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Hatsan Blitz

Available in .22, .25, .30, Full Auto PCP Rifle
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It's finally here. Hatsan's Blitz, a fully automatic pre-charged pneumatic air rifle. Yes, you read that correctly: full auto gas operated airgun. What would you do with a full auto PCP air rifle? What wouldn't you do! With 53 FPE at 730 FPS with the .30 caliber, the Blitz is powerful and accurate enough to take down medium sized game like a coyote if you're hunting, or just absolutely destroy a line of cans in under a second. Just pull back the side bolt, load the magazine, push the bolt down, flip the selector to Auto, and you're ready to rock.

If full auto isn't enough for you, the Blitz has more in store as well. Use the included carry handle with adjustable open sights or remove it to add a scope on the combo 11mm dovetail and 22mm Weaver optics rail. If you need more, the Blitz has 3 Picatinny accessory rails on the sides and bottom of the bottle for attaching things like a bipod, laser, or flashlight. Flip the Hatsan Blitz over and you'll see the color coded manometer (yellow-green-red) on the bottom ahead of the trigger guard that lets you know if it's under-pressure, optimal, or overfilled. You'll also find fitted sling mounts, in case you did remove that carry handle on top to add a scope. If you want the power of a PCP air rifle and the excitement of full automatic, there's literally only one airgun for you: the Hatsan Blitz.

Hatsan Blitz Features:
  • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Full/semi-automatic selector switch
  • 580cc carbon fiber bottle on forearm
  • 1,000 rounds per minute cyclic rate
  • Max Velocity w/ Lead Pellets: 1050 FPS (.22), 970 FPS (.25), 730 FPS (.30)
  • Max Energy: 36 FPE (.22), 41 FPE (.25), 53 FPE (.30)
  • Shots at optimal velocity*: 130 (.22), 110 (.25), 100 (.30)
  • Magazine Capacity: 21 rds. (.22), 19 rds. (.25), 16 rds. (.30)
  • Gas-operating cycling mechanism requires no batteries
  • QuietEnergy fully-shrouded barrel
  • Detachable SwingLoad Magazine (Includes 2)
  • Magazine winding tool stored in stock
  • Elevation Adjustable Comb
  • Adjustable rubber butt pad
  • Combo 11mm dovetail and 22mm Weaver* optics rail
  • Carry handle with integral adjustable open sights
  • 3 Picatinny forearm accessory rails
  • 250 BAR / 3,625 PSI fill pressure
  • Integral manometer
  • All-weather synthetic stock with textured rubber pistol grip
  • Includes fill probe with 1/8"; BSPP Male threading 
*Weaver mounts are not standard and certain weaver/picatinny mounts may not fit the rail correctly.
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber.22
  • Velocity1050 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionSemiautomatic/Full-auto
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight8.80
  • Overall Length45.20
  • Barrel Length23.00
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity21
  • MechanismPre-charged pneumatic
  • RailWeaver & 11mm dovetails
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsAdjustable for elevation
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill130
  • Trigger Adjustability0
  • Trigger Action0
  • UseSmall game hunting/target practice
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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By MarkJune 9, 2021 Verified Purchase

I had just gotten this a few weeks ago and it had shipped completely empty. Just wanted to put this out there, that you will have to fill it the first time with a large blast of air to get the valve to seat. I had also gotten a hatsan air pump, but when I tried to pump it, it just leaked the air out. Then I had gotten a bottle set-up and filled that with my pump, then used the bottle to fill the air rifle. The initial blast of air was enough to seal the valve, and I was able to pump up the air rifle the rest of the way. So don’t think it’s defective if it’s not holding air when you first get it. I’ll take 1/2 point off the review just because no one tells you that if the air cylinder is on 0%, you have to initially blast it to seat the valve. I had to look up the info myself. I’m sure some have been returned thinking they are defective.

Haven’t shot it much yet, but the little bit I have, it’s been awesome. And yes, the full-auto is amazing!

If it’s delivered empty, you’ll have to fill it with a high-pressured blast of initial air to seat the valve.

By EugeneUSAApril 8, 2021

When gun arrives, unlike some higher end guns, it has no air. What that means is that you cannot fill it by a hand pump or anything that is very slow to fill. If fact it will appear that gun is leaking air. This is indeed the case because valve needs internal tank pressure to stay closed. So first fill needs to be done with a tank or a compressor, not a hand pump – don't freak out about it, it is normal and true for other brands as well.

This is one of the only two fully automatic PCP rifles I am aware of. It is pretty accurate for the money, though no records will be set with this gun. Shooting fully automatic is a lot of fun. Pretty good capacity on a single charge. Comes with three magazine.

Feels a bit plasticky. Trigger action is probably one of the worst I can think of. Charging handle is not very smooth and requires a lot of force. Fully automatic is prone to failure to feed I gun is not cleaned and lubed.

By BrianUSAApril 3, 2021 Verified Purchase

If you enjoy a gun with the fun of full auto , I dont know who wouldn't, and that shoots consistantly accurate then but this gun. I dont see how you could go wrong. 1500 rounds flawlessly.

First off let me say that I started of with the airforce texan lss .357 and thought this full auto hatsan blitz will be the perfect second pcp airgun for me. So like most people at this time I had to wait almost 2 months to get it. As I waited I tried to get ammo in .30 asthats what caliber I've got only to find out there was a wait for that as well. Anyways when I received my 3000 pellets I began shooting. I will tell you this, this is not like shooting those full auto bb guns that are replicas like the dpms and all the rest. This is an airgun that is quite effective in the 100 yard range. The most consistent gun I have probably ever shoot. At 65 yards I shoot 16 rounds that all touched in the target no bigger then a silver dollar. At 25 yards I held it as steady as possible on rock and roll mode and blew a hole thru an old metal door all 16 rounds touching. I personally love this gun and am glad I bought it.

First off I cant stand the fill port. I prefer the quick disconnect. Secondly the magazine size. It shoots so fast that you can barely lift off the trigger in time to not empty the magazine. Which is also very fun.

By JeromeUSAMarch 17, 2021 Verified Purchase

I was waiting for it for months and had the pleasure to play 2 magazines before the trigger mechanism stopped grabbing the hammer so impossible to cock it! Found few screws not tightened, one of the 2 bolts that hold the bottle was down in the housing!!! The cocking bolt has to be pushed by hand to push the pellet to the end and so after 20 shots, it became a manual rifle. Ouawwwoo. For a $950 riffle it hurts!!

Very nice

20 shots, 10 problems. Not finisbed, certainly not tested by the the factory

By BobDecember 1, 2020 Verified Purchase

This is a well built gun. Everyone I have let shoot this wanted one. I believe I've sold 5 so far. I can shoot dime size groups at 25 yards all day. It does run through the pellets. The magazines work well. I haven't had one jam yet.


By MICHAELUSANovember 20, 2020 Verified Purchase

I'd buy the 25 cal. In fact I will in February. Use all types of pellets if you like plinking. A whole new world.

Of course the Full Automatic ability. A dream come true, what you boy didn't want one.. . I have had 0 issues with the rifle. This is my 3rd pcp. It's amazing the accuracy and hard hitting, now more like devastating. My other two pcp are 22. Stormrider and a gun with a name HUNTSMAN. I don't know much about it. Made in Korea. Airgun shops could not help me with who made it. It loud and has a 6 gun type pellet for repeating shots. Get this fires between 2000 and 2300. Tested it with 4 different cronies. Back to my BLITZ. easy to fill , took 14 min from 0 to max. Now a top off 5 min. It's well made with fine material. A little heavy but still great when firing it in full auto. So far 600 rounds in full auto and 340 in semi mode. Don't forget to clean the Barrel first off. Every pcp gunner NEEDS one. By the way not a single jam . All THREE mags flawless. 7 different BRANDS and styles, even mix pellets.

Only one. A 30 or 50 round mag. Hopefully a after market will show up.

By Twin cities, MNOctober 31, 2020 Verified Purchase

Buy it, you will love the rifle. I’m at ~1500 shots with flawless performance.

I own the .30 and it is an absolute blast. My daughters love it. Lots of power in the .30, like a 22LR. The full auto is ~1000rds/min and plenty controllable. And on semi it is a tack driver. 50yds same hole, 100yds touching. Awesome fun. Also a great help with ground squirrels in the garden.

Larger mag, 16rds on full auto empties fast.

By KurtUSAOctober 28, 2020 Verified Purchase

It would be very nice if magazines were available in larger sizes. You will need to buy a 4500PSI tank to get it filled to full capacity. Do not try to buy tanks from amazon, the sizes will not fit valves and some dive shops wont fill them. Ended up with Air Venturi Wingman 98 Carbon Fiber Tank, 98 Cu Ft AGD-A5905 from airgun depot

FUN-- when it works. Incredibly fast when on full Auto

Have had to send it to Hatsan twice already for repairs (in 3 months) Not sure if it will last.

By JohnUSAOctober 17, 2020

Its not worth the money. Mine sucks!

It looks mean

It shoots lame

By ChristopherUSASeptember 27, 2020 Verified Purchase

I love how this model feels in my hands and the balance feels about right ( was worried due to the placement of the tank), love that it has built in and fully adjustable iron sights. I'm hoping I can add an additional suppressor/moderator to lower its noise levels (personal preference). I have to be careful of the full auto option or i will burn ammo in a hurry

pro: very light and easy to maneuver, easy loading,

con: it requires a special tip to fill it up and i am having a hard time finding a replacement for just in case this one goes south on me

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can I convert the 30 cal to a Harpoon Arrow Launcher ?,I will like to use both, also is any way that we can get an extra bottle with a quick disconnect ? thanks :)

asked LUIS from USA

air leak can not pump up

asked tracey from USA

You need to hand pump like crazy the 1st 50 - 75 pumps, it should seal the valve. I did it both ways. Hand pump and high pressure compressor To Fill was about 6 - 700 pump strokes. No pun intended!

Martin J. from USA

If the gun was delivered completely empty, you have to do an initial blast of air from a high pressure tank. You wont be able to fill it with a hand pump. The blast of air will seat the valve in the tank.

Mark from USA

Hi, I need to know what to do if there is an air leak. When I fill the tank, it doesn't keep the air inside the cylinder. Do I have to tighten a screw or something?

asked Cristian from USA

You need to hand pump like crazy the 1st 50 - 75 pumps, it should seal the valve. I did it both ways. Hand pump and high pressure compressor

Martin J. from USA

It needs an initial blast from a high pressure tank to seat the valve. Then you can finish filling it.

Mark from USA

Can you fill the blitz with a hand pump from the factory uncharged condition. Or will it leak too much and you will never be able to even seat the valves from a completely empty air tank?

asked Richard from USA

You need to hand pump like crazy the 1st 50 - 75 pumps, it should seal the valve. I did it both ways. Hand pump and high pressure compressor To Fill was about 6 - 700 pump strokes. No pun intended!

Martin J. from USA

The initial blast of air from a pressurized tank will seal the valve. A hand pump wont seat the valve.

Mark from USA

Technically you can, but you going to have to spend a lot of time and desire to exercise. You are probably looking at 1,500+ pumps.

Eugene from USA

Does anyone know if the barrel is 216 217 or 218 cal for the .22 ???

asked Brian from USA

How many magazines are included with the .22?

asked David from USA

Mine came with 3 magazines.

Anthony from USA

Can you add a Moderator (Suppressor/Silencer) to the 30cal Hasten Blitz?

asked Da'love from USA

Yes you can with an adapter that fits the shroud. However doing so will void your warranty.

Richard from USA

Does it come in a hard shell case?

asked Kevin from USA

No hard case... Just a box.

Anthony from USA

how long does it take to fill air rifle

asked Gerald from USA

Depends on what you use. 100 psi to 250 with my Benjamin Recharge air compressor only takes about 2.5 min.

Anthony from USA

1500 to 3000 psi 15 min

Carlton from USA

whats the best ammo for this rifle

asked Reynaldo from USA

Due to the full auto capability I figured I would start of with Crosman Premier .22. generally cheap to buy in 500 rd tins. Well I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy considering how light those pellets are 14.3 gr. I own Hatsan Bullmaster, FlashPup, Flash, Vectis and they all typically need an 18gr pellet to get decent accuracy but not the car with the Blitz. I can shoot H&N Crow Magnum, JSB domes at 18gr but I'm quite happy with Crosman Premier.

Anthony from USA

Several polymags, jsb heavys 15 gr.

Carlton from USA

Which hand pump should be bought and fitting for blitze

asked Mike from USA

Don't even bother with a hand pump. You will need an air compressor to keep up with the amount of shooting you will do. I recommend Benjamin Recharge air compressor. But if you must pump make sure it's at least a two stage pump but your back won't love you.

Anthony from USA

Will the H & N Hornet .25 ammo fit and work in the magazines for this gun ?

asked Greg from USA


Carlton from USA

What is a good scope to go with this gun?

asked David from USA

I've had great success with UTG scopes but they are on the budget end of the spectrum. The recoil isn't much so any decent scope should work just fine.

Anthony from USA

If I get a hand pump for this what kind of adapter will I need?

asked Tim from USA

PY-A-3550, Fill probe adapter.

Mark from USA

can I use a hand pump ? I bought a 4500 psi 4 stage hand pump. Gun is back ordered

asked William from USA

Can you actually use a hand pump to pump it from the factory uncharged condition or will a hand pump not be enough to close the valves from completely empty?

Richard from USA

Yes. You can hand pump the Blitz.

Mark from USA

What is the muzzle velocity difference between the first shot and shot #130 assuming starting pressure is 250 Bar?

asked paul from USA

The Blitz has not been tested . It is brand new.

Mark from USA

How do I get my air gun to fill Have tried several different ports.

asked Richard from USA

I used the fill port on the side of the stock

William from USA

The fill port will be underneath the stock, in front of the trigger guard. the fill port (provided with the gun) fits in the fill port.

Mark from USA

Can this gun fill with the nomad ll air pump

asked chai from USA


Mark from USA

Are there any restrictions regarding fully autos in California?

asked Pete from USA

Not for air rifles. And i know theres a guy that has a youtibe channel that shoots in california all the time with it.

Richard from USA

Is not an firearms

chai from USA

its not a firearm so no restrictions

Ben from USA

We do not believe so. You would have to contact the state of California for that information.

Mark from USA

Will there be a suppressor for this airgun? It says the loudness is 3-medium.

asked Kenneth from USA

Mine is fairly quiet (30 cal). I can shoot it in my backyard, and frequently do. No complaints.

Steven from USA

Once the gun is released ,there will be after market adapters and moderators available.

Mark from USA

is this gun shipped in a box or a hard shell casee

asked Anthony from USA

Mine was shipped in a box with egg crate padding. The box can be used as a case if necessary.

Steven from USA

Its sent in a box

Richard from USA

We have not seen this gun

Pete from USA

what ammo is optimal for the .30 cal,,,,are there magazines available ?

asked LAWRENCE from USA

JSB Heavy is my preferred ammo in the Blitz. Rifle comes with 3 magazines.

Steven from USA

The features list says includes 2 swing-load detachable mags and a winding tool that is stored in the stock (commented 06/16/2020)

John from USA

Yes there are magazines available to buy

Richard from USA

We have not seen the gun. There is no info on the best pellets.

Mark from USA
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