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Refurbished, RWS 460 Magnum, .22 cal

Refurbished, RWS 460 Magnum, .22 cal

Special Offer Featuring a TO6 Trigger
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  • Code: 2166447R · 0.22 cal · 1150 fps ·
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Buy remanufactued and save!
This remanfactured rifle comes with a 30 day warranty.

The 460 Magnum is RWS's most powerful air rifle. This a great varmint hunting and pest control tool. The 460 Magnum utilizes an under-lever cocking mechanism that provides superior leverage when cocking the airgun, resulting in less cocking effort than other spring airguns. The 460 offers magnum velocities of 1350 fps in .177 and 1150 fps in .22. With easy to use top-side loading port, micro adjustable sights, fixed rifles barrel, scope capability, and a classic American Sporter stock with rubber butt pad, the 460 magnum delivers the performance, power and grace expected from an RWS rifle.

Unlike other RWS rifles this refurbished unit holds only a 30 day warranty directly through us. Umarex USA the importers of the rifle are still able to service it out side of this 30 days at a cost.

Caliber: .22
Ammo Type: Pellets and Lead Ball
Body Components: Wood Stock with Metal Receiver and Barrel
Power Supply: Spring Pneumatic
Overall Length: 45"
Barrel Length: 18.44"
Fire Mode: Single Shot
Cocking Effort: 36lbs
Action: Under Lever
Trigger Pull: 3.3lbs
Gun Weight: 8.3lbs
Muzzle Velocity: 1150 FPS
Front Sight: Fixed
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Trigger Type: TO6
Warranty: 30 Days Only

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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity1150 fps
  • ConditionRefurbished
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionUnderlever
  • Barrel StyleFixed Barrel
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • Opticsnone
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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Refurbished, RWS 460 Magnum, .22 cal Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 13 Review(s)
Shawn Kautz
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 12, 2016
I have no idea what this rifle looked like before refurbishing but I received it brand new looking. The action on it is very smooth and shoots nice n straight right out of the box first or second time, heck I really don't know. Thank you AIRGUN DEPOT for prompt shipping on a great product at a reasonable price.
None yet

Montgomery, PA
2 Stars

Major disappointment for the money
November 8, 2015
1150fps is a joke as the fps is no where even close. I have trouble calling this a magnum air rifle when I compare it to My Hatsan .22 caliber which is faster and a lot less money. The fit and fit on the RWS 460 is nice and it shoots well but the fps number should be corrected to real world numbers. I will keep this in my collection but as a reminder that just because it cost more doesn't always mean you get a better product. And that reviews don't always give you all of the information needed
good looking rifle with nice fit and finish. easy cocking effort and loading
non real world fps numbers cheap in my opinion stained beech wood stock

rochester, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I got lucky with this rifle just as the squirrel's luck ran out.
November 6, 2015
I got the refurb .22 and it was in perfect condition. Usually the .22s sell faster than the .177s so when you see one...GRAB IT! The only thing you don't get is the lifetime warranty, but I'm sure that may not be necessary with this quality rifle. Every metal part and the wood stock also- has tight tolerances and is very obviously top-quality machining and craftsmanship. Every moving part feels tight with no play. You can certainly feel and see the difference between this and a similar looking knock-off from (a large country in asia) This gun is a little front-heavy because of the solid underlever cocking rod, and the barrel is quite beefy as well, and it is not the more slender type as found on the other "34" models. This is NOT a complaint! The cocking effort is moderate, but smooth. There is a secure locking mechanism at the end of the cocking stroke that prevents the lever from snapping back closed. Good safety, but makes me hold the gun a different way than what I might be used to, to make a faster more efficient motion. Again, NOT a complaint. Every gun of mine has a different personality. The iron sights are of decent quality. I can clearly see the neighbors cat through the sights. Yeah, the cat that poops in my garden. No, I can't pull the trigger on that son of an itch, but I'm sure the smooth T-O6 trigger would send a few high-speed stingers his way pretty accurately. I can supply a couple grey and bushy-tailed references that will attest to the power and accuracy. Oh wait, no I can't... I've already eaten them.
Can scare up plenty of local, abundant, sustainable food with this, and have some fun too!

North America
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Coyote killer
October 19, 2015
'Dropped a coyote, unconscious, with a between-the-eyes head shot at 27 meters. 'Couple more shots, up close, ensured that he'd not regain consciousness before the turkey vultures stripped his carcass. 'Have not mastered the 'artillery' hold that's needed to milk this weapon for its full potential so this extra bit of finesse (that's not necessary with the pin-point pellet placement in my PCP Benjamin Marauder .25 caliber) is the sole reason for dropping it by one 'star' off of a five-star rating. The finish on the stock is rich and deep (compared to sort of a shallow, almost lacquered, finish on the Benjamin). The Benjamin is the local squirrels' 'public enemy #1' and this is #2 since the squirrels don't know what a fine finish is on this firearm (but they're succumbing in large numbers to the Benjamin). For finish and workmanship, my RWS 460 is the most handsome firearm that I own.
Finish Muzzle energy Workmanship
Adaptation to 'artillery hold' handling style needed for consistent 30-40 meter shot placement.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

October 19, 2015
i love it iv had one for 5 years pretty accurate and it has never missed a beat or in this cass shoot
it comes with an iron sight
little hard to cook especially for a 12vy or 14 year old girls that is very weak

Michael English
Atlanta, GA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Powerful Well Made Gun.
July 11, 2014
RWS 460 Magnum .22 is my favorite hunting air rifle. It is very well made and and accurate. I like it more that my RWS 48 and 350 because it just feels better in my hand.

United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

T06 trigger, great value & great Airgun Depot service.
July 10, 2014
I had ordered the NP2 prior to this and then cancelled prior to ship date after reading the reviews. I so glad I spent the extra money to get a high quality gun. I will enjoy this rifle for many years and still be able to pass it down. BTW the stock and bluing on this is a nice step up from what I've found on guns less than $500.00
German craftsmanship Having fun with targets Real power for pest
Might be a ittle tough to cock if you're small

Gretna, VA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great air rifle!
June 25, 2014
I received the RWS 460 Magnum yesterday and I am amazed at how good it looks! The fit and finish is suberb and it appeared brand new! After very carefully scrutiny I managed to find a small scratch on the forearm of the stock that is hardly noticeable. This gun not only looks good, it shoots good right out of the box! After zeroing in the scope it was one hole in the target @ 18 yds! I can hit an 8 inch steel plate @ 60 yards every time and I am not that great of a shooter!
Beautiful, accurate, good trigger.

John S
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Refurb RWS 460
March 8, 2014
Wonderful gun! Very accurate, beautiful, and powerful. Germans make really nice guns hands down. I own the 34, 52, and 350 all of them are superb air rifles. For the money this was a great deal. These gun will last a life time. Have the model 34 in nickle (NLA) no longer available since the late 80's early 90's and still shooting strong. If you get a chance to own one of these on a refurb deal don't hesitate. MSRP is ok, but It's always great to get a deal. Highly recommend it. Put a scope on it and it shoots phenomenally accurate.
Beautiful wood stock, power, accuracy, bargain pricing, T06 trigger
Cocking it seemed grainy at first. Cleaned it up a bit. No problem after

Douglas Nakken
Kelseyville Ca.
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product
March 2, 2014
The rifle is very accurate and dependable!

Sahuarita, AZ
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

RWS 460 Magnum .22
November 24, 2013
The Rifle came 2 days ago and this is my third refurbished RWS. The Rifle is like new same like the other ones I have. By the third Shoot with a Scope, I was in the Bull eye on 65'.! I try it to 130' and had to make the Scope three clicks up and Vu a la, Bull eye again! Awesome Rifle, on accuracy, steel material and a wood stock. As far as handling, you can not ask for more. Do not look any father, buy it and worth every Penny.
Accuracy, $$$ price, Craftsmanship, Power.
Ones you push the safety Lever in, to take a Shoot, you can not engage it back on again or discharge the air from the Piston. You have to take the shoot. On less there is a Trick to it which I do not know.

5 Stars

RWS 460 .22
February 9, 2011
I just opened the box, absolutely beautiful a quality rifle . Being anxious I just sat a soup can approx 100ft from the house on the ground in the snow. I took four shots the can didnt move. To my surprise there were for holes in the center of the can, I was thrilled. If your looking for a quality fast .22,look no further. Stock was in new condition, and I had no problem with either the front sight or the trigger as others ave written about.

5 Stars

September 1, 2009
its awsome

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By Chevota from US on January 27, 2012
Does anyone have a chronograph so we can get some real world numbers and ftlbs energy?
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 1, 2012

Check the GTA forums, lot of info there....I think it was around 950fps with standard weight pellets.

By James from Grand Rappids MI on November 20, 2011
is it break barrel

By Staff on November 24, 2011

No this is an underlever rifle as described in the description.


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Featuring a TO6 Trigger

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