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Walther Reign UXT

Multi-Shot Bullpup Air Rifle
  • Code: AGD-513710281 · .22 · 975 fps
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Walther Reign Air Rifle Features

  • Multi-Shot PCP Pellet Rifle
  • Auto Indexing Magazine (10 round for .22, 9 round for .25)
  • 3,300 PSI Air Tank 
  • Integrated Pressure Gauge
  • 60 Shots per fill for .22/ 40 shots per fill for .25
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Ambidextrous stock - mag can be inserted from either side
  • Compact side-mounted ambidextrous cocking lever
  • Picatinny scope mounting rail
  • Bullpup design
  • All weather polymer stock
  • Quick detach sling mount
  • Made in Germany
  • 975 FPS for .22 / 870 FPS for .25
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  • ManufacturerWalther
  • Caliber .22
  • Velocity 975 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Sidelever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 7.05
  • Overall Length 34.00
  • Barrel Length 23.60
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 10
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver/Picatinny
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 60
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By GeorgeUSAMay 7, 2022

A few months back I bought an FX M3 Impact and I have gotten used the FX's excellent target trigger pull. The Reign on the other hand is more of a hunter or military pull, even adjusted, still better than most of my off the shelf rifles, a couple lighter return springs would make it feel $500 better. My opinion hasn't changed much, this is a great gun for the price.

I bought a 22cal Reign a year and a half ago as a start into PCP air guns. I'm still pleased with this gun. Its small light and quite accurate and seems to fit me, overall nice to carry with a small scope. It seems to love pellets and slugs in the 16-20 grain weight range including the FX hybrid at 20 yards one-hole groups are common. Head shots on squirrels are easy but keep in mind pellet drop at different ranges, 5 yards more or less can be a miss. Practice, practice, practice!

This was louder than I was expecting, and it still is, both muzzle blast and the hammer drop together will send birds and squirrels into high gear. Not very sneaky. Unfortunately, Walther has made the moderator permanently attached and has to be cut off if you want to replace it with something quieter. I suppose that might make it legal in some more draconian autocracies but it's not helping us with tinnitus or close by neighbors. Please MR. Walther may I suggest some more baffles in the thing. My other gripe would be I run out of air way to quickly when I'm having fun. I could see a 500-600cc bottle would be a nice improvement.

By CarlUSAJanuary 17, 2022

Awesome gun--just buy it! See my review at the Walther reign and Umarex compressor combination deal page:

By EdwardUSAAugust 24, 2021

Buy it you will love it. I saw a review and it asked where you can get extra mags I got 3 from krale hope that helps ed from ma.

Just got mine yesterday LOVE IT.very accurate hard hitting ,magazine is easy to load, weighs 7 lbs. With scope attached. I fill it with my nomad takes about 3-4 mins.

Wish The mod was removable

By MikeMay 18, 2021

A real joy to shoot. Every thing is very smooth, good balance and shoots straight and hits hard. Love this gun....

The stock could be better .. but it works well just could be a little more quiet.

By BudUSAApril 28, 2021

I'm not going to repeat all the comments previously made by reviewers; I agree with most of them. Overall I'm very impressed with the Reign and its accuracy and ease of operation. I'm especially happy with the cocking handle on the left side and the lefty safety! Overall a great buy!

I like the compact size, I LOVE the trigger (best on any bullpup I've shot - airgun or firearm) and being a lefty, the ability to swap the cocking lever to the south side is golden! A hidden "Easter Egg": the safety can also be reversed to lefty operation by simply flipping it over and inserting it from the left side (being EXTREMELY careful not to lose the spring and ball detent which will fly across the room when you remove it from the right side, and sometimes when you try to insert it back in the left side. Even though the procedure isn't documented in the manual, a local gunsmith figured this out and it shouldn't void the warranty because you aren't modifying anything any more than swapping the cocking lever to the other side.

I'd like to see the moderator be removable; it'd be fun to experiment with different baffles, shapes, etc. But then, that might open up warranty voiding issues... I'd also like to be able to purchase a spare magazine or two.

By Sam JonesMarch 5, 2021

Just purchased a new .22 Reign...what type of material has anyone used to "sound-deaden" the Reign..?

All the reviews point to perhaps the best bang-for-the buck PCP Bull Pup available..

Slight concern regarding noise from "hollow" stock.

By GeorgeJanuary 19, 2021

I'd like to apologize to AGD as I bought the Reign on line from a BIG RETAILER, found it about a week before this appeared on your web site back in November. I have now cancelled them for their anti free speech anti American attitude. I still want people to know this is is a well thought out product, I think Bull Pups will be the future of long guns and I'm looking forward to see what comes next. The report is still louder than I would like, but quieter than my older pump and break barrel pellet rifles. I think I'll rap some carpet over the end of the suppresser and see if that absorbs more of the pop. This is a great gun and value. It works better than other fancier guns at twice the price.

Very easy controls, ergonomics everything fits or is in the right place. Cheek piece is the correct height for the scope. Very light weight, slightly butt heavy. Accurate with pellets over 18gr going through the same ragged hole both JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy 18.13gr and Monster 25.39 landing 1/2"and 1/2" lower at 25 yards. Baracuda 21.14gr about the same . RWS superdome 14.5gr buzzing out to 3.5" group. All ten shot groups. This gun likes heavy pellets. The two stage trigger is not as nice as the $300 custom I installed on my 1022, but if if the 1022 was as good as the Reign I wouldn't have put on there in the first place. I'm told a ball point pen spring will get it there.

I don't like polymer stocks much, yes they reduce production cost, but they feel cheep and ruff and noisy. Have Packmayr spray the stock with that rubbery stuff they put on their stocks and charge $10 more, it will be even more ergonomic and help with the noise deadening . I did have one magazine problem when the spring pulled out of the hole and I lost tension and pellets wouldn't rotate. These are miner complaints and should not reflect on the gun but are suggestion for future improvements.

By MichaelUSANovember 8, 2020

I have the .22. Very comfortable to shoot. The trigger is very smooth, has a solid wall, and a crisp let-off. There is no lose or sloppiness in the trigger linkage. I don't have a pull gauge, but I have no reason to adjust it as it came from the factory. The cocking effort is one of the best out there. I have several PCP's and it second best on the list of 9. The cocking lever is easy to change to the left side, just took a few minutes. The magazine is easy to fill and very easy to install in the gun. It can be installed from either side. I don't have a chronograph so I can't verify the speed or the shot count, before any "fall-off". I also shoot offhand, so saying that it's a one hole gun isn't possible, but, it is VERY easy to shoot offhand and at about 18yrds., with a red dot sight, I can get a magazine full into a group just slightly larger than a quarter. The pressure gauge is on the side of the gun, next to the fill socket. Nicely placed, and protected.

The gun does have an odd sound with the "hollow" plastic stock. But that's an easy fix. I put some sound deadening material in the back. Now the odd sounds are gone, with just a couple of oz's of material added. The factory silencer does, a "reasonable" job of cutting the bark. There is no easy way of adding a different or second silencer. The gun is slightly front heavy from the grip as center. This does not affect offhand shooting at all, and should benefit bench shooting. Very easy to hold solidly on target. Fun, easy gun to shoot.

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Is the Reign UXT regulated?

asked Gary from USA


Adam from USA

How many ft3/liters is the air tank size or capacity?

asked James from USA


Ace from USA

How many cubit ft is the Air Tank.

asked James from USA


Ace from USA

i want to change my Walther Reign UXT .22 silencer. can you detail the barrel information

asked Chienhua from USA

Can pellets or slugs that are too long to fit in the magazine be used? Does it come with a "single-shot" tray?

asked Marcus from USA

No it did not


Says the cocking lever is ambidextrous. Is it easy to change?

asked John from USA

Yes, it's a fairly straightforward procedure, with detailed instructions in the manual. I found a few steps "out of sequence" (better accomplished at a different point than the manual states) but if you read through those instructions BEFORE you attempt the switch the necessary changes become apparent. If you're changing the cocking lever you probably also want the safety reversed, too (which isn't described in the manual. With the sides removed, carefully slide the safety out of the right side of the receiver being extremely careful to catch the spring and ball detent which will go downrange and get lost if it gets away from you; turn the safety over end to end and insert it in the LEFT side of the receiver, putting the spring and ball detent back in the recess in the safety. Now the safety works backwards; push from the left with your trigger finger to FIRE.

Bud from USA

How many mags does this rifle come with in .25 cal?

asked Steve from USA


Dangelo from USA

Where can I get extra magazines?

asked James from USA

They MAY be available from UmarexUSA at some future time; they aren't available at present.

Bud from USA

How many pumps to fill tank

asked Mark from USA

Is the moderator removable?

asked Martin from USA

No . not with out some effort.

Stanley from USA

Does anyone know how to remove the suppressor from Walther Reign UXT ? if you do please share thank you very much.

asked Charlie from USA

youtube donny fl Walther Reign. it has a locking retainer clip that has to be put on a lave.

Ace from USA

It seems to be glued on , one person cut his off but I am not going to do that lol. I am going to try a heat gun and warm it up to see if it will turn off after that. I'll try to update this space after I find out how it worked.

Rocky from USA

Is it pressure regulated

asked Mike from USA

They appear to be regulated from full tank to where the regulation falls off. Velocity seems to be the same from full down to around 100 BAR.

Bud from USA

Yes the new guns are regulated

Steve from USA

NO .

Rocky from USA

What is the trigger weight? How smooth? Does it have a good break?

asked Alan Dale from USA

About 3#. Mine breaks smoothly without any creep. I am very impressed with the trigger - better than any other bulldog I've used - air or firearm!

Bud from USA

Does this gun come with the fill probe

asked Kevin from USA

Yes, and mine came with a quick-disconnect adapter attached to the fill probe, which mates to my compressor, hand pump, and fill bottles. Only problem was it wasn't properly tightened, and the first time I tried to fill the rifle, more air leaked than went into the Reign! Tightening the adapter properly quickly resolved that issue...

Bud from USA

Walther Reign UXT come with one magazin and one fill probe.

Charlie from USA

Que capacidad tiene el tanque, y cuando van publicar el vídeo de revisión completa del rifle para ver sus prestaciones desempeño gracias

asked Eva from USA

There are several reviews on Youtbe and if you Google the Walther Reign. They are from the UK. (12 ft lbs) Once we get them in stock we will update the specs and review the gun. Hay varias reseas en Youtube y si googleas el reinado de Walther. Son del Reino Unido. (12 ft lbs) Una vez que los tengamos en stock, actualizaremos las especificaciones y revisaremos el arma.

Mark from USA

When is going to be available .25? Is the moderator removable?

asked Aram

The .25 is available now (in stock at the time I am writing this (4/28/21). The moderator is not removable by normal means. Perhaps a hacksaw might get it off, but don't figure on putting it back on if you remove it this way!

Bud from USA

When is going to be available .25? Is the moderator removable?

asked Aram
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