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Umarex Fusion

Available in 0.1770.177Quiet CO2 Powered Air Rifle With 4X32 Scope
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The Umarex Fusion CO2 rifle with SilencAIR is perfect if you like to shoot in an urban or suburban area but don't want to disturb your neighbors. The 5-chamber SilencAIR noise dampener suppresses the sound so you can shoot for hours. While it's a great rifle for shooting paper targets, making holes in tin cans and wacking spinners, it's also a good gun for teaching new shooters who might not be able to cock a spring-piston rifle. Since it's relatively light weight, extended range time will be a pleasure.

SilencAir Technology is a 5-chamber noise dampener that’s permanently affixed to the muzzle of an air rifle and is intended to reduce down-range muzzle noise. One of the most common questions asked about an air rifle is, “how loud is it.” The technology behind SilencAir is an answer to that question—reducing the decibel reading of the muzzle noise generated by the exiting of a pellet from an air rifle.

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Umarex Fusion
17 Reviews
76% (13)
18% (3)
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94% Recommend this product (16 of 17 responses)
By Anthony
Sunny Florida
What's Not to Like?
April 16, 2016
I've wanted one of these for several months. I read and heard about the difficulty with the CO2 cap, guys complaining that the gun leaks air, that you have to wait a half hour to take the empty CO2 canisters out to prevent damaged 'O' rings, the difficultly loading pellets, etc. One guy said the gun was louder than he expected. Well, none of these dramatic events occurred in my garage range. NONE. I read the book, followed instructions, used Umarex cartridges, put on a UTG AO scope using the rings that came with the gun, and fired more than 60 good shots before the pellets started dropping below the point of aim. I unscrewed the cap and the ring under it, wiggled the stopper a bit, and out it came after giving it a two minute breather. Yes the 'O' ring was swollen but it was back to almost normal size in under five minutes. I did oil it before using as instructed. If you have trouble with this gun, I think it might be you, and not the gun.

Most importantly, this rifle is very accurate, feels great in my hands, and is hobby money really well spent. I like this gun a lot. OK, I haven't lived with it yet, and I did buy the after-market cap and 'O' rings just in case, but I can't envision anything happening that would change my opinion of this beautiful rifle. I have both Hammerli 850s, three QBs, and several other rifles too, purchased from AGD. I don't have trouble with any of them. I'm an old guy, and I've only been back to shooting for 10 months after almost 40 years of inactivity. Generally speaking, I have to say guns were never better. I try to follow directions, as everyone should. I think it would eliminate any issues. Air Gun Depot has been a super bunch of guys to work with, offering great bargains along the way. I recommend them and this gun very highly,
ProsAccurate, nice to hold, good pull length and eye relief for me (I'm six feet tall), provided scope rings work fine, quality construction, nice looking, fair price, very neighborhood friendly, quiet rifle.
ConsHaven't discovered any yet, but would suggest the shooter should read the instructions and use quality CO2 and pellets to get ahead of any issues. The cocking is a bit heavier than the QB rifles and even the Hammerli, but very manageable. Fewer shots than the Ham and the QBs for the same amount of CO2. I got 60 good shots out of the gate, where I get 70-80 with the QBs, sometimes more. Last time I shot the Hammerli I got 14 clips at 8 shots each, for a total of 112. My V8 burns more gas than my six cylinder, but I love them both.
By John T.
As advertised
April 1, 2019
Havenā€™t really used it that much yet, but so far Iā€™ve got no complaints. Excellent gun for the price and extremely quiet.
ProsQuietness, price..
By Mad M.
Almost perfect
March 15, 2019
My favorite air rifle. I don't think it is very quiet but apparently the squirrels I hunt do. I took one down and it's partner just stood there looking at me until I reloaded. One shot kills are far and away the norm, even at thirty yards or more.

I love the degassing valve (the one everyone hates). Great idea, but not so great execution; CO2 does leak out over time. BTW, after refilling with CO2, just screw the knob in until it clears the protective cover. This is where most people get confused.

Finish is on par with the 850 Magnum and much better than a QB

Accuracy is amazing. Almost boring. Super light in weight, especially compared to other CO2 rifles.

I own a QB78D repeater and an 850 Magnum. If all three guns were stolen from me, I would re-buy the fusion first. It's that good.
ProsAccurate, light, quiet. Built in degassing valve.
ConsDegassing valve leaks. Trigger hard until I modified the safety.
Best UsesHunting small game within fifty yards, target shooting.
By David
Central Texas
Umarex fusion
March 15, 2019
This gun has too many issues concerning air leaking in co2 chamber. I must go find and purchase air valve o-ring,maybe that will help.
Merchant Response:Someone will be reaching out to you shortly and we'll get an RMA started to get you a new one. We do apologize for this, but will make it right for you.
By Dave
Boston, Mass
Great fun!
September 12, 2018
So far this rifle is great. After dialing the scope, I can bag cans at 75 feet 19/20 shots. The 1/20 I miss is on me. Having a blast with it...
ProsEasy to use!
ConsI wish it wasnā€™t single shot.
Best UsesTargets
By Nate
Good rifle
January 1, 2018
Not too bad I like the rifle.
ProsGood power, accurate, quiet
ConsScope is a piece of crap. Valve cap where the CO2 cartridges leaks. Get a standard CEO from Archer and you will love this rifle.
By Rich
Central Illinois
Umarex Fusion awesome neighborhood friendly gun!
September 9, 2017
Great neighborhood gun. Extremely quiet & accurate!
ProsQuiet, accurate with consistence performance.
ConsPackage with AO scope.
By Carlton
Houston, Texas
The quietest air rifle ever
December 8, 2016
If this were any quieter, you would think it was not shooting. I often have to look at my target to see if it shot. Owners manual and utube videos are required to navigate the co2 loading operation. After that, it becomes routine and you're shooting 50-60 rounds per load. Top choice co2 air rifle. Have not chronied but target destruction is indication of power. Excellent product.
ProsExtremely quiet, accurate, 50-60 shots per load, fps & hard hitting co2, not pellet picky, very light weight, easy to handle, take out small pest including squirrels at close range well placed shots, good bolt cocking, decent trigger. No real negatives.
ConsNot a con but could simplify the co2 load system. . . .reverse screwing etc., delicate o ring and wait time after shooting before co2 change. Ok scope but installed an upgrade.
By Robert
Great backyard plinker.
November 11, 2016
Bought this for me and my daughter to plink with in the backyard. Replaced the troublesome factory o-ring with one available from Amazon (Search for "113 Silicone O-Ring, 70A Durometer, Red, 9/16" ID, 3/4" OD, 3/32" Width (Pack of 25)" 25 0-rings for $8.28
Follow the instructions correctly when installing the CO2 bulbs and you shouldn't have a problem. There is also a replacement cap available online from another vendor, that is not as complicated.
As has been my experience, Airgun Depot's refurbs look new. I couldn't find anything wrong with the rifle I was sent.
ProsLight weight. Accurate. Kid friendly.
ConsFinicky CO2 cap (easily fixed)
By Greg
San Diego, CA
Great rifle
October 8, 2016
Id give it five stars if it didnt slowly leak. its accurate and has a light trigger but has a lot of creep. modded to bulk fill. weights 5 lbs with mod and scope.
By christopher b.
montgomery, al
Extremely Quiet
March 4, 2016
This is my first purchase of a CO2 rifle and im VERY VERY PLEASED, if this is the refurbished I wouldn't know!, and ive already referred my friend to purchase one.
Prosvery quiet light as long as you follow the directions co2 replacement is fast and simple.
Consnone compared to the break barrels ive used its easy to cock and to facilitate the loading of the ammo use a higher scope mount. SIMPLE!
By Larry
Evans, Ga.
Best Experience Ever
November 14, 2015
I have bought many break barrel rifles( 8) and a few CO2 BB plinking pistols, so when I received this rifle( this morning) I was excited to try it out. I had watched Rick Eutsler's reviews and followed his cartridge loading instructions. I had no problem what so ever. I used Gamo Rocket 9.6 Gr. and Gamo Redfire 7.8 Gr. at 21 yards measured out. I also tested 30 yard shots and a few 40 yard shots. I mounted a cheap 3x9x40 scope because the one that came with it was even cheaper. After zeroing, I shot for over an hour. It seemed as if I had shot a hundred shots, but I am sure it was closer to 50 or so. The power curve must have been consistent because every now and then I would make a penetrating test shot. Up to the end it was punching through those heavy 16 oz. bud cans. Also, once you zero it, if you missed the target, you truly missed. No flyers so far. The rifle does not seem to be pellet picky. Loading was not as bad as some have indicated online, and having to load one at a time is no big deal. You however, have to remember to take it off safety every time. I got used to it and would cock the rifle and take it off right after loading. No big deal. The only thing that could be improved is to have an ambidextrous safety for us lefties. In conclusion. what a joy to shot. Anyone that plinks with a .22 rifle will really like this rifle. You can have as much fun in the back yard of a subdivision, because it is almost totally silent. The neighbors will never know you are shooting it. It is accurate out to a distance that is normal with .22 plinkers shoot., and it is so cost efficient. Can't say much more but if you are thinking of buying this rifle, why haven't you ordered it yet. . . . .
ProsAccurate, quiet, not pellet picky, shoots a long time on a double 12 gram charge. great power for CO2. Consistent power output to the end of the cylinder charge.
Conssafety needs to be ambidextrous and a better scope option needs to be included.
By Jay
Atlanta GA
Fun, Fast on Target, <25m = Awesome
July 27, 2015
Bought this for my 14-16 yr old girls to plink in our downtown back yard. we shoot out to 35m with magnum springers, but this little rifle is waaay fun at 10-25m. So far I have 250 rounds thru it and pellet range drops quickly after 25yds (H&N Hobby Wad 7gr). Very nice groups are possible, on a lousy rest I shot a 1-inch c-t-c 10-shot group with 1 flyer and 1 flubbed shot. It's super quiet for indoors and backyard friendly. Target impact is louder than the shot. It's a tight breach to load pellets but you get a feel for it. Just read the directions on the CO2 loading and you're fine. There are HPA tank options for this as well if you want to go away from CO2 when shooting on the bench. FUN FUN FUN
ProsLightweight (6.5lbs with 16x AO scope), stealthy as can be and great looking, too
Consbreach is hard to load pellets into and the bolt pull is a struggle.
By Timothy
Lexington Pk, MD
Nice lightweight plinker
June 4, 2014
Arrived in good condition. It is lighter than a QB78. Be prepared for frustration with the CO2 valve cap. It is very complicated and reversed threaded. I lost gas in 3 cylinders of CO2 before watching a youtube video on changing cartridges. Shoots good once you figure out the CO2 thing. Nice and sturdy. The trigger feels a little funny and feels like it was made for adults, it is reach for the trigger out of the box.
ConsCO2 loading is extremely difficult and must be followed to a "T".
By Joe T.
Portland, Oregon
Umarex Fusion Air Rifle
April 17, 2014
Very happy with the accuracy and it's light weight.
ProsQuite for shooting in back yard.
Cons A Little hard to load.
December 24, 2013
By Jared
milford, MA
Addictive little tack driver...
September 25, 2013
I bought this strictly because I wanted something economical to comfortably shoot indoors for the winter and Umarex hit the nail on the head here...slightly pellet fussy, RWS super domes group nicely, and beware longer skirt pellets are tricky to load. No complaints except it could have been a LITTLE less money, but in hind sight, well worth the purchase. Also for a medium powered gun, the boot takes a good yank to cock back. I would recommend this product 110%.
Prosaccuracy, lightweight, super stealthy.
ConsHeavy bolt action, seems a little pricey, but not a huge turn off.
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Umarex Fusion
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    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 750 fps
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  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 750 fps
    Loudness 2-Low-Medium
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