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Walther LGU

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If you're tired of buzzing mainsprings in spring-piston air rifles, turn your attention to the Walther LGU underlever springer. It comes with a special vibration-reduction system that reduces that annoying spring buzz and delivers smooth shooting characteristic of a tuned air rifle. While the buzz reduction would be enough to convince most people this gun is a winner, here's one more bonus: Super Silent Technology. That's Walther's proprietary noise-reduction system so your gun doesn't have that annoying crack that wakes up your neighbors or scares away all the critters you're hunting.

Most manufacturers give something many airgunners call a "lawyer trigger." It's hard to pull and generally not adjustable. Walther decided to give you a sporting trigger that you could adjust. So- now you can change the first-stage pull weight as well as the travel. It's your gun- and you get to decide what the trigger feels like. This air rifle has many uses besides hunting: field target, bullseye targets, spinners and tin cans.

Walther LGU Air Rifle Features
  • Spring-piston
  • Underlever
  • Single-shot
  • No open sights
  • 11mm dovetail grooves
  • Vibration-reduction technology
  • Adjustable 2-stage trigger (pull weight and first-stage travel)
  • Super Silent Technology reduces the report
  • Vibration-reduction system for smoother operation
  • Automatic safety
  • Ambidextrous beech stock with twin raised cheekpieces
  • Checkered pistol grip
  • Ventilated rubber recoil pad
  • Can be manually be decocked
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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Walther LGU
17 Reviews
88% (15)
12% (2)
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100% Recommend this product (17 of 17 responses)
By Dan
Cape Cod
Walter LGU Over HW97
April 27, 2019
If my upper body was not as strong as it is I would not be reviewing this gun, but it is and for a heavy springer this gun is so sweet. Noise suppressor is ideal. Trigger as good as my HW. In .22 this is a beast. Bluing is superb. The gun has no thwang that the HW is renown for. Nikon 3-9 and it is a show off piece.
By Keith
West Yorkshire
Walther lgu
April 22, 2018
This is a fantastic air rifle straight from the box very little in the way of tuning needs to be done as for accrecy it is the best springer that i have used i have tried quite a few and this one comes out on top for me but everyone to their own i would recomend this air rifle as a must if you are thinking of getting a springet
By gary
waleska, GA
walter lgu reviews-own another outstanding walther
June 5, 2017
after reading every singe review it seems to be a very exceptional,, well behaved desirable air gun ,, when i started back into air gunning i bought a cupple break barrels with the air vortex gas piston and not a quality springer ,, live and learn and make em a gift to the boys on the other side of the mountain ,,this 11.81 barrel and one other short 9.5" Lothar Walther barreled under-lever rifle would be my next choice as they seem to be the most accurate and well behaved airguns without the headaches of pcp air requirements allso would make for the best survival air gun as all ya need is pellets,, I have noticed it does not state in the description that this air rifle does have a lothar walther barrel and other walther air guns such as the maxima thor does state in the description it has the lothar walther barrel known for it excellent accuracy,,,, the walther sub 12 inch barrel that will shoot a dime at 20,30,40 yards is proof of there excellent accuracy characteristics I currently shoot a 12 inch 177 walther barreled rifle at a measured 35 yards and can hit a dime sized target 4 or 5 times outa 10 shots the rest right around a silver dollar size around the dime,, got enough room to shoot 200+yards if i want ,, but wont hit nothing smaller than a 60s model Cadillac on a good day with the wind in my favor at 200 yards so 35 is just right for me till i master it all in a dime.
Prosnot one bad part of any review,, weight was the only a small complaint
Consnone,,would I recommend this item ,, id say take the time read the reviews ,, the answer is obvious and my rating was a have to or review wont be published ,,so ill give it a 5 because all other reviews were so positive about this rifle
By Sid
Excellent quality, very accurate!
March 19, 2017
Got this rifle after reading many reviews on how accurate the LGU was. I could not tell that it was a refurbished rifle when I received it. Not a single issue that I could see on the stock or action. Bluing was a deep shiny black and the underlever cocking was super smooth! Tried JSB 14.35 and Hatsan Vortex 13.12 pellets in it and was very pleased with the accuracy. JSBs were the most accurate at just under 1/4 inch at 21 yds. Hatsans grouped a little bigger but were pretty good for plinking with on a budget. Very quiet rifle for backyard shooting but it is a bit on the heavy side.
ProsQuality fit and finish. Solid built rifle and accurate!
ConsHeavy rifle so you may not want to use it for hunting as it may get tiring to carry around all day. No provisions for a sling mount.
By BizzieWizz
Accurate, Awesome Quality and Great Price!!
December 27, 2016
If you want a gorgeous gun that looks amazing and shoots accurate, get the TX200. If you want a high quality gun with tank like construction that is also accurate, get the HW97K... if you want a gun that is all of the above, LASER accurate and LESS money , get the LGU!! It is spot on accurate, beautiful and very high quality!! This gun could split hairs!!! It's a FANTASTIC shooter...
Mounted Bushnell Trophy scope: I found that this gun is not pellet picky but it seems dialed in with the RWS Superdome 8.3 pellets.
ProsQuality, price, accuracy and feel throughout the whole shot cycle... amazing gun! Super accurate!!
ConsTrigger has a lot of first stage play... that would be my only gripe but it's a minor one!
By Sid
Fine workmanship & smooth operation
December 5, 2016
The bluing is very dark & highly polished. Nice stock and the under lever operation is smooth like glass. Muzzle report is very quiet when shooting both 14.3 gr. Crosman and 18.1 gr. JSBs. and accuracy at 20 yds. is good so far. Average groups off a rest was a half to one inch with the rifle still being new. Shot cycle is also very smooth with no spring noise and I would say a very backyard friendly rifle.
ProsHigh quality craftsmanship throughout the entire rifle.
ConsA little on the heavy side and could use a little more power.
By Jude S.
New York
November 22, 2016
Zeroed her in with 4 shoots,now I'm stacking pellets. .love this gun
ProsOwning one
By Dan M.
Honolulu, Hawaii
Great springer!
November 3, 2016
I got this rifle as a "refurb" for a great price! It was in "new" condition! Mine is the .177 cal. The quality of these new Walther springer's is very, very good. The bluing is something between Air Arms and Weihrauch. The wood stock has a plain patterned grain but the finish is superb! Cocking it is very smooth as is the lock up. Tiny bit of spring twang develops after a hundred shots or so but not bad. I would get this instead of the HW97k as the firing cycle is very similar, if you don't mind the weight. The trigger has a slightly long first stage but the second stage releases nicely. Shooting Crosman Premiers at 865 fps. Very accurate. I haven't found it necessary to adjust anything on this rifle as it is great out of the box. The trigger is plastic but the wide blade feels great! I would easily recommend buying this rifle if you want a great under lever at a reasonable price.
ProsHigh quality throughout. Smooth cocking and firing. Very accurate. Not pellet picky. Lower priced compared to TX200 or HW97k. Quieter than a lot of similarly powered springer's.
ConsA bit heavy. Cocking harder than a HW97. Stock is a little chunky by design at the foregrip but the rest is great.
By Dennis
Temecula, CA
I Love the .177 Walther LGU
June 3, 2016
This review was a pleasure to write. I prefer .22 cal air rifles but wanted an accurate .177 springer in my collection. I tried several break barrel spring and nitro piston rifles and frankly accurately has been hard to find. Until I bought the Walther LGU. I love this air rifle for a number of reasons. Firstly it is very accurate. I love that I can hit a dime at 40 yards. This makes it safe and makes for a clean kill for the squirrels that invade my garden every spring. The fit and finish is first rate, and I like that it is heavy. Heavy means quality and generally better accuracy. I also like that it is under lever design. From my experience under and side level air guns are more accurate. The trigger is the best out of the box that I gave encountered; I dont need to change a thing. The LGU is as accurate as my .22 cal RWS 54 Air King, both are dead on and equal in accuracy to my MROD. An observation, from looking at recovered pellets, the rifling on the LGU is deep. Other less accurate air rifles that I have show barely noticeable rifling and hence I believe are less accurate. And a bonus for me, it shoots Beeman Kodiak copper pellets (10.19g) very well. In the target photo you see ten sighting in hits at ten yards. After I cleaned the bore (be if you clean the bore from the muzzle be prepared to remove the muzzle break, otherwise patches will disappear into the void) and shot a few clean out shots, those ten shots were all it took to get this rifle to zero and a 3/16 group after total 15 shots through the rifle. The Walther LGU is well worth the price. Mine with the Hawke 4-12x50 AO IR is now a prized possession.
ProsVery accurate. Smooth action. Not hold sensitive. High quality throughout.
By Billy
Lumberton, NC
Amazing accuracy!
April 12, 2016
Got this in .22 version, absolute accuracy. Shoots flies at 25 yards using JSB Exact 15.89 gr. domed pellets.
ProsBeautiful design and craftsmanship. Materials are top notch. Not hold sensitive and shoots many brands and types of pellets accurately. Excellent trigger, smooth firing cycle, (just a quiet thump). Easy on scopes.
By Reno
Scotia New York
Must have
April 11, 2016
I had my LGU for three months now and I would have to say WOW . This gun is a work of art the quality and prefromance. I shoot crosman ultra magnum with it and it's pretty much pellet on top of pellet,unfortunately I live upstate New York and the weather has not been so nice yet ,so I shoot in my basement only 10 yards I can't wait to get out with gun and see what it will do at 25 and 50 yard. When you pick this gun up you know that you have real quality air rilfe a soild and a good weight it a must have for your arsenal. No open sight so you have to mount a good scope I chose Utg 3-9x40 great macth up I think.
ProsGerman quality
By Tom
Lancaster Co. Pa.
Great value
November 17, 2015
All the attributes of this gun are positive, except for one. The stock cheek rest is too high for me. I can't get down far enough to see through the scope. Using a high mount solved that , but, I would like to see the rest about an inch lower.
ProsAccurate, looks great, accurate, smooth action, accurate, easy to cock, accurate, not fussy about pellet type. Did I say accurate?
ConsHeavy, trigger is a little rough for a high end gun. But maybe it will smooth out with use.
By Shawn
Oklahoma City, OK
Excellent Rifle
October 1, 2015
I purchased this rifle 45 days ago. It is an extremely accurate rifle. More so than my TX200! Smooth cycle and gorgeousl. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that after shooting for a week or so the anti bear trap device vibrated loose and actually fell off! Put it back on with lock tight (2 srews that I had to remove pin to access) and have not had any problems since.
ProsExcellent quality and finish.
ConsLittle heavy. Anti bear trap vibrated loose while shooting. That could possibly be dangerous. Think it must have been a fluke. Would be interested if anyone else has had the same problem.
By John
La Mesa, CA
Outsatnding Rifle!!!!!! You NEED to own this!!!
July 30, 2015
I have about 70 airguns and I consider myself as somewhat of an expert in the field now based on my own experience. I did some extensive research on which underlever .177 cal springer I wanted to purchase. I narrowed it down between the Walther LGU and the Air Arms TX200 MKIII. Based on my research and the fact it was $200 less I chose the Walther and I made the right choice!!! This is German made and I have always been a bit partial to German made weapons and cars (i.e. SigSauer , Porsche, BMW etc.) What an amazing gun, the only complaint was the trigger but I took care of that for less than $5.00 and this gun is unbelievable. I am shooting dimes size groups and smaller from 25 yards away and I only have about 150 pellets through it, which means my groups most likely will get tighter. I have the trigger-pull to about 2 lbs with no play in the first stage. I mounted a Leapers/UTG 3-9 x 50 scope with a one piece mount.
ProsThe blued finish is incredible on the gun; the stock has a satin finish and has a very comfortable feel. This is one heavy gun but I find that as an advantage when aiming the weapon. This gun is extrememly accuarte and worth the money. I tested the following pellets, JSB Match Diablo 7.33 gr., RWS R-10 7.0 gr., RWS Super-H-Point 6.9 gr., RWS Super Dome 8.3 gr., RWS Meisterkugeln 7.0 gr., Benjamin HP 7.9 gr. Crosman Premiere HP 7.9 gr. (FYI. Benjamin and Crosman are the exact same pellet) The LGU shot all the pellets very well but Crosman/Benjamin was about tied with the RWS Superdome. At 25 yards in a 15 shots group The RWS Superdome was 0.47” and the Crosman/Benjamin 0.52”, for the price shoot the Crosman/Bemjamin. AGD has the best pricing, service, and fast shipping. They have all my future business!
ConsThe only complaints was the trigger but the fix is simple and now it is match equivilent. I removed the stock 1st stage adjustment screw and replaced it with M3-0.5 x20mm (Allen Head) which is a little longer screw, you can purchase this at any hardware store. You need to grind the tip so it has a smooth round surface like the stock screw(see attached pictures). I used a grinder then some wet & dry sandpaper. Then use a short piece of tubing and a drop of blue locktight for the threads. The tubing is used at the base of the screw to create minor tension as you locate your adjustment point. To adjust, screw it down until the cocking mechanism does not catch (that’s because the trigger is being engaged) then back off the screw until it safely cocks and adjust to your personal sweet spot. I adjusted away all the free play in the first stage. This is now one of the best triggers I have ever experienced on a springer airgun. (This took me about 15 minutes total and you don’t have to do any disassembly) Remember this is at your own risk but it turned this into an incredible gun.
By Dan O.
West Lafayette, OH
As good as everyone says it is
March 27, 2015
Any rifle designed across the pond risks losing something during translation to the US market where power is a major consideration. Energy is almost as much of a selling point as accuracy with many air guns today. I wanted both and the LGU in .177 does a very good job of fulfilling my wishes. I had read stories of some of the very early releases having side play in the cocking lever and some power loss as the spring settled in. So far all the reports of LGUs in the States do not mention either one of these issues.
Now with 200+ CPHP 7.9gr shot, I see the same 900 FPS as I did 180 shots ago. The first 5 did crack a bit and things settled very quickly after that. Within 50 shots I was grouping less than 1" at 40 yards using a "Hunter's Rest". A good attempt at accuracy usually cuts that size in half with my other air guns. The scope I have mounted is the Centerpoint 4-16x40 AO. The heavy one. That extra weight is not welcomed on this rifle. After shooting a Ruger Black Hawk Elite, the LGU is toning up some arm and back muscles. The cocking effort is about the same as if I were to cock the BHE holding the barrel in a few inches from the muzzle. Not at all objectionable. As a matter of fact, it is very consistent and predictable with a positive latch when the trigger is set.
Speaking of triggers, Darned Lawyers! Really though, if it was that bad would I be getting that kind of accuracy with this rifle? I did order the metal tuning trigger and will change it over someday. No hurry. I am not an expert air gunner and will not preach about how smooth the shot cycle is and blah,blah,blah. Internet parroting is what most of that talk is. Aimchair shooters. Truth is I probably don't know a good air gun from a great one as far as feel and shot cycle. What I can tell you is this gun hits where I aim and does it with impressive consistency. Period. I don't care if the trigger spring twangs (some on the web have actually reported that) or not. It is more than what I expected and Airgun Depot delivered on time at the best price anywhere. Thanks guys/gals!
ProsAccurate. Very much so. Fit and finish, well designed ergonomically. The fact that the tuning trigger is available and easy to install. Quality reminds me of my 50 year old Sako .22 Hornet and my CZ 527 American rifles.
ConsI have to say something here. Weight. But, with weight you get accuracy. The more I shoot it the less objectionable it becomes. Oh, and that stock plastic trigger that is so bad it gun still shoots with the tuned pros with it.
By Tim W.
Out of the box competes with a TX200, Blows a 97K away!
January 30, 2015
I recently purchased a Walther LGU based on rave reviews by the Brits overseas. This rifle is nearly every bit as good as a TX200. The TX has more power (100 FPS in .177) and better bluing and it ends there. This rifle is a true pleasure to shoot. It is as acurate as my TX and no twang or vibration like the 97K had. This rifle is also $120 cheaper thasn the 97/200. I will shoot this till it breaks unlike the other mentioned rifles which a tune was required to get rid of unwanted shooting characterisitics (twang/vibration). Buy one while you can find them. .177's are sold out everywhere and the price will go up!
ProsPrice. Pleasure to shoot. Accuracy
ConsPlastic trigger, though they do sell a tuning trigger same as the LGV. I bought a 97K before this and sold it in favor of the LGU, losing a few dollars along the way.
By Terry
Top-Notch Underlever Springer!
December 21, 2014
All the reviews were right...this is an impressive piece of airgun art. I had a chance to zero my new .22 cal LGU today and must say I love the gun. Very, very accurate right out of the box and it can only get better.
I've compared it to my TX200 and although that gun simply wonderful, I like this rifle better. Walther, you've done a great job! I'm a big fan of the 12ft. lb. airgun after this LGU and my .22 cal LGV have shown me . No spring twang at all, just a nice "thump" and the pellet is downrange.

Airgun Depot also gave me the best price and shipped it free. Thank you.
ProsSuper smooth & accurate.
ConsReally none in my opinion.
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Walther LGU
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    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1000 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 750 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
    Mag Capacity 1
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