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Hammerli 850 AirMagnum, .177 cal

One of our most powerful CO2 rifles, 754 fps

Hammerli 850 AirMagnum, .177 cal

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  • Code: 225-1000 · 0.177 cal · 754 fps ·
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German quality and loaded with features, the Hammerli 850 AirMagnum is so much fun to shoot that you'll have a hard time putting it down. Let's start with the all-weather stock. You can take this gun anywhere and not worry about a fragile finish, because it's made from a durable polymer. It's ambidextrous, too, with a raised cheekpiece on both sides of the Monte Carlo stock!

This CO2 rifle uses an 88-gram AirSource cartridge, giving you about 200-250 shots before you have to change cartridges. The fiber-optic sights will help you acquire your target, but feel free to mount a scope on the 11mm dovetail rail. (Umarex also makes a dovetail-to-Weaver mount) The checkering on the pistol grip and forearm will help you get a good grip while you plow shot after shot from this 8-shot repeater. This gun is everything you ever hoped for in a CO2 repeater!

The fun never stops with this rifle! Ideal for plinking, shooting targets and spinners.

Hammerli/RWS is known for standing behind their guns, and their warranty has always been viewed as the best in the business. Made by Umarex for RWS.
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  • ManufacturerHammerli
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity754 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBolt-action
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight5.65
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismCO2
  • SafetyAutomatic
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsFiber Optic
  • Trigger Pull3
  • UsePest Control / Plinking /Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Hammerli 850 AirMagnum, .177 cal Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 19 Review(s)
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hammerli 850
October 24, 2017
Superb accuracy with variety of ammo. Exceptional overall quality and a good buy.
Wish butt pad removable spacers for smaller/younger shooters.

Robert Harris
San Angelo, Texas
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hammerli 850 Air Magnum .177 cal
June 16, 2017
My review is not much different than the others , this gun is a joy to shoot and with the right pellets it is a tack driver ( I am talking same hole shots at 20 yards ! ) Be sure to buy the 12gram C02 adapter tube so you can be ready to shoot anytime ! I also purchased the compensator and put tape over the holes as talked about on YouTube ,the neighbors cant hear a thing .... very quite .
Super accurate and fun to shoot , the product is well made and should last a lifetime if taken care of.
The only problem that I have had with this rifle is with the revolving pellet holder , it does not advance to the next pellet when you pull the bolt back like you think it would ?

Peoples Republic Commifornia
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

hammerli 850
June 6, 2017
Purchased my .177 Hammerli 850 in May 2017. Gun is of very fine fit and finish. What else, its German. Fiber optic sights are bright and usable. Trigger pull arrived at 1#, I reset it to 3# which was the maximum adjustment. Weight and balance seemed right on. New 88 gram bottle provided 650 fps at 62 degree/45 rh. 8.2 grain wad cutter. Mounted a scope rather soon and shot 1 groups from sand bag at 20 meters. Mags easy to install. I put a hash mark on them so I knew when they were finished. Bolt requires very firm pull to rear to reset safety and trigger. A reset safety does not mean the gun has been cocked. Ive experienced quite a few failures to cock. (to many). This situation requires removal of the mag to avoid loading two pellets into chamber as you recycle bolt. Time will tell if this is due to stiff action on a new gun, or a design flaw. This is my first experience with the 88 gram CO2 canisters. Im disappointed. Puncture a seal to use, discard when empty is antiquated technology from the 1950s. On a cold day they are underpowered, on a hot day must be protected from overheating. Central Valley of California is 100+ most days of summer. It is recommended that the 88s not be left in gun after shooting. Unless your shooting session is 150-200 pellets, you need to dry fire the gun till bottle is empty. Second choice is unscrewing a bottle that still contains pressure. Unscrewing means you are freezing the O ring that seals the CO2 cartridge. When it fails, removing stock from gun is your means of access to seal. It only stands to reason that these bottles have valves for shut down and removal. The ability to recharge the 88s is only logical too. Why should they end up in the trash? Im sure these options were solved years ago by the manufacturers. Alas, more money can be made selling disposable bottles. Love this gun though not likely to ever again buy a gun reliant on 88-CO2 bottles.
Very accurate. Cosmetically great.
Occasional failure to reset trigger. Co2 system.

Asheville NC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Big time fun
May 1, 2017
Full of power and accuracy. Lots of fun

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This is a great air rifle!
April 5, 2017
This is my first CO2 rifle but I've owned several pistols. I have shot break barrels up to this point and have been frustrated with their accuracy. Out of the box this rifle felt good and shot accurate, even with open sights! I put a scope on it that same day I received it and have been hitting like a pro. The accuracy is amazing and it will be hard to go back to my break barrels again! Because of this, I purchased another one for the females to shoot so they don't mess with mine! lol German quality is hard to beat in products like this and similar. Hammerli 850 Magnum .177 with 3-12X44 Hawke Vantage! A very accurate combination!
Everything about this gun is good
Just a little on the physical heavy side. But then I bench rest it!

Peter Gates
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hammerli 850
December 12, 2016
Cool, light weight airgun - excellent accuracy with open sights it comes with. The bolt action is a little stiff but it might loosen up with more use. I would recommend this to any airgun enthusiast.
Accurate and lightweight.
Stiff bolt - may loosen up with more use.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just the best Co2 air rifle - period!
October 4, 2014
This may be the best air rifle on the market for a regular guys price point. I originally wanted to find the wife a gun she could not complain about. You know... this one's too hard to cock, this one's too heavy, this one feels or looks weird, etc. I determined this rifle would be the best for her needs and I was right. She loves it! Especially the easy bolt action vs. break barrel (she can't manage any of them). What surprised me was how much I enjoy it too. It surpassed all my expectations and is the most fun to shoot. Working the bolt to fire all 8 shots loaded in the cylinder in about 15 seconds is a lot of fun. However, the best attribute of this rifle is stunning accuracy. I'm talking inside a dime at 25 yds with the RWS Meisterkugeln pellets. There's certainly less power than some other rifles on the market but you won't mind when you virtually can't miss the bullseye. The only thing I'd change is the 88g CXo2 cartridge. I get well over 200 shots before the pellets begin to drop. That's a lot more time than I typically can devote in one sitting. There is of course the available adapter for $100 which will pay for itself eventually. Check out the videos and all the reviews on this fantastic rifle and then just get one. I love it.
Easy to use and deadly accurate. Best stock trigger I ever tried.
88g cartridges get expensive.

Ludington, MI
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very solid accurate gun
May 3, 2014
Very solid gun, also very accurate. I have used RWS Superdome and Crosman Destroyer EX pellets and my groups are about 1/2" at 30 yards (crosman is 1/2" with a couple fliers). I mounted a Tasco 4-12x44 AO scope to the gun, you may think that is a little much, but it is not. The gun out of the box is good to about 40 yards with about 2 inches of drop (sighted in to 25 yards). I installed a heavier hammer spring and now I can shoot about 50 yards with 2 inches of drop. It knocks birds right over at 30-35 yards (I even shot one at 50 yards). The trigger is adjustable and is two stage. I get about 200 shots from one 88g co2. So far I have shot about 1000 pellets through the gun and am very pleased.
Quality Accuracy Feel

Fawn Grove, PA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

1st use review
March 13, 2014
I ordered and configured my Hammerli 850 .177/4, 5 mm based upon good reviews on this and other sites. I bought the weaver scope adapter, compensator, 2 extra magazines, 3 tins 500 each - RWS R 10 Match 177 cal/4,5mm 7g pellets and 1 pkg of 500 - RWS assorted pellets for sight-in ., 1 box of 24 88g CO2 cartridges . I also bought and had the gunsmith mount a Nikon Prostaff Target 3-9X40mm EFR scope. Everything was in fine order. I have only fired about 24 pellets through the gun at this review. Later I may do an update. I bought the Hammerli 850 for shooting starlings and black birds that come in flocks to overwhelm my bird feeders. I was using a 22 rifle with subsonic ammo, but felt it was too much for the job. REMARKS: 1. Some other reviews have complained about pellets falling out of the 8 pellet rotary clip. The Hammerli manual shows how to orient the clip and insert the pellets. The clip can be laid on a flat surface with the metal center facing up. The pellets are dropped in with the hollow portion facing up i.e. the back of the pellet, then just press them down with your thumb and the inside rubber holds them in place. They won' fall out, they won't hang up in the gun and the bolt action works fine, even if it is a little tight at first. Perhaps the rubber inside the clip is a recent design improvement. 2. Another review said to screw the CO2 cartridge in until it stops to get a tight seal, that is correct, but a bright Warning was included with my gun saying: "Screw the AirSource capsule into the valve thread until the end of the cap is pierced. Continue to turn until firmly tightened and then slacken by one quarter (1/4) of a turn in order to equalize tolerances between brands of CO2 cartridge." 3. The user manual must be read so you get the latest information for your weapon.
No complaints about the gun, it feels solid to me, even a bit heavy but well balanced. Some complain about the plastic stock, but I prefer them as wood stocks can occasionally warp.. In about 1-1/2 clips I had it sighted in pretty good and shooting quarter size patterns at 50 feet or 16.6 yards/16 meters. The indoor range I belong to, was too cold and had mechanical problems with the target return or I believe I could have had dime size patterns on sight-in day. I have only positive remarks about the gun, and online advice at this time. Thank you to those who took the time to leave a review.
My "cons" are not with the weapon. This is the first pellet gun I have ever purchased and I was confused by the lack of information and the layout of some internet sites. This may be just my individual problem. 1st I wanted a scope mount, but only an adapter was offered and it mentioned Weaver. I did not know that Weaver is a standard, and since I bought a Nikon scope I didn't buy the Weaver adapter until my gunsmith told me I needed it. So that delayed everything by more than a week, plus extra shipping cost. Also, I didn't want to buy a case of 24 88g CO2 cartridges, nor pay shipping, but I found later that I could not buy them locally and then had to go back and order them from AirGun Depot, 24 for $170. This added delay and increased my costs, which removed some of the fun from the initial research and purchase. I also worried if the Air-Venturi 88g CO2 cartridges would work in my Hammerli 850, or if Hammerli (RWS? Umarex?) required a proprietary cartridge. So, for me, who knew nothing of pellet guns, to feel comfortable and not make mistakes that resulted in long delays and unexpected costs, I needed more basic and advanced information about what I was buying, why I might want it and what it would work with.

Charleston, WV
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfection from Germany
November 24, 2013
I just got mine a week ago from Airgun Depot.. It is very very much like a real rifle!!! I also have Crosman 1077 which I still love.... (It will put holes in metal roofing from 20 feet!!! I sighted my 850 rifle in with a Center Point bore laser and my cousin fired it and tweaked the scope live. My cousin has a break barrel air gun but he was really very impressed by the Hammerli 850!!! NO noise from the gun or recoil !!!! You hear the hammer and the impact PERIOD. I got the Umarex co2 adapter from Airgun Depot and it works great. Do place the penny between the 12 gm cartridges but if you don't that is OK... the one will supply all you need but for less time as that is how co2 works!!! I got the RWS 6x42 IMR scope...awesome. UTG Dragon Claw bipod. The Umarex compensator is great with electrical tape wrapped finely from back to front and it DOES quiet the gun!!! This rifle is quite light and fun. Get all the extras and you will have a blast !!!! You will feel like a sniper that can not miss !!!!
Quality. Walther barrel. Quiet. Powerful. Accurate. FUN !!!!!

Ridgecrest, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Good bang for the buck, don't use in sunlight!
November 6, 2013
So the Hammerli 850 is a great co2 gun. Very simple to open up and clean, modifications I can see can be easily made to make it a bit more powerful and accurate. Throw a scope on it and you will be grouping very well at 30-40 yds. My one major complaint: prone to locking up in the heat. I have difficulty with the gun over 80 degrees in the backyard and that has soured my enjoyment of it. The easy fix is to install a slightly heftier spring to make certain that the gas gets released.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Fantastic rifle
May 10, 2013
This rifle is truly amazing. Solid, well built and not too heavy. I am using RWS Meisterkugeln pellets and the accuracy is impressive. At 25-30 yards, you will always hit the bullseye. I am using Walther CO2 cartridges and you can easily shoot 30 magazines before noticing any pellet drop. Attaching a bipod on the plastic CO2 cover can be tricky, but you will not regret it.
Accurate Well made 8 round magazine is great when you hunt and need that quick second shot
Too much oil on the metal parts when I received it, but nothing to worry about.

Bridgewater, NJ
2 Stars

The 850
October 18, 2012
When this gun shoots it is a great accurate and powerful shooter. However, it has a major design flaw. The rotary magazine does not always line up with the chamber, which limits the bolt from going forward. Also, when you pull the bolt back it can grab a pellet and drop it into the trigger housing causing the gun not to operate. They need to have the rotary magazine click into place to prevent this problem. After only two months of use we had to send this gun back to the manufacturer because the bolt kept grabbing the pellets and dropping them into the trigger housing causing the gun not to operate. This is a major design flaw but Umarex\Hammerli does not cover it under their warranty. They call this an "operator error." The issue with this gun is that it is hard to tell when the magazine is lined up with the chamber. If it is not properly lined up the bolt can grab the pellet when you pull it back making the gun useless and in need of repair as the pellets will drop into the trigger housing. The cost for repair is $60 shipping (total both ways) and $54 for Umarex to fix the gun.
Great feel and great accuracy.
Major design flaw where pellets can fall into the trigger housing making this gun inoperable. This problem is not covered by the warranty.

Clifford Merck
5 Stars

RWS 850
July 16, 2010
I am over 80 years old, and have to shoot from a wheel Chair... I can put sixteen out of sixteen in my quarter sized target at twenty five yards, for the first one hundred shots.. From there it is down hill to about one hundred sixty shots...

5 Stars

Most accurate rifle i have ever owned
February 19, 2009
This is the best gun i have ever had. Accurate, powerful, beautiful! what else could you ask for??? I have the .177 version and ive been shooting it for aboout an hour a day, using mostly RWS DIABLO's. It is lite, and most of all accurate! I shot a dime sized hole at 25 yards after sighting in my leapers 3-9x50 scope. The next thing is power! This will go through a crow no problem at 15-25 yards with wadcutters. (the bad thing about wadcutters is that they lose all there power after 15 yards, thats why i use gamo pro magnums for hunting most of the time). I am still experimenting with different kinds of pellets. And when it comes to the desighn, there are the pros and the cons. The trigger and the bolt system is amazing! Though the only thing i didnt realy dig was the hollow stock. rws cut a corner on that. Other than that, this is the best gun i have ever had!!! i would reccomend this to anybody!!! If you buy it, you wont be dissapointed!!!!!

4 Stars

May 14, 2007
This is a quality air rifle that is well engineered from end to end. Beautiful sights and very accurate without a scope. The gun packs a powerful punch because of the efficient way that the product is leaky C02...etc. The gun has impressive looks, too. It would be great if the gun had a magazine clip so that you could shoot in the semi-automatic mode (comes with a bolt action, 8 round magazine) - and it would be great if the gun were a bit lighter. However, this is a great shooter, and these are minor complaints about a superb air rifle. For the money, this air gun is HIGHLY recommended.

5 Stars

Great Rifle
April 9, 2007
This rifle is one of the best rifles I have shot in a long time very accurate and powerful. Both front and rear sights are adjustable on the fly (no tools required). The bolt action is smooth for the most part; when loading a new magazine itās a little finicky but nothing to worry about. The CO2 is advertised as getting about 400 shots but you will be lucky to get half that. All and all itās a great gun.

Ben Dover
5 Stars

The 850
February 14, 2007
i hade the crossman 1077 rifle for a while but i think it would be more at home in a in a bb war than a hunting trip.i also have the smksx78 with a silencer, a bipod and a huge ass scope, that is the best rifle i have ever owned, however i need a mulishot rifle. the 850 is truly an amazing rifle. you want my advice GET IT!!!

Paul Aguilar
5 Stars

Top Notch Air Rifle
January 5, 2007
The 850 is a well made smooth action accurate, quality air rifle. I use to have the Crossman semi auto Nightstalker. That rifle was poorly made and the loading mechanism was very poor quality and badly designed. The Nightstalker began to jam to the point of uselessnes. I tried the Winchester breakbarrel 1000SB. This rifle was better made but required phenominal exertion for a single shot. Taking out critters like squirrels was to much of a workout and they don't wait around for you to break barrel twice. The RWS 850 was the final solution to fast powerful all around shooting with no fuss or muss. Highly recommend model.

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By Dave G from Stevens Point Wi on December 30, 2011
My question is this, can you leave the co2 cartridge in this Hammerli 850 co2 Magnum gun without harming the seals, or can you take the co2 cartridge out in between use? I look on the web did not see any info on this.
A crosman 1077 co2 gun, the reps said they recommend that you do not do it as it harms the seals over a long period.
By Staff on January 9, 2012

I would make the same recommendation as it can harm the seals, this would be the same for any Co2 rifle that has the a full tank left in the gun for long periods.

By Sam from Lombard illinois on December 22, 2011
Hi m question is i want to get this for my dad but what were lookign to shoot is woodpeckers attacking our house. Is this to much?
By Frank from Glenview, IL on January 7, 2012

My experience has been with squirrels and chipmonks damaging our property. One hollow point pellet will normally remove one of these pests. The effectiveness with woodpeckers would depend on distance. I would estimate that it would be very effective from inside 30 yards.
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 8, 2012

No, this will be perfect!

By Robert Jankowsky from Tennessee on May 21, 2012
How loud is this unit? Can you get repeat shots without the noise scaring the pray?
It IS accurate though so you shouldn't have to.
By Staff on May 21, 2012

this is a semi loud rifle. You would not get multiple shots off on prey, most likely.

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