisingly friendly to cock and relaxing to shoot an extended session with on the range. Because Gamo kept the weight down, it is also good in the woods, as it is relatively light for something with this quantity of smack. Smack it has. Great whomping beat-down power. Throw a heavy pellet in it, and it will trash your metal targets. For all that, it's quiet, or at least as quiet as you can make artillery. It's long. If you care for a carbine, you won't find it to your taste. I put the $9.95 search it on the internet trigger screw kit in, and spent an afternoon dialing it in. The trigger went from pretty good to outstanding. I have a short plateau followed by a clear wall, with a nice break at under two pounds. For the price on these, you cannot go far wrong. I haven't shot one in .177, but I hope to soon.

My go-to break barrel. They checked all the boxes. Very nice mag system.

Very little. A Picatinny rail as standard would be nice.

By MarkUSAJuly 26, 2021 Verified Purchase

Changing the loading mechanism and magazine were really not necessary since the one i removed was okay. The new magazine Gamo sent in .177 had the word "updated" on the package but I could not see any difference unless the o ring and spring tension have been modified to better hold the pellets and stop the next pellet from jumping up following the recoil of the preceding shot. Be aware that the high 1200 plus fps ability of this rifle will break the sound barrier and cause a loud crack sound and loss of pellet accuracy. Recommend using above 8gr or heavier pellets in .177 to prevent this.

High velocity, comfortable stock, overall quality for price

Magazine and loading mechanism require more work by Gamo or at least better information on loading technique specifically: 1. Caution on inserting pellets in magazine because an o ring is used to hold the pellet in place and certain pellet skirts are held better than others. Pellets will fall out of magazine if pushed in too far. Pellets will raise up in magazine after firing on occasion so prior to breaking the barrel you must ensure next pellet has not jumped from proper seated position. The is a technique required to break the barrel to stop pellets from falling out. I place the end of the stock on my left leg with the rifle at about 45 to 60 degree angle then as I am closing the barrel I start to lower the barrel to nearly level. This method stops the pellet from falling out of the magazine which might happen if you kept the barrel tilted up throughout the process. The problem with the pellets falling out is known by Gamo, I changed the loading mechanism and a new magazine.

By PaulUSAMay 29, 2021

This is an adult level weapon, not suitable for pre-teens. needs swivel mounts and shoulder strap to relieve the weight issue (at ready-position).

Looks; it looks very nice; like the magazine clip feature

Heavy; Difficult to charge the weapon by pre-teens. Muzzle tip is too close to the shooters head when trying to cycle the barrel with the butt on the ground to stabilize the weapon; Scope is difficult to sight in, way off on initial attempts to zero weapon.

By J .Rodriguez May 11, 2021

Also the swarm inserts the pellets to far in ,This reduces the velocity. Compared to a seated pellet... If u manually seat a pellet ,You will see and hear the increase power....

If you load pellets that have a coke bottle shape ,they will fall out..You need to use pellets that are more like a slug.That allows the band in the magazine to hold the pellet....

They should make a larger band in the magazine. This would hold the pellets better.

By J .Rodriguez May 11, 2021

Also the swarm inserts the pellets to far in ,This reduces the velocity. Compared to a seated pellet...

If you load pellets that have a coke bottle shape ,they will fall out..You need to use pellets that are more like a slug.That allows the band in the magazine to hold the pellet....

They should make a larger band in the magazine. This would hold the pellets better.

By BrianUSAApril 29, 2021 Verified Purchase

If target shooting is your primary purpose the cocking on this will be a workout, love the power this has though!

I bought the .22 cal. to use on squirrels and rabbits around the house. I'll also be using it for target shooting. I upgraded my scope to the BSA Optics Outlook Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle Air Rifle Scope with Adjustable Objective, Black, 4-12x44mm (AIR4-12X44AOIRTB). Nothing was wrong with the scope that came with it, just wanted to upgrade. After firing it at paper to sight in the scope....took five shots...I fired it at a wooden 6x6 post 25 yards away. The pellets penetrated a good 1/2" (1/4" of wood showing behind the embedded pellet}. I'm confident this is indeed powerful enough for varmints. It took me five shots to sight it in because I had to familiarize myself with the reverse gotta hold your sight picture after you pull the trigger and it does have a bit more recoil than a .22 rimfire, I'd say it compares to a .556 AR-15. It's a bear to cock...not something I'd recommend for a child and to be sexist, for a woman either.

The muzzle brake/compensator is a hollow plastic tube...worthless for anything except mounting the front sight. I will be removing and machining a functional metal replacement and remounting the front sight. The cheek rest is non-adjustable which is too bad as I would prefer it were.

By PaulApril 5, 2021

I would never recommend this gun to anyone.

Good scope

I bought this gun which worked fine for the first fifty rounds or so. After that it consistently failed to load the pellets. I returned it and Gamo sent me another Gamo SM10X Gen. 2 rifle which did exactly as the first. I notified Gamo of the problem and this time got no response whatever. I'm not a novice shooter having hunted and shot recreationally for years. I had to take out the magazine in order to be confident that the rifle would shoot something. I now have an expensive and pretty ordinary pellet gun.

By SyedUSAFebruary 14, 2021 Verified Purchase

I bought this rifle 2 months back and I have a real problem with this rifle. While loading the rifle from the magazine, pellets seem to be falling off while cocking the rifle. As a result I dry fired the rifle a couple times unknowing that the pellets had fallen off. Later on I realized it. I am disappointed. Has any one had this issue with this rifle or is my .177 a faulty one?

Pellets falling off the rifle while cocking.

By JoshuaUSAFebruary 3, 2021 Verified Purchase

Scope is good

Has anyone ever camouflage painted one of these ? If so I’d love some feedback and pics


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Gamo Swarm Magnum 10X GEN 2 .22 can be delivered to Canada

asked JEAN-GUY from Canada

The Info. State's "having ability to leave the rifle cocked for long periods of Time" with out any kind of loss! My Q. Has anyone chked. how "Long of period of time" that actually is ?? (1min,5min.20min.45min) ?? any input would be much appreciative!

asked Mark S from USA

Does this come with the magazine or is that a separate purchase?

asked Bradley from USA

Comes with one magazine . Extras can be found at Gamo's website .

Stanley from USA

Is this barrel choked?

asked Logan from USA

Is it possible to remove the Whisper Fusion noise suppression either by unscrewing it or otherwise. Thank you for the answer.

asked JEAN-GUY from Canada

What is the max energy of this. In .22 cal

asked Brian from USA

Has anyone shot past 75 Yards? it seems like a powerhouse. I have a Hatsan 125sniper in .22 and .25 on a good day I can hit about 90 yards consistently. I don't hunt I just like the challenge

asked Greg from USA

Can I use quick cleaning pellets in this gun? If yes do you load them in the Gamo Swarm Fusion G2 10X GEN2 Quick-Shot mag .177 like you would a lead pellet?

asked David from USA

Doubtful since you need to load 3 in a regular break barrel to create enough back pressure.

Jason from USA

What is the twist in a rifle barrel?

asked Thomas from USA

Are you asking for the angle of the twist? Or why there is one? If the later it spins the pellet making it more accurate. Think throwing a spiral pass with a football. Never put a BB in a break barrel

Jason from USA

Can I use a bipod with this air rifle? If so, which one would recommend?

asked Artillon from St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Side mount bipods are available . Try airgun .

Stanley from USA

Any yall know were exactly this riffle is made??

asked Mark S from USA

barcelona,spain. If your worried about quality,dont be. they feel like real guns. hope that helped.

neme from USA

Spain I thought

Jason from USA
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