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SIG Sauer M17 Pellet Pistol, Coyote Tan

Replica of the U.S. Army M17/P320 Pistol, Full-Metal Blowback

SIG Sauer M17 Pellet Pistol, Coyote Tan

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The M17 mil-spec version of the P320 is now available to everyone, albeit in CO2 and 0.177 cal. The latest and greatest from SIG is their M17 P320 ASP. This version, like it's firearm counterpart, is able to be stripped down and has a pretty impressive blowback. Capable of throwing pellets downrange at up to 430 fps, this sidearm makes the perfect backyard plinker or trainer. Selected over the Glock by the US Army, this is a very versatile and easy to shoot design that will fit most shooters hands. The pistol also features a weaver accessory rail for a laser or flashlight.

Sig Sauer M17 P320 ASP Features:

  • Replica of the U.S. Army M17 Pistol
  • 20rd .177 Caliber Pellet Magazine
  • Full Blowback Metal Slide
  • RMP Belt/C02 Housing Drop Magazine 
  • Polymer Frame with Metal Slide
  • Fixed White-Dot Sights
  • Coyote-Tan Color
  • Field-Strippable
  • Weaver/Picatinny Accessory Rail
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This item is not eligible for coupon discounts.
  • ManufacturerSIG Sauer
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity430 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionSemiautomatic
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • BlowbackYes
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • GripAmbidextrous
  • Gun Weight2.15
  • Overall Length8
  • Barrel Length4.5
  • Loudness2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity20
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailWeaver/Picatinny
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade
  • Rear SightsFixed
  • UsePlinking/Fun
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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SIG Sauer M17 Pellet Pistol, Coyote Tan
20 Reviews
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20% (4)
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70% Recommend this product (14 of 20 responses)
By John
Groveland, FL
Fun Gun
January 3, 2020
This is a great purchase. The gun is well made and a ton of fun to shoot. I'm going through lots of pellets and CO2 with this great looking replica. Loading the 20 round belt mag is fine, and I've not had any misfires (all wadcutters, Hobby, RWS, Crosman). I got 2 inch groups at 10 yards using the fixed sights (yes they shot low, but I adjusted by altering the sight picture just like you have to do if the range is a bit further, no big deal). When I attached a laser to the lower Pic rail, the groups tightened up to less than an inch (5 shots).
Love the magazine, love the CO2 lever to easily install and remove the CO2. Blowback is nice and gratifying. Trigger is heavy, but not as bad as I thought (The laser really helps to tune your trigger pull). I'm getting about 60 shots before the blowback starts to get weak, have not had a chance to chrony test yet.
I got it on sale and must say it's been VERY fun. I have a Crosman Silouhette an it's a tack driver and I enjoy shooting it, but this gun while much less accurate, is more fun! 5 stars for fun, not expecting PCP accuracy.
ProsFUN Realistic REplica in almost every way SIG Quality Good magazine feed Great CO2 install/remove mechanism Lower Picatinny rail Removable barrel ! Clip "pops" out when release button pressed
ConsTrigger heavy Accuracy average (But good enough) Slide does not lock after mag is empty Can keep shooting after a mag is empty wasting CO2 Sight not adjustable !!!!!
Best UsesPlinking Practice for a firearm FUN
By Michael
Omaha, NE
Great Replica
December 30, 2019
Absolutely precise replica.
By John S.
one of the best
December 28, 2019
this is one of the best co2 pistols I have shot , the only downfall is the amount of co2 it uses ,but seems to be a very accurate pistol only second to the 226 model witch is the most accurate that I have owned,thank you for the high quality that sig offers. John
By Pete
Canterbury, NH
December 13, 2019
I've never thought of myself as an air gun enthusiast, but rather as a competitive shooter with my true passion being smallbore rifle. I've owned Olympic grade air rifle and pistol for 30 years but they were just good practice for my powder burners. Until . . . I came across an ad-review-? for the M17. Wow, that looks just like my P320, one of the few guns I bought without competitive ambitions. That one I keep under my pillow, buy ammo by the case and take to the range when I want to blow off steam. I looked around facetube, watched everything I could find and bought one.
Other than about an inch in barrel length they were identical. Now I can fill my basement with steam for a much lower cost per btu. Keeping in mind that it is not a tack driver I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
ProsQuality is phenominal. Accuracy is minute of soda can - more than sufficient for my steam blowing. Chain link magazine is great. CO2 handling is miles ahead of anything else on the market. I get about 80 shots before power falls off and about 140 before I have to worry about leaving a pellet stuck in the barrel which is then easily cleared.
ConsOut of about 2000+ rounds, I have had about 8 rounds which did not fire from the magazine, this usually happening after having fired 100 or more shots from the same gas caplet.
Best UsesBlowing off very inexpensive steam.
By Deborah L.
Milwaukee, WI
Perfect for my needs
December 13, 2019
Received mine the other day, and I am quite pleased with it. Looks like the civilian version the local cops have, so I will have to keep that in mind when out and about. I'm disabled and in a wheelchair, and the local and growing coyote population may think I am "meals on wheels." This should give them a painful reason to seek food elsewhere.

With a bit of practice I am able to get nice groupings slightly right of where my eye says I am pointing at 10 yards for the first 16 or so pellets (Crossman .177 7.4 Destroyer), better than I expected with a pellet that shape. Remaining shots drop down and drift left a bit. With that in mind, I can get good 10 yard groupings where I want them every time just by adjusting where I aim and when in the cycle.

The look and feel is excellent, save for a bit of play in the slide (very minor). Loading pellets is always a hassle (especially with longer nails), so I do recommend getting extra pellet magazines. I tried to find extra full magazines so I can work on muscle memory, but thus far only the pellet portion is available. Not needing tools or to deal with screwing something down for the CO2 is a serious benefit to the magazine design.

For critter control this will do just fine by me.
Pros-Well built. -Hits the target where I want it to. -Excellent training tool for the firearm version if spare full magazines can be located. -Perfect for critter control. -Magazine design is simple and efficient.
Cons-Delivery carrier (FedEx) left this in the apartment complex lobby, they are lucky I was expecting that from them (it's why I don't use FedEx) and that no one stole it after they rang, dropped, and dashed. -Full magazines hard to locate (pellet-only magazines very easy to find, though).
Best Uses-Encouraging hungry critters to seek life elsewhere. -Plinking
By Conor
Roseville, California
A rookie level gun
November 17, 2019
The pistol only shoots about 200 fps. Not 430. I could'nt get
any grouping from 15 to 20 yards. You have to load 1 pellet
in the whole on the belt to load it. Unless you have a .177 cal pellet pen it's not worth in. All the pellets don't even shoot out of the magazine. Do not get if you are looking for
something with some power and is decently accurate. The only reason i'm giving this 2 stars not 1 is because of some of the little perks on the magazine. I don't know if I just got unlucky but I would not recommend this to anyone with any experience.
ProsThe CO2 is easy to install. No tool needed. You can get replacment belts for a lot cheaper (whitch are easy to install) instead of buying a whole new magazine. It is very easy to take off the barrel.
Cons The fps, accuracy, and not all the pellets shoot. The blowback is not the best. The slide is very floppy. It could be made a little better in my opinion.
Best UsesThis gun is for someone with little to none knowledge about these things.
By -RY-
Looks and feels great!
August 12, 2019
Love it. Looks amazing. Feels great in the hand. I do wish the slide was a little tighter to the frame. Little clunky sound at times. Shoots just fine. Descent pop to it. Wish the slide locked back and the open ejection port was more open.
ProsLooks great and feels great. Descent blowback.
ConsNo slide catch. Open ejection port isn?t very open. When normal handling, slide tends to be a little loose to frame. Slight clunky noise. Slight.
Best UsesShow piece. Display. Target practice. Plinking.
By Jeff
Great Gun
June 26, 2019
I bought one of these M17 Pellet Pistols for my friend and another for me, I have been very busy with other stuff and haven't had a chance to shoot the gun yet but my friend and his wife are very much enjoying this gun, they have set up targets in various spots in there backyard, they tell me that the gun is super accurate not very loud and fun realistic gun to shoot. Thanks SIG for Making It.
By Bob
May 31, 2019
I love my M17.With Crosman wad cutters it will put 6/8 into 3/4Ô€™Ô€™if you do your part.It shows a definite preference for wad cutters vs round nose pellets.The trigger will never be accused of being light and crisp but I had no issues and was able to stage every shot.After reading other reviews I expected a much harder pull through.Maybe Sig cleaned it up.
ProsIt’s all good except the sights.
ConsThe M17 shoots 3/4’’but the group is not where you are aiming-shoots low.If Sig made the front and rear sight larger you could zero the pistol with a file-or-an adjustable rear sight coupled with a higher front sight.
Best UsesFun
By Tay
Sig Sauer M17
April 30, 2019
not a bad looking pistol. the mag could be better. if pellets could be loaded like Bullets(BBs),like in the Beretta M9A3. Which locks back when clip is empty,it's realistic and saves time and money. loading this roto-style magazine in the M17 is a nightmare
ProsLooks and feels really great in your hands.
Consmagazine is a nightmare to reload
By Joe P.
A really nice piece.
February 6, 2019
I'm not generally a pistol shooter, although I do own a few and enjoy the ones I own, however this M17 was my first venture into the world CO? powered guns as well as my first replica gun. My expectations were low and even so my standards being quite high I was prepared for disappointment. I'm happy to say that there was none experienced. From the first moment I opened the package and saw the retail box I felt very gratified. This pistol truly delivers value for money. The overall weight (heft) and feel of the gun is spot accurate. The detail and molding is precise and the metal work crisp and polished. The CO? loading system couldn't be easier or more fool proof and the pellet loading magazine is well designed and functions very well.

The gun shoots very well although it does have a couple of sore spots. The lack of an adjustable sight is vexing and I can't understand why they chose not to include one although I have read that the option for replacing the fixed rear sight with an adjustable sight upgrade has been built in and will be offered in future. The trigger pull is another issue. The trigger has two ver distinct stages that perform different functions. When unloaded the trigger pulls at about 2 lbs. which for a pistol is quite good. Unfortunately, the moment you load the magazine and charge the gun with CO? that 2lbs. become 8+. The first stage which actually rotates the magazine belt is pretty gritty but nothing terrible. The issue is with the 2nd stage. Once the magazine has rotated and you come up against the sear and the pressure needed to fire the gun is far greater than when it's uncharged state. Naturally this presents a real problem with regards to accuracy. Having to exert this much pressure inevitably moves one off target resulting in some rather erratic POIs. At 10 meters (33 feet) it was everything I could do to keep the POIS within the 3" target circle.

At this price point, I liked this gun so much that I sent it off to my favorite gunsmith to see what he could do to improve the second stage pull weight. That will cost me at least as much as the retail price of the gun itself, but I feel that if he can improve it by 50% I will still be getting good value. I liked it so much in fact that the day I sent it off, I purchased it's predecessor the X-Five ASP and have been very please with that purchase as well.
ProsFeel Build Quality Functionality Ease of use. Price
ConsNon Adjustable Sight Heavy 2nd stage trigger pull Each reloading of the magazine wastes a bit of CO?
Best UsesPlinking Real Steal Simulation Practice
By Joe
Manteno, IL
January 28, 2019
This is a nice replica. Field stripable and all.
I have not had any problems with the trigger or magazine.
This gun isn't to accurate I agree.
ProsFirst strip-able co2 Blowback you can take it part to clear jams if you have any. you can replace this magazine in this SIG
Conspoor accuracy
Best Usesplinking & dry fire practice
By michael
warwick, NY
Faithful to the real thing
January 6, 2019
Looks and feels like the real thing.accurate and reliable no failures 200 shots in
ProsGreat training aid
ConsExtra magazine would be nice
By Thomas
Winters, CA
December 31, 2018
Spent time investigating the M17, should have paid heed to the reviews. Trigger hangs up (rough and gritty pull), preventing rotation of belt magazine. Took belt out, completely lubricated belt, still same issue. With regards to accuracy...very poor. Tried three types of ammo, all were low and to the right. Great replica to look at, but not one I would shoot frequently.
ProsWeight feel, close to real firearm
ConsNo extra magazines available...poor trigger pull (realize you need to fully extend trigger to activate rotation of belt magazine - still awful), sub-standard accuracy, even with the Crossman Wad-Cutters depicted on Airgun Depot video.
Best UsesDisplay piece!
By Chris
Doylestown, PA
Fun and realistic
December 19, 2018
Great training gun and so much fun to shoot. Best part about it is the drop down mag with the integrated CO2 holder and 20 round capability.
ProsGreat design, easy to use CO2 lever, amazing 20 round magizine
ConsOnly 1 rotary magizine in the pack and not available to purchase extras
By Justin M.
Great gun bad design choices
December 19, 2018
I love this thing it's for plenty of room for accessories and feels very real especially for the price.
ProsNearly identical to the real deal
ConsThe trigger is long and grindy easily the worst I've ever pulled and no extra magazines are available
Best UsesPlinking and training
By EdB
Upstate NY
December 10, 2018
I could not believe the quality of this pellet gun. A great way to collect military firearms without having to purchase the real one.
By Mike
Looks like thge real thing
December 7, 2018
Nice looking and that's where it ends.
sloppy slide to rail fitment (rattles when shook). Trigger feels like it's being pulled through sand. Not what I expect from a $100.00 plus outlay. Sig need to revisit the design
ProsGood Looking
ConsHarsh trigger rattles to much
Best UsesDry fire practice
By Vence
Newalla , oklahoma
A clue
November 23, 2018
Bought 2 sig m17 pistols . Nice looking and a good copy of the real thing ... now the bad... clips Are not working properly ... miss feeding... makes the trigger hang up so it will not fire next shot . No hold on slides last shot.. sig missed the mark on this one ....
November 20, 2018
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