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Beeman AR2078A

QB78 With Upgraded Target Stock & Diopter Peep sight
  • Code: AR2078A-177 · .177 · 650 fps
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Take your paper punching skills to another level! The same QB78 that is a proven favorite among airgunners but now available with Biathalon style stock. The AR2078A also comes with upgraded fully adjustable diopter sights and a fully adjustable trigger. Filled by two standard 12g CO2 cartridges.
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  • ManufacturerBeeman
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 650 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 7.80
  • Overall Length 39.50
  • Barrel Length 21.50
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Globe w/Aperture Inserts
  • Rear Sights Diopter/micrometer adjustable
  • Shots per Fill 60
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking & target practice
  • Warranty Lifetime limited warranty
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By Alfonso RodriguezJune 8, 2022

Long take up before reaching the final trigger let off. It can be confusing but the pull is very soft. You can get 40 full power shots with one charge and then it diminishes in power. Comes with a key to discharge remaining air so that the air chamber can be opened to change air cartridges. Fun to shoot. Buy the .177 Cal version with the faster muzzle velocity; 650 FPS muzzle velocity may not sound like much but it equates to 443 MPH so this is good for killing small pests at ranges of up to 20 yards with hunting pointed pellets.

Accurate. Designed for 10 meter competition shooting but accurate to 25 meters. It is a Chinese made rifle patterned after a Walther air rifle circa 1970. Bought mine in 2008 from another company that had then exclusive import rights and never had a problem. It is very good for both indoor and outdoor practice when going to the range is inconvenient. Light and good ergonomic stock.

Rear precision is as cheap as they get but to be expected. I threw it away and put on a scope. On occasion I put on it my Anschutz precision match sights from my Anschutz Super Match (22lr) rifle. A good set of precision sights are well over $400.00 but not for a $200.00 practice rifle, I just happened to have one available. Keep the sight if you must. Though I like the stock and it is comfortable for me, it is not for people with long limbs that require a long length of pull if shooting other than bench rest.

By StanUSAJune 30, 2021

No customer service !!!

This rifle performed as expected.

After some time the sear spring broke causing the bolt not to operate. Customer service after some time answered and agreed to send me one. Five weeks later I received 2 o-rings but no spring. Now after 6 months repeated emails and phone calls they don't answer their phone or respond to emails.

By Rick CianfloneUSAMay 10, 2020

The gun is more accurate with the RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line 7.0 grain pistol pellets.

Update on my review back in 2017. I love this rifle, good trigger, now that I’m accustomed to the sights, I’m constantly shooting 36 to 38 out of 40. The sights are entry level, I realized I was left eye dominate so now I wear a blinder. I consistently get over 100 shots out of the CO2 bulbs, but I can hear the report of rifle that the CO2 is starting to drop around 82 shots, I have an indoor range so I can hear it, I go up in elevation, until the I don’t waste pellets.

Needs a adjustable cheek comb and stock. Better sights. But that would raise the price.

By FredUSAAugust 29, 2018

I purchased the .22 Model. With this gun at 10 Meters you get a single ragged hole with RWS Hobby Wadcutter pellets. The diopter sights are easy to get used to and work well.

Gun balances extremely well in your hands when standing. The airgun is generally not pellet picky and does very well with lead free pellets too. Accuracy at 10-20 Meters is awesome. Have shot it out to 30-40 yards also to hit cans without any trouble. I like that this airgun has a degassing tool so you can purge what is left of the CO2 without having to dry fire until pressure is low enough to remove the cap.

By JeffUSAJune 27, 2018

This is an excellent entry level competion air rifle if not more than that. Extremely accurate.

Very well balanced, light weight, sights are great except in low light.

This is an outstanding rifle however the sights are a little hard to see in lower light situatons, however you really don't want to shoot it in lower light anyway which is why I gave it a five star review.

By RickUSAAugust 6, 2017

I'm very, very new to this, actually first air rifle, I don't count the BB gun I had as a kid. I'm very familiar with firearms, having shot IDPA, IPSIC, skeet, sporting clays and 3 gun events. Having alway wanted to get into biathlons and thought this rifle would be an excellent practice rifle. The trigger is excellent, for a $200 rifle I was impressed. The sights, which I am still getting use to, is in my opinion adequate and was no illusion would be anything but adequate. Accuracy, is in my opinion adequate, mainly because I am still getting familiar with everything about this rifle and trying to find out what pellets this rifle likes. I think it's an outstanding rifle for $200. Fit and finish seems adequate for a Chinese made rifle. I am throughly addicted to air rifles. Even with all the perceived "faults" I still think this is a 5 star rifle because of the "fun value".

Excellent trigger.

The sights, adequate for a $200 entry level rifle.

By rbroFebruary 10, 2017

I'm just a casual shooter, but I like accuracy. This rifle was a tack driver right out of the box. Seems to do well with many different pellets. Decent trigger and sights. All in all, very satisfying!

Great feel when shouldered. Excellent price point.


By KeithUSAJanuary 26, 2017

I can consistently hit quarter sized groups or less from 10 meters with this rifle. It is very, very repeatable. My only gripe is the peep sight. Once zeroed in there is absolutely no more travel down and even then it consistently hits about 10mm high at 10 meters. I'll be looking for a replacement sight soon for this one as the quality on this one is not quite up to par.

Very consistent

Mediocre peep sight

By Rick M.November 24, 2016

Well done is how I feel about the gun and the service,

All plus


By MarkUSANovember 5, 2016

I had no idea how much I would love this gun, I was apprehensive at the 2 co2 bulbs but sure enough as others have said 0-70 is right on. In a 30m it is dead on and a vety comfortable trigger at sub 3lbs OTBx. ACCURATE! And co2 powered . The power drop occurs at bulls-eye no idea co2 is low. Next shot is 2 inches low. Just like that. No guessing. For both noob airguners to experienced it will be liked. Stock is fantastic. I have an Olympic Biathlon .22lr and the feel is very similar. Sighting is just like my Biathlon. I would recommend mastering it b4 getting is so, a scope. It is scope ready. Heartedly recommend to a friend, or other.

Accuracy, tightness, looks, trigger, fun!


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Can I order a magazine to go with this rifle or is it only a single shot? I read it was capable of 80 shots per fill and concluded must be a magazine. Could it convert to a magazine?

asked Jeffrey from USA

In .177 and 650fps, will this rifle take out a squirrel? Thanks in advance!

asked John from USA

Anyone have an idea of what brand of pellets this rifle likes?

asked Rick from USA

Cam regular sights be added to this for younger shooters to learn with.

asked bill

I'm new to air rifles, I received a Gamo Raptor Whisper in 177 for my birthday and talk about fun. Now looking for an entry level 10M rifle. On this rifle does it only use the 12G CO2 cyclinders or can I use the 88G ones?

asked Rick from USA

A couple of the comments mention the short bout, but no way to extend it. Is anyone aware of an aftermarket method?

asked Bob

Is the front site removable ?

asked Brian from USA


Ryan from USA

It looks like a split mounting clamp with one screw at the center. If so, you should be able to loosen the screw and remove or even rotate the sight down out of the way...kunk

Larry from USA

no sure. but, it looks like a split clamp design. if you loosen the screw, you may be able to remove the sight or even rotate it down and out of the way...kunk

Larry from USA

Yes, but there is a dove tail in the muzzle brake it attached too. It is a globe sight and different inserts can easily and quickly be put in in place of the traditional 10 m style. Mine came with a post insert too.

Greg from USA


Terry Simpson

It looks like it might be, be I didn't want to force it. I removed the bolt that appears to hold it on, but rocking it firmly from side to side got me nowhere. I ended up scoping the gun, and it's not in the way, so I opted to leave it on.

Anthony from USA

Yes . The complete sight is removable . The inserts are also . 2 inserts are provided


It has a selection of inserts, if that's what you mean.

Andrew from USA

from looking at the blowup of the front site it looks like a side screw with a pressure fit, so the answer should be yes.

Richard from USA

Is this rifle really worth the $189.99 and without any modifications, "out of the box" how tight are the groups and will it "hold" that pattern long term? Reality check, how many shots per CO2 cartridge?

asked Keith B

It is worth even more. Shoots on par with Crossman Challenger. An adjustable butt is available and helps fit the rifle to the shooter better, as stock it has a short pull. 50 shots per 2 cartridge fill. Rear sight is good and works, but it is no $275 sight. I use mine for teaching kids to shoot 10 M target. The rifle is more than capable of .020" 5 shot groups CTC. Very accurate, very user friendly. Very quiet. Mine likes R 10 Match 8.2 gr RWS pellets best. Some have had luck with Daisy wadcutters and some with Crossman wadcutters. I found my second best pellet was R 10 7.0 gr and Beeman Match wadcutters were third best. It is great for young people right out of the box, but for larger people add the after market adjustbutt plate, palm rest and sling attachment and a target sling. The next best target rifle would be the Crossman Challenger with sights. That's an additional $400+ dollars. And it doesn't shoot any tighter.

Greg from USA

I coached a JRAF ROTC team that used this rifle, 8 of them. I do not believe that you can buy any rifle for three times the price that will shoot a tighter group. All eight of the rifles will shoot a one hole group at 10 meters off a rest. You can't ask for more. of course you have to use GOOD pellets, junk will not work. We used the adapter kit and charged the rifles with a bulk CO2 tenk.

James from USA

I have only had the rifle for 2 days, but I think it is. It uses 2 cartridges at a time and I would conservatively estimate a good 80+ shots. It is light, well balanced and easy to point. The grip feels good in the hand and the comb allows a good comfortable cheek weld. The rifle is surprisingly easy to load for a bolt action single. The action itself is all metal and very well made. The sights are in Chinese but they turn in the same directions as usual. The rifle is very accurate and is shooting good groups for me so far. I will try to upload some photographs. Yesterday I wrote that the safety does not work. I was mistaken. The safety works just as it should. I just had to push it into the safe position with a bit more force than I am used to. So far, I would give this rifle top marks. If it continues to perform as it has I would be tempted to say it's the Deal of the Year.

Andrew from USA

Here're some pics.

Andrew from USA

Well it just arrived this morning and it shoots surprisingly well. The stock gives a stable platform, for me anyway. I had to tighten up the barrel screw. Sighted in at 10m and put 25 into 1/4 inch benched. Then put 15/20 in the black standing. If it starts flinging pellets all over the place within 30 days I believe it is returnable. I got 53 shots with Crossman milk cartons before the POI dropped. Put M1 grease on the gas plug threads. The plug washer looks iffy but I've only had the rifle for a few hours so that is subjective comment. It could be the best washer ever, just doesn't look it. I'd pay $189 just for the stock if it had a Made in USA/Germany sticker on it, but it has a Made in China sticker on it, so... It seems to be made on the AK principle, plenty of room between surfaces, you know what I mean? The bolt jammed up. Greased it and fiddled it and figured out how it likes to go into battery. Now, so far, it's AK smooth. Is it worth 190 bucks? I can't say yet. If it keeps working like it does now, yes it is. If it falls apart before the week is up I will let you know.

Andrew from USA

Up above in the description it sez 60 per fill?

Virgil from USA

Can you fit the Ninja reg. hpa bottle to the model gun?

asked Patrick


Scott from USA

can you get it with a lefthand stock ?

asked Richard from USA

No, not currently.

Scott from USA
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