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SIG Sauer X5 ASP Pellet Pistol

Available in .177
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  • Code: AGD-45938976 · $139.99 · .177 · 380 fps
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SIG Sauer X5 ASP Pellet Pistol

  • CO2
  • 20rd Belt-Fed Pellet Magazine
  • All-Metal Frame
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Blowback
  • Weaver/Picatinny Accessory mount
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  • ManufacturerSIG Sauer
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 380 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Semiautomatic
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 2.70
  • Overall Length 8.70
  • Barrel Length 5.00
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 20
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail No
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 180-day limited warranty
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By JohnFebruary 3, 2024 Verified Purchase

This may be useful for training for the feel of the real weapon but I don't feel it is reliable enough even for punching paper targets, and the penetration of the alloy pellets was pitiful. I'd get the newer military polymer version, but I can't get used to the tan color.

This is big heavy pistol that probably weighs close to the real X5 and so may be a good training tool to get the feel of the gun. However neither the take down lever nor the slide release function, I can't believe the real trigger pull has all the staging distance or the mushy let-off of this gun. There is no access to the breech as the top of the slide is closed off. I think you can actually take down the M17 pellet gun. Obviously you cock it against a weaker recoil spring compared to the gunpowder version.

This gun has a very unreliable magazine. I have heard the latest M17 version works well and has an accessible breech. I thought I reviewed this once before, but then it had hung up twice on about six twenty round magazines. It just hung up again on the seventh. The entire gun locked up; the magazine would not eject, I could work the slide and safety but could not lower the hammer even with the safety off, and I had to discharge the CO2 before I could PRY the magazine out and dare to stick a rod down the barrel to clear what I thought was a stuck pellet. In fact each time the magazine had failed to index. It seems very sensitive to the way the pellets are loaded. It was fairly reliable only with RWS alloy pellets under 6 grains; anything 7 grains or more did not work. On the third time it locked up I broke the base plate off the magazine removing it; the whole magazine was a flimsy plastic thing, based on a chain feed belt like on an LMG except it would bind even when I was loading it

By JNBJanuary 23, 2024 Verified Purchase

It is supposed to simulate the weight and feel of the powder burning version for training. It is heavy, about 40 ounces, and is big. The safety felt stiff-glad it was ambi as often shoot left, but the finish wore off immediately as if it were pot metal, the slide travel was short and weak, the trigger had a long mushy take up. It did cycle quickly, and seemed to be a lot of fun. It is not advertised as something you would use for pest control, but it doesn't seem suitable for target work either, and even for training I have reservations, see below.

The gun is not reliable, or perhaps I should say the magazine. Out of seven mags fired, the gun locked up twice. I could not eject the magazine, I could rack the slide but had no access to the breech, the hammer was locked back and I could not lower it. The gun was dangerous and I had to discharge and remove the CO2 cartridge before I dared to poke a rod down the barrel, there is no ejection port in the slide, finally able to manhandle the thing only to find the chain had hung in an unindexed position. As fun as it is when it works, not worth the trouble and worry. Maybe the mag needs to be lubed, maybe I was careless loading it? There are stories about M1 carbines, PPShK sub guns, Browning P-35s, yes 1911s being let down by poor magazines. The gun is great fun when it works, would be safer as a BB gun or an airsoft, nothing to be gained from pellets. Makes me miss my old Sheridan 5mm, not a repeater but was accurate with enough penetration for rats, like the Crosman Vigilante.

By KevinDecember 26, 2023 Verified Purchase

Come on Sig this thing is JUNK!

Nice look and weight

Jams every other shot and need a cleaning rod to fix No slide lock Rotary magazine needs refinement Uses way too much gas for lackluster performance

By Joel D.June 4, 2023 Verified Purchase

Look up specs of any pellet pusher from manufacturer's site seams all online sellers including but not limited to Pyramyd Air, Air guns of Arizona and Air gun Depot show higher than manfs. specks. sorry just had to say it spent much time and loss of money on fixed income finding this out.

Manufacture web site had diff values for foot pound and fps. desided to swap for hatsan pcp jet 1. they nolonger do swaps, or credit to another purchase. lost a restock fee besides shipping cost their label came a week after I rma'ed it. with that bitter taste I bought direct from Hatsan.

Pellet pistol didnt rank up with specs listed on site.

By jeffreyMarch 24, 2023 Verified Purchase

well made pistol good and solid.

magazines are a little sticky, but a drop or two of oil helps.

By robertUSAMarch 24, 2021

Overpriced Toy Gun.

Toy Gun.

Toy Gun.

By JeremyUSAMarch 16, 2021

I definitely recommend adding to your collection. Even just for display purposes.

Beautiful looking to look at. And amazing blow back as you fire it. Easy to load and seems durable. No issues thus far.

I wish airgundepot could offer us the chrome/silver one. I see it online overseas but not here. Why?

By FrankMarch 4, 2021

Chech out my fun planking set up! I put 4x8x2in. sheets of white foam behind tv boxes ....

Great look and feel! I have run about 1000 + pellets through it with really No issue. I did adjust the rear sight higher. Even for a combat sight picture it shot very low until I adjusted it yet my cousins X5 was perfect. It’s an easy adjustment fix however. For fun I added a $30 red dot laser. It is all metal and is perhaps the nicest looking around. The M17 has a removable slide and nicer overall sights although are not adjustable ( were dead on though ). M17 magazine with all built in is a slight step up perhaps. Overall I enjoy having this but if could only have one I might go with M17 but it’s a tuff call.

Slide not removable

By JustinUSAJuly 23, 2020

This is a great gun for training or simply for fun. The 20 round mag keeps you shooting and is easy to load. The weight and the blowback help with realism during training but can be a bit hefty for some. The accuracy is quite good allowing me to get a good 2-3" pattern once dialed in. CO2 loading into the handle is great too.

All-steel construction, 20 round magazine, adjustable sights, CO2 loading

Weight, only comes with 1 mag, safety is stiff out of the box

By SlobodanUSANovember 9, 2018

Excellent pistol but drains the co2 fast

Accurate and fun to shoot


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What is the Trigger Like? Thank you. 4Certain Little Rock. AR

asked Wm Andrew from USA

Is the trigger single or double action?

asked Matt from USA

I purchased a used one off Ebay awhile ago. It came smooth-bore and a BB-only mag which also held the CO2. Surprised and purchased an extra mag here on AD, was this a "first-gen" discontinued version of the X-Five?

asked Salvatore from USA

Does the pistol jam very much because of the 20 round rotary magazine? I've read other reviews complaining of this problem. Mine should arrive today or Monday and I'd really like to know if this is a bad problem.

asked Howard from USA

That's very true but I would listen to a 30 year retired military police officer as I am so I'm very glad others have had such a great experience with their's but as for me,I didn't and I'm pretty sure I'm well versed in weapons of different types and different calipers Scott.

Howard from USA

Scott from USA is 100% correct. I have this exact model and it works flawlessly. I have the clip it came with and 2 extra genuine sig clips. Like anything, it needs taken care of, just a little Pell oil and youll have zero issues. It is very powerful with some of the modified pellets available like the Gamo 632127454 Rocket .177 Cal 9.6 Grains Ballistic Tip Pellets, these will shred through a stainless steel BBQ grill lid at 40 feet for the 1st 40 to 50 rounds from a fresh 12G co2 cartridge with amazing accuracy.

Tim from USA

Well after getting mine I can say I loved the way it looked and felt in my hand, just as real as the real 9mm. But I found out that Yes, it does jam, alot! It's in the belt fed rotary magazine. The pellet doesn't always rotate and line up correctly when you pull the trigger to rotate before each shot. I went as far as lubricating it lightly with gun oil and that helped. I gotta say, when it was working it was very fun and enjoyable to shoot. Most times if it jammed you could take a . 177 cleaning rod and gently push the pellet back and you'd feel it click back into position and you could start firing again. The big problem was while shooting and after fixing a jam started shooting again shot once then it jams again. Try to fix this jam but pellet before was jammed in barrel. So now there's no way to unjam and while jammed you cannot drop magazine or pull trigger since it rotates the magazine. Now all I have is a paper-weight that looks like a P226 since with a Sig Saur you cannot field strip at all. The jamming of the rotary 20 round magazine is a very poor design. You can even see this when you rotate by hand when you're loading the 20 pellets because it's very hard to rotate then. All in all and after this I sent mine back for a refund. I will admit I was upset because it looked and felt so real, very heavy gun. But I don't want another one because of a bad and continuos jamming problem.

Howard from USA

Don't always listen to reviews a lot of people out there are dumbasses and can't figure out how to make something work correctly

Scott from USA

where are the extra mags located

asked paul from USA

? right here on

Val from USA

Where can I buy a flashlight for this pistol

asked Grason from USA

Can you also shoot BBs

asked Keith from USA

Not that I'm aware of and also it has a rifled barrel and shooting BB's would damage the rifling.

Howard from USA

I cannot find my user's manual. Is there a trigger pull adjustment?

asked Brad from USA


Mark from USA

Hi I've heard that the CO2 drains quick. Would that be a problem of buying Slot of CO2? I injoy my practice target shooting range out my back yard At home. I'm wanting to buy and feel an shoot these guns and to injoy the feeling. Ok guys will it be a hassle posting it her in Australia I hope not it will be nice us can And have no worries and trouble sending her. Hope to speak to us soon and understanding.

asked Jurald from USA

Is it blowback or not?

asked Brian


Howard from USA

is this a blow back pistol

asked bob


asked BOB

It is blowback but that's all. Other than the safety the other functions are nearly cosmetic. You can't lock back the slide or field-strip this or any Sig Saur co2 guns.

Howard from USA

what sig pistol is this most close to

asked robert giannone


Howard from USA



what kind of co2 this gun uses?in the description says co2.... but...

asked Marco
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