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Benjamin Trail NP® XL MAGNUM, .22 cal

Includes CenterPoint 3-9X40mm Scope

Benjamin Trail NP® XL MAGNUM, .22 cal

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  • Code: BT1122WNP · 0.22 cal · 1100 fps ·
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The XL features a handsome, checkered, hardwood stock. Velocity up to 1100 fps (w/ alloy); 30ft lbs of downrange muzzle energy. Independent research by Intertek found that Nitro Piston technology reduces noise by 70% during the shot cycle comparted with traditional steel spring break-barrels!

Benjamin Trail NP XL MAGNUM Air Rifle
  • With Nitro Piston Technology
  • 70% Less Noise then the competitor’s “quiet” break barrel
  • Gas Piston Technology uses Nitrogen as the power source, instead of a steel Spring
  • Dramatically reduces felt recoil by eliminating the "double hit" and "spring torque" of a steel spring
  • Quicker lock time leads to increased accuracy
  • Hardwood Ambidextrous Stock w/Thumbhole Grip
  • Integral Rail Mounting System – make mounting optics quick and easy
  • Includes: CenterPoint 3-9x40mm with adjustable objective and Mil-Dot reticle, Sling Mount and Swivel Studs

Want more info? You can read a full Benjamin Trail XL Review.
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity1100 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight9.7
  • Overall Length48.25
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity1
  • MechanismGas piston
  • OpticsVariable / 1 inch Tube
  • RailWeaver Mount
  • SafetyManual
  • Trigger Pull3.5
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Benjamin Trail NP® XL MAGNUM, .22 cal
80 Reviews
63% (50)
23% (18)
5% (4)
6% (5)
4% (3)
74% Recommend this product (59 of 80 responses)
By Justin
February 18, 2011
Iv owned my XL-1100 for about a year now. I love this gun, the entire package was perfect. It is exactly what i wanted in a gun. Affordable, quiet, powerful and accurate! It took about 500 rounds till it settled down and started to group well. I have fired about 4,000 pellets through this gun, i have never cleaned the barrel and i am getting groups of about 3/4" at 60 yards. I can pick off shotgun shells at 60yds with no problems. The gun is put together well. I recommend lock-tighting the screws and upgrading to the GTR-III trigger from charlie da tuna. The stock trigger sucks!! The scope it comes with is adequate, it works fine but i will probably upgrade scopes very soon. The package comes with a free sling, very cool! Its an excellent choice for hunting small to medium sized game. You will not have any problems making a humane kill on birds, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, all the way op to a medium sized fox. This gun is only as accurate as you are and the pellets you shoot. I use C.P's and CP-HP's for plinking and messing around, but i stick to my JSB exacts 14.3gr, the JSB's are VERY consistant and will hold amazing groups with this gun. If your looking for a small teenagers gun, look elsewhere. This is a serious airgun and takes alot of skill and practice to shoot well. Use the artillery hold and you will be driving nails with it. Hope this helps. Later gents.
By nate d.
trail xl .22
October 30, 2010
ive let this fully break in, so i decided to write one more review

first, just because this rifle isnt in airgundepot's varmint hunting section, it doesnt mean its not good for it, i know its good for it

ive taken, 4 squirrels with headshots, and 3 with chest chots, all dropped instantly, i blew a sparrow's head off at 20yds with a crosman premier ultra magnum pellet.

my coolest kill, an opossum at 30yds with one shot between the eyes!!!

if you want a hunting rifle, that is affordable, this is it, also the .25 preforms well
By Dan
Western il
Not reliable
December 6, 2019
Bought the gun with great expectations & was completely let down. Had it for less than a yr & she quit holding pressure. Trigger, gun weight, were also issue's. Looking for a new gun now.
By Spike
Diamond Bar California
Excellent Gun
August 9, 2019
This is by far one of the best Pellet Guns I have ever owned
Accurate Quite and the price is reasonable
No more squirrels
No more Wood peckers
No more Crows
No more rabbits
By David
North Muskegon, MI
Beautiful, accurate, troublesome.....
June 18, 2019
Beautiful, accurate, but, in my case, severely flawed. Barrel shroud is so loose it slips a couple of inches every time the rifle is cocked. Crosman says that they will ship me a new shroud and some o-rings; apparently they believe this will solve the problem. Hope so. We shall see. Until this matter is resolved, my rifle remains a wall- hanger.
ProsBeautiful wood stock. accurate.
By BritishDriver
Frustrating But Haven't Given Up
May 30, 2019
In my honest opinion: I own a BT1122WNP that was purchased through Amazon 5 years ago and I now have 500 pellets through the barrel. Since then I have replaced the trigger, because I didn't like the original trigger and an improvement was available. The original scope and rings were replaced this year because the Center Point no longer kept zero. Your rings will come loose even if torque specifications are used. I have been taught the forward/reverse recoil produced at the almost 30fpe by this rifle causes this. Hawke Optics told me their Vantage line was not designed to withstand the heavy spring gun recoil. The AirMax line has been designed to handle those heavier recoiling rifles as has the Endurance, Sidewinder, and Frontier. Vortex recommends their Diamondback or better and Leupold states any of their scopes will hold up. I will also admit, for me, with the right pellet and my ability as of now this is only a 16yard rifle. This is the only break action rifle I have ever owned and have been told it wasn't the best choice for a first break action. I now agree.
By Tom
Excellent Hunting Rifle
November 28, 2018
I've owned this Benjamin Trail NP XL ( 1100 ) chambered in .22 for about 8 years now. The gun is an excellent hunting rifle. I replaced the piston seal with the Walther Falcon seal and lubed with moly several years ago. I have also replaced the plastic bushings with oil-lite bronze washers. All the screws are loc-tited down. I have added a Bullseye ZR scope mount and a Hammers 3-9 x 40 AO scope. When scoped the rifle shoots quite accurately and I have taken too many rabbits, squirrels and raccoon to count. This gun likes 14 gr Crosman & 18 gr JSBs. I have taken small game out to 60 yrs with this rifle. If I do my part, this gun will hold a quarter sized shot group at 50 yards. This is not a good choice for a beginning air gunner, as it takes concentration and good form to shoot well. The gun weighs about 13 lbs with the scope mounted and the cocking force is around 50 lbs. In my opinion this gun is an awesome small game hunting rifle.

Airgun Depot is a pleasure to deal with.
ProsPowerful Gas Ram Break Barrel Rifle
Best UsesHunting
By Elayyan
, jordan
I don’t have it , but i fall in love with this rifle
November 26, 2018
Itā€™s will be the one I want to buy soon,
When i get the money lol
By Ken
To inaccurate
August 12, 2018
I bought this riffle as a big brother to the Benjamin Trail NP that I have and really enjoy. Very seldom do I miss with the other gun and I love the way it was built. So when I decided I wanted to use it for larger critters around my home I figured the bigger Benjamin Trail NP XL would be a no brainer. I was very pleased with the new gun when I got it. Yes it was heavy but I read the reviews on that and was ready for it. It is heavy but i'm not gonna say that its so heavy it's a down fall. Not for what I wanted the rifle for. The trigger was much better than the stock trigger on the other Benjamin but I still had to add the longer screw. There was adjustment on the stock screw on this riffle but not enough for my liking. I absolutely love the power of this gun. It hits good and hard, just never in the same spot. It doesn't matter the hold, the pellet, if used on a rest. At just under 15 yards I can't get a group smaller than 2 inches and its going to drop out or zing out at least 1 pellet in 6 at least 4 inches out. High or low, left or right depending on the guns whim. I've run better than 1000 pellets through the gun and have tried different weights, points, and makes. I've tightened and lock tightened the screws that did come loose in the beginning when trying to break in. I can hit the heck out of a soda can with this gun at 15 yards but if you want to hit a penny sized bulls eye at 15 yards consistently forget it. So as far as using this for bigger critters around here, absolutely not. I'll be buying something else and selling this gun as a plinking only gun of targets larger than 3 inches.
ProsReally love how solid the gun feels and the power that comes out of it.
ConsNot at all consistent accuracy. Way to long of a break in period. Extremely pellet fussy. Cannot find a brand or type of pellet that this riffle will group well without multiple fliers even shooting the pellet it seems this gun prefers.
Best UsesPlinking. Knocking soda cans off fence posts at close range.
By Ken
To inaccurate for to long
July 8, 2018
I bought my first Benjamin Trail .22 cal riffle that maxed at 950 fps years ago and love it. Within 50 shots in that gun was zeroed and taking out 9 out of 10 gophers in my yard and once in a while I'd go for a squirrel for cooking up. Not always did it kill the squirrel first shot though so I limited them. I've got rabbits around too but decided not to go for them with that gun. So I bought this bigger Benjamin Trail .22 cal. I.m more populated with squirrel and rabbits now than gophers. And both are delicious. I'm residential so even a sub sonic .22 rim fire is a little to loud and would travel to far if I missed I believe. I'm also starting to see more and more opossums and raccoons. I figured this gun would be perfect after reading the reviews and studying the fps required for small and medium game hunting and varmint control so I bought it. Good news is they fixed the trigger. I did the screw change on my other Benjamin and this one fires just as fast and easily as that one. So I believe that's what they've changed on this one. I'm very happy with the trigger. Bad news is I've ran better than 300 pellets through this gun pushing 400 and it still won't group in tighter than an 5 inch square. I've tried all different points and weights staying near 16 to 20 grain. Forget the 14.3 grain. They spread like a shotgun. This gun hates them. It's best so far with Baracuda Match or the H&N Sport Terminators. Even then you're doing good to keep a 5 inch pattern at 50 feet. Doesn't matter if shooting artillery hold or on a soft gammo bag.1 out of 8 rounds will hit bullseye. The others, up, down, left, and right. I'm guessing it is still in "Break in Mode"? Which to me after this many rounds is ridiculous. I put a bruise on my thigh the one day running rounds though it breaking it in. It's cocking easier now, it's quieting down now, it just shoots very inconsistent. Very disappointed in this Benjamin Trail vs my old one.
By Bruce M.
Columbia, SC
Great Airgun
June 15, 2018
I must say this a very well made piece! Very easy to assemble and zero the sight! Extremely accurate!
By Kenneth
Best airgun I've shot.
May 19, 2018
Well I've had my new gun for about a week. Shot several hundred rounds through it. Most accurate gun I've ever shot. I have a Gamo that might hit 3 out of 10 shots in the kill zone of a small animal. This gun after only around 100 rounds is stacking them In a dime size circle. Some are actually going in the same hole. I set zero at 32 yards and have done 6 headshots the first week on squirrels. They don't have a chance. Mine loves the Crossman premium round nose the best but will out shoot my Gamo with anything i put through it. My only complaint would be the trigger. Please Benjiman Crossman put a better trigger in your new ones. After doing the 5mm x 8mm x 2.5mm bearing conversion and installing the 3mm x 12mm screw i now have an almost perfect air rifle. It's a little heavy, and a little hard to cock if your weak, but i would recommend this rifle to any serious air rifle enthusiasts. Its definitely not a toy. It will shoot the back out of a 3/4" piece of plywood at 32 yards with the 14.3 grain lead pellets. I love this gun..
Best UsesHunting or target.
By Mark
Trail NP XL Wears The Crown
April 19, 2018
I have had this rifle for a little more than 24 hours and I'm here already writing my review. I paid the thing off at a local gun shop yesterday, brought it home, took the Center Point scope off of it and replaced it with my own 4-16x50AO with an illuminated reticle. I followed a few reviewer suggestions of not touching the gun before taking it out, just see where it sets its base level of performance. It took 4 shots and on the 5th it nailed bullseye to sight it in.

Let me put that in to perspective for you: I purchased a Hatsan Mod 95 spring piston back in January and shot over 1000 rounds in that stupid thing and it never settled out. The Quattro trigger was awful. As well, I picked up a Mendoza M12 for $75 and, while it shot well, and was very accurate at 25 yards, it had no substantial power past 50 yards.

Those have both been sold and I was missing having a .22 so I opted for the Benjamin based upon a few things: stock weaver rail, nitro piston, 900+fps .22, sling mounts already on the gun, and a decent wood stock.

This is where the NP XL takes over puts its crown on and shows a person what an air gun is really supposed to be able to do. Yes, cheap guns are fun. They're fun to buy because they cost next to nothing, you can tinker all day if you want, take them back apart and tinker some more, it's fine. But, I took this thing straight off the shelf at a gun shop and it started grouping after the 6th shot. I ran about 150 rounds through it at the range today and was completely blown away by the accuracy and consistency, even in a bit of a head wind. Pin point accuracy, even with a long initial stage trigger with no real defined break point.

I agree with some who have said the trigger is far better than what other people say. I've never shot an incredibly high end trigger before. I'm sure when a person drops a thousand on a gun they have expectations. This is a $250 airgun. There are minor trade offs that can be handled effectively if adjustment is necessary. I shot it all day feeling exactly where it breaks. While it had a long first stage, the second stage broke in the same spot every time. Figuring it out is where I think this trigger loses the seasoned shooter who judge this as a negative aspect of the gun.

I found a video on YouTube last week that detailed removing the original 5mm screw and replacing it with a 10mm screw to shorten the first stage and make the second stage break point more crisp. I happened to have the screw and swapped it out. I did two test fires and it feels like any other fully adjustable two stage trigger now with a very light, well defined, crisp second stage break point. In other words, the longer screw fixes all of the trigger woes.

A word about the cocking of this thing. Get your game on. After 125 rounds through the gun in a day, it's tiring. I highly recommend lubricating the bear trap mechanism right off the bat. It will help with the initial break of the barrel. Lubricate all hinge points and contact surfaces. It helps. It will keep you shooting longer. It is definitely tough to cock but not impossible. It just lets you know that there's serious pressure behind it in the compression chamber. Definitely not something a young kid would be able to do easily and for very long.

It's heavy. With my 4-16x50 scope, it clocks in at 10.8lbs. It's a beast but it's not impossible to manage. The weight seems to stabilize the shot, so it works for itself in many ways. It's got kick, too. But not an uncontrollable shocker like the Hatsan Mod 95. The recoil seems to not affect the hold nor the accuracy. It is smoother than anything I've shot.

I have no idea of what kind of velocity it's shooting at because I don't own a Chrony. I can only assume it's shooting near the information that's already been covered by a few reviewers. They all seems to say the roughly same numbers. It's not near 1100fps, nor even 1000fps. But what ever it's doing with 14.3 grain pellets will go through a half inch piece of pine at about 20 yards. I realize pine is no measure of velocity, but if damage were any kind of gauge, it does plenty. I shot mainly Beeman Round Nose 15.2Gr today and switched back and forth between Crosman Dome 14.3. The Crosman skirts are too rigid and don't seat well enough. They leave a mess of lead particles at the breech when loading. The Beeman have much softer skirts that fit much better, expand easier, and are shockingly more accurate the Crosman Domes.

A few days ago, I took the time to read every review about the Trail NP XL Magnum .22 and I have to agree. It is the king of the break barrels. of the four rifles I've purchased in the last few months, this one wears the crown. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for more power than the average .22 spring piston. It shoots better all around. I may even have to go pick up the .25 cal just to add it to the collection.
ProsWhat you get for the money you pay; plenty of power, very accurate, the weaver rail keeps that scope right where it's supposed to be. Trigger is actually decent if you adjust it properly.
ConsCocking is a bit tough, but lubricating the bear trap mechanism, all hinge points, and contact surfaces helps.
Best UsesI use it for target. It's not easy, but it's accurate. That's what counts.
By Blair
Marion, Alabama
Benjamin trail xl 1100 Perfect hunting gun!
February 12, 2018
My xl 1100 is not hold sensitive even though my ruger impact is very hold picky. I absolutely love this gun. I could shoot squirrels upside down if It was needed to and it wouldn't make a difference. It's just that easy to handle. Maybe mine is just special or something but it's the truth. I shoot gamo red fire pellets and they did so well that I never had to try any others. I can shoot pigeons or doves and there's just the loud thud of the pellet smacking him and a big poof of feathers going everywhere and then the bird drops. Big power! I can shoot squirrels anywhere on the body or head and they dispatch easily. It's almost like cheating when even if you did miss, the gun is still so quiet that they don't even know I'm shooting at them most of the time. If I do miss then it's definitely my fault. The scope is actually surprisingly good. It's about like a bushnell banner or a tasco world class or any of those types of pretty decent scopes. As long as it will last from the 2 way recoil from the gun. You have to grab it and cock it like you mean it but it's not anything to wine about. It has to be a tight spring to throw a pellet down the barrel the way it does. Don't even think about it anymore. JUST BUY IT!
ConsHeavier than some others but the power is well worth the weight it costs.
In the hills, "Gold" country, California
This is an air gun? Quite impressive!
September 19, 2017
The only problem I have is cocking it, at 77 years young it's quite a chore. At first it took two men and a boy to break open the barrel. I feel like it's a big game hunting rifle. So far, one turkey down and many to go.
By Michael
Temecula, CA
Excellent rifle
June 13, 2017
I really like the Trail NP XL. It seems to be well made, but the scope that came with it was defective. The windage knob does not adjust anything just goes around and around make a subtle clicking noise in either direction. Used a laser bore sighter, field stand and a splatter burst target at 10 yards to attempt to zero in the rifle first, then removed the laser bore sighter and confirmed the lack of windage correction firing pellets, all shots were about 7 or 8 inches to the left. Confirming exactly the position shown on the lack of elevation correction with the laser sighter. Rifle may be a 5 star but how do I know if I can't get it sighted in and it does not have any open sights, so you need a scope.

ProsSeems to be a well made rifle. Hopefully I'll be sent a good scope so I can see if the accuracy is as good as its supposed to be. Can't wait to revisit the review after testing with a working scope. I guess I could take a scope off one of my other rifles and see. But Airgun Depot owes me a working scope.
ConsLet me see how the replacement scope works (or not).
By Ron
Atlanta, GA
WOW !!!
January 20, 2017
I am 68 years old and have not owned an air rifle since I was a kid. I recently bought myself a Christmas present in the Benjamin np xl 1100, "WOW", I had no idea there was this much power and accuracy in an air gun ! I have been having just one heck of a great time plinking with my present. So much so I wanted something in .177 so I just might get another XL next Christmas.
ConsI didn't start earlier.
By Chris
Arnold, Maryland
Can't go wrong
January 16, 2017
You can't go wrong with this rIfle! If your looking for a gun that has the power and accuracy to take down anything from dove to big racoons... look no further.
I can't say enough about it, just a great gun!
ProsAccurate, quite (unless you use PBA, they break the sounds barrier)
ConsHeavy!! Heaviest air gun I have ever held! Is a work out to cock too! But nothing that would get in the way when hunting. I shoot morning doves from a chair in a blind (Not the most convenient for cocking but I can do it) and I usually get a few before they all fly off.
By Mike M.
Garland, Texas
Excellant purchase
January 9, 2017
Shoots well, enjoyed this purchase over the holiday.
By Big J.
Lake Isabela, CA
Benjamin Trail NP Mag in 22 cal
December 23, 2016
Fun gun, great hit power. The included scope a plus. Have heard bad things about trigger but my gun is accurate and smooth shooting right out of the box. This gun has some great power. I mainly use it for pests and target practice. Love it.
ProsGreat gun accurate and hard hitting for a break barrel. Not bad to break and love the included sling mounts.
ConsNone so far
By Juan D.
Naguabo, Puero Rico
Strong rifle, not a toy.
December 22, 2016
it is a very strong rifle, something heavy. With the first shot I realized that I must be extremely careful where I shot. It is capable of killing a large lizard. I never manage to do it with my old Crosman .!77 rifle. I did not like that it was made in China, I prefer products made in US. I felt somewhat frustrated at first by the inconsistency of the shots, but after the first 200 shots, it became a accurate. I feel happy with my new rifle.
ProsVery strong rifle, not a toy. Nice to manage scope.
ConsQuite heavy. You must be strong to handle the break barrel.
By Jason J.
August 24, 2016
Just received my new NP XL 1100,scope mounted,ready to go sling lead and plink to break her in.
Update ASAP
By Bill
Benjamin Trail NP XL Magnum .22
August 10, 2016
Very impressed with quality and power of this rifle ! Love it ! Very simple and easy to order on line at Airgun Depot. They kept me informed all the way to actual delivery on my doorstep. Would order from them again. (Looking at a Hatsun 125 for my next one! ). The Benjamin is very accurate hitting 1" bullseyes at 25 yards once sighted in. Found that Crossman Premier Hollow point 14.3 gram pellets worked the best. Split open a full 12 oz Soda can from top to bottom at entry and left a dime sized exit hole with the hollow point at 25 yards. Could not say anything but "wow". Thank you Benjamin !
ProsQuality, power, accuracy
ConsTook some experimenting to find the right pellet, but once I did, the Crossman Premier Hollow point is hard to beat.
By ubaid
Sacramento, California
barrel wont hold tight in place
May 14, 2016
This is over all a great gun with the exception of one problem I've ran in to recently. Everytime I cock the barrel to reload and straighten the barrel back up it won't hold in place tightly, it'll sometimes fall back down šŸ˜–šŸ˜¢ this I find very upsetting, I've owned this gun for about 3 years but less than 1,500 pellets through it. I'm dissapointed with this situation. That is why I give it a 2**. Apart from that it's not (city backyard friendly, too loud) although it's powerful it will bring down anything you aim at within reasonable distance.
ProsPowerful, perfect for rabbit's, squirrels, rats/mice, pegion, raccoons and other animals around this size. It really does deliver a powerful punch.
ConsLoudness even with the bull barrel witch supposed to quite it Down. Not for in city backyard. Poor lock back barrel, accuracy, bad trigger from Benjamin manufacture. Use UTGIII CHARLIE DE TUNA trigger. If I had the chance again I'd buy RWS 48 in a heart beat over this in .22 cal.
By Gary
Longview Wa.
Can't beat it for the price.
April 26, 2016
I received my rifle in a timely manor. It had a couple small dings but acceptable. Looked like it occurred at factory by their locations. A nice looking rifle, both stock and blueing. Not perfect but nice. I have 1400 rounds through it now, well broke in. 22 lbs of muzzle energy is the best of 17 pellets tested. H & N seem to work best. All are way below specs. A home tuning I believe could bring gun up close to specs. Everything came factory loose which made for easy disassembly. I have new seals for piston and breech. Grt III already installed. Could not get used to the long pull. All in all it is a good gun for the price. Get real I have scopes that cost twice as much.
ProsA good rifle and with some TLC and in the right hands, it can become a favorite. Gun shoots well with good technique. Sand bag with artillery hold.
ConsTrigger, Get out the lock tite, but this should be commen practice with a new gun anyway.
By Mike
Midland Texas
Great Rifle for the Price
March 3, 2016
Purchased this item for birthday, use it for culling the population of gophers in my yard... Excellent power and range
ProsGood price, awesome quality, very powerful
ConsJust a tad on the heavy side
By John
Boise, Idaho
Great powerful .22, love it!
January 29, 2016
This .22 will scare you with its power and accuracy. Very impressive! It destroyed an airgun trap target in about 6 shots. The gun will keep a group of 10 in the size of a nickel at 30 feet, no problem! I would consider this the norm for this gun because I repeat this group over and over again. Get chamber oil for it as recommended. It's heavy but that's why it is so accurate. I would buy again easy "yes."
By Aidan B.
Toano Virginia
Very nice hunting rifle
January 3, 2016
Great gun, I shot it about a 1,000 times and keeps on truckin. The only problem with with the exterior is a small crack in the wood where the barrel meets the piston. Overall great gun for small game.
Prosshoots as fast as a 22lr economic to shoot good quality
Conslittle on the heavy side scope is not good quality
By Jamie T.
New Jersey
Years I've used this XL .22-1100
November 24, 2015
Have never enjoyed a air gun quite like this one. From hunting to target shooting. Time & Time again. Amazing what this Benjamin xl 1100 can do consistently. Silicone spray for maintenance now and then and your off enjoying any day with this gun. Enjoy !!!! I know I have been.
Prossimple to operate. Consistent shot pattern. Many different pellets to pick from for your desire. Powerful years into use.
ConsTrigger needs hours of use to break in.
By Keith
Caldwell, ID
Nice shooting rifle
January 23, 2015
Bought this rifle after having terrible luck with Hatsans failing. First the rifle is a bit heavy but feels very solid. Before firing cleaned the barrel with JB bore paste, tightened all the screws. Small amount of dieseling to start with but not bad. The scope that comes with the gun was impressive very clear optics but sadly was defective so I put a Hawke 3-9x40 on it that I was going to use anyway. Rifle sighted in very easily at 25yds and from a bench rest shoots one hole groups, I was amazed at the accuracy and it doesn't seem to be pellet sensitive. Velocity is rather good after a 200 shot break in it shoots chps 14.3gr at 904fps, benjamin 14.3 at 915fps and H&N Baracuda hunter 18.2gr at 795fps. Tested some H&N hps 12.65gr @974fps. The rifle now has over 500 shots through it and has increased velocity just a bit. This is about the smoothest and quitest rifle I have shot. After shooting a springer you feel like you want to check and make sure this rifle is actually working. Does not seem hold sensitive I shoot one hole groups from bench and about .5" off hand at 25yds holding about the same as I would my hunting rifles. With regards to the scope, one call to Centerpoint and they replaced the scope no hassel great service. No the rifle doesn't shoot 1100fps but in the big picture it put a 14.3gr pellet out there faster than most and with great accuracy at least mine does. As for the trigger, yes it is poor and Crossman should put a better trigger in their upper level rifles. For the record I did fix the trigger before sighting in the rifle so that it breaks at a clean 1.5lbs. Overall a very nice rifle maybe not the best but most certainly better than most.
ProsVery accurate, smooth shooting and rather quiet. Has sling attachment which is really nice as this rifle weighs 10lb 4oz with scope mounted, many air rifles have no sling attachment so it is nice to have a sling allows you to comfortably carry the rifle while hunting. Good customer service from Centerpoint and Crossman easy to order parts as I ordered piston seals and breech seals for when these wear out just to have on hand. Also AGD for fast delivery and well packaged product.
ConsWeight, not sure why air guns need to weigh the same as a 458 win mag. I know they can be lighter. I would love to see after market stocks sold such as a standard style stock in synthetic with about 2 pounds knocked off the weight or sell a synthetic stock version as an option. Poor trigger, come on Crossman step up and put a nice trigger in your upper level guns.
By gerald
backwoods mississippi
a quality killer
November 18, 2014
benjamin trail NP nitro with beeman 4x32 scope, 22 cal pellet rife. paid $85 new at a thrift store. now for the good and the bad. this is a very solid rifle, strong shooting, little recoil, quiet as goes an air gun compared to a rim fire rifle, nice design, and not extremely expensive for this quality if you pay under $175. has all the specs that the manufacturer attributes to it so read crossmans/benjamins blurb. you're not likely to exceed 900 fps although some people report they do. expect 750 to 850 routinely with varying weight 0.22 pellets. i've put over 2000 rounds through this with varying degrees of success: defined by kills, targets, and groups using anywhere from crossman 14.5gr to 21gr beeman pellets, either pointed or rounded (domed). i prefer domed b/c i believe they have a greater ft/lbs of energy on impact, and like pointy tipped pellets, do not go all the way through small game such as squirrels or birds. thats just my preference for shoot to kill.

now the bad: at first i used a 3 x 9 x 40 bushnell scope on the pitcanny rails. not so good for the scope and that's what made me think was keeping the gun from shooting quarter size groups at 15 yards. the scope actually was part of the problem so i replaced it with a beeman 4 x 32 simple air rifle scope. ( prefer 40mm instead of 32) . anyway the rifle did shoot more consistently accurately, but the funny thing is it would never retain the settings. still doesnt after ovver 2000 pellets. early on i found frequent tightening of the stock screws was necessary (dont loctite them, use teflon pipe tape. holds well as loctite) from one day of shooting to the next. one persons review mentioned that the screws on his rifle stock could be to long and therefore hitting the barrel inside the stock. never occured to me so i will try a shorter screw. also found frequent adjustment of trigger pull needed but have since learned to feel my way through the trigger force and manage to get better target groups . all in all i cannot get this rifle to maintain 1" groups from day to day. every day requires rechecking and resighting. cant say that that is definetly the gun, the scope, the screws, the trigger, or me and of course all those things make for great target and game shooting. i am a skilled marksman in the field, on the range, and off hand shooting but i'll be damned if i can pin point the source of this aggravation.

nevertheless this is a fine pellet rifle and no more. good for small game. people who say they are killing coyotes with it must be using poison tipped curare or explosive c-4 heads on their pellets b/c the coyotes i've shot and killed would never have stopped running if i used a 22 pellet. uh, maybe if they were sleeping and i shot them point blank in the brain with a 22 pellet, just maybe. gerald [email protected]
Prosnothing further to add
Consmaybe the trigger, the screws, or some other aspect of the rifle that may interfere with superior target groups.
By Marc
great gun very powerfull , off balance
September 4, 2014
gun of balance at 4 feet gun shut is one foot below target, had to RMA and get replacement , call Crossman they said it is defective,
ProsAIRGUNDEPOT IS GREAT offered replacement
By Billy
Waimanalo, HI
Great Gun
July 8, 2014
First shots was getting better the more I shot this rifle. Then all of a sudden the shots would shoot all over the place. I had a upgraded scope from Leapers, it was the UTG 4-16x50. When I changed back to the scope that came with the rifle, I would shoot really tight groupings at 30 yards. So buyers beware, The guns recoil after the shot can damage expensive scopes. Yes this gun does have a kick to it so hold it tight and pull the trigger smoothly. I use JSB exact jumbo heavy diabalo 18.13gr. Its a fun rifle to have and as accurate as the shooter. I do plan on getting a better scope after more research on scopes that can handle the recoil from this gun.
ProsAccurate and powerful for the money. Yes I said for the MONEY!
ConsMy wallet now has only dust and spider webs in it. Ha Ha Ha just joking :)
By Sing
Riverview, Florida
Pin point accuracy
May 23, 2014
Love this air rifle. I own five different air rifles and this one outshines them all. I did a modification on the trigger with a simple tiny washer and it made a hell of a difference on my shooting with a dime grouping from thirty yards out.
ProsBeautifully crafted and nicely made
ConsOriginal trigger needs upgrade
By Lawrence
Adelanto, CA
Benjamin makes the best break barrel.
May 1, 2014
This gun is no joke. Seems like Benjamin is on to something. I should know I liked it so much bought Xl 1500-1100-725.These are all tops in the break barrel class. Not for kids or small adults due to weight and cocking effort. That said The XL line is the best.
ProsHitting power-shoots all pellets, long and short. Fun Fun Fun. Money well spent. Quiet. Hits what you shoot at. Good package.
By Ron
Dallas, Texas
Great shooting gun with plenty of power
March 30, 2014
once I had broken this gun in and set the scope, it has become a squirrels worst nightmare. My Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 just loves to shoot JSB Diablo Jumbos and Predator Polymags. The stopping power of the .22 is great compared to my old Titan XS in .177, makes me wonder what it would do in .25 caliber! You just have to always check the scope mounts since they tend to loosen up after shooting all day. The trigger is still firm but not as long as a pull as on the Titan, thinking about ordering one from CDT.
Proshas plenty of power to take out pests and is very accurate with the right ammo
Constrigger is still too heavy but shorter, the scope mounts are terrible with a single locking screw but these are easily fixed
By Kreon
Extremely POWERFUL
February 13, 2014
acurate and nice to shoot
Prospowerful, acurate
Conshard to cock, bad trigger
By Frank
Covington, LA
Its a beast when modified
December 21, 2013
For the longest time, I could not get this rifle to group. I tried every pellet brand, scope, and cleaning of barrel, etc you can think off with mixed results. I finally decided to do my own mod and turn this rifle to an iron sight one. I purchased the following from amazon:
1- UTG Model 4/16 Complete Match-grade Rear Sight
2- UTG Universal Single-Rail Barrel Mount with 2 Picatinny Slots
3- UTG Low Profile Detachable Front Sight

Total cost of the three items with Prime shipping was $50.69. The rear sight attaches unto the rifle's weaver rail. You use item #2 to attach front sight post. The clamp is tight and you will need to get longer bolts at home depot to attach it to the barrel. Line it up the best you can so its centered with the topside of the rifle.

I sighted the rifle first at 10 yards and then at 25 yards. I got quarter size groups now consistently and no pellet flyers at all. I use cheap crosman premier pellets and they work great. I wish I would have done this when I first got the rifle. I was frustrated with it now.
Prospowerful and accurate (with above mod)
Consget rid of the scope
By Dan
Olmsted falls, OH
Big and powerful
December 20, 2013
Nice accurate strong gun the scope is adequate for now I'll probably upgrade later on along with the trigger which seems unpredictable as to when it will fire it has way too much travel in my opinion the adjustment screws do little for correcting the problem aside from these easily correctable flaws it's a good gun. If not for the cheap looking stock which I feel should be better considering the price of the gun I probably would have given it 5 stars
ProsGood knock down power large barrel helps ease cocking effort
Consneeds a better trigger poor quality stock
By Rick
Ottawa, Ontario
Excellent gun after some work
December 7, 2013
Bought this gun for target and hunting.
Out of the box it looks great.
Lift it out and you feel the heft of a solid rifle, it turns out to be the heaviest gun I own with scope attached
Some minor fit and finish defects, but I'm picky, being a fine tool manufacturer.
Started with a thorough cleaning, then mount the scope.
Scope seems to be decent visually.
Now time to chuck some lead and sight it in.
After about 200 rounds of various pellets, from 14 gr. to 21gr. I get decent groups at 30 yds., but every 20 shots or so I get an errant shot about 5-6 inches off target.
Then I have to re-sight the scope. Hmmm
Tighten up the scope, mount the gun on a cradle on a two inch tripod and line it up to center on target.
Take 10 shots and then I notice the cross-hairs are off, I suspect loose optics within the scope.
Realign and go again, this time I get 3 in ten shots that are out to lunch, and scope is out again.
Contact Crossman, and They quickly send me another scope, a nicer unit with red and green illuminated reticule.
Cool, back at it again.
Same setup, but now results are better, crosshairs stay on target, but still get occasional pellet off target, this time using crossman primier dome.
About 1 of 10 are off target by about 3 inches, i want a tack driver not a shotgun.
Time to inspect the gun.
Dissasemble and look for defects, focussing on the barrel.
Breech end looks good, some minor burrs, but nothing to have an effect on the shot.
Remove the bull barrel cover and inspect the crown and muzzle.
Uh oh, heavy burrs on the end of the countersunk muzzle.
Meaning the pellet can leave the barrel with uneven contact.
Next step is to fix this.
I have some diamond impregnated round rubber sticks for polishing tools.
I use a belt sander and mount the stick in a cordless drill and point the stick to match the angle of the countersink.
Leaving it in the drill, i plug the barrel with a cleaning pellet and start to spin the stick in the muzzle, slowly i see the burrs wear away.
Once i have the muzzle burr free, a mirror finish countersink with no burrs, push out the felt pellet and clean the barrel.
Reassemble the gun.
Back to the cradle and realign scope to center on target.
After getting the scope dialed in, my first shot was dead center, then the next missed!
Or did it, walk downrange and see the slight double hole, i'm now getting excited.
20 more shots, and most in the same hole!1/4" spacing in 22 shots.
Move out to 50 yds.
10 shots now using a rest and artillery hold. ( a very loose version)
1" in spacing! Results that i want from this gun.
Now back to the workshop and test this gun on the chrony.
I am trying to stay under speed of sound, so no alloy shots tried.
3 different weights from 14 to 21 grain
The range is 740 fps avg for the 21
810 for 18
960 for 14
I decide to go light keeping the trajectory flatter
For accuracy a can actually drive tacks!!! ( i had to try)
10 upholster tacks driven in 11 shots, and i mean driven!
3/8 plywood and the tacks were pushed right through into backstop.
Ok squirrel test is next.
80 yds and a head shot resting it on a fence, good eating for sure.
So now I have a true tack driver, with big hitting power.
Last test
Gun range at 100 yds.
Resting on a bench, i take 10 shots, i new i was close, but could not see it well enough using domes.
Ceasefire is called and i just about run to the target, results are impressive 1-5/8 " shot pattern.
Now i am happy, the rifle shooters at the range were asking for a turn after they see the holes in the backboard.
Its broke in and quiet, even quiter than any of my lower power springers.
So yes i reccomend this gun, even with the work i had to do, its great power and accuracy for the price.
I hope this helps future np owners.
ProsPower, accuracy
ConsTrigger pull
By Kuo
Dunwoody, GA
Great Rifle
December 7, 2013
I bought this air rifle a year ago. Great one. It is the most powerful break barrel rifle I've ever seen. It just gives you different kind of shooting experience. I used to shoot firearm and XL-1100 is close to that. I use crosman Hollow Point 14.3gr, and the muzzle speed is about 880 fps. The gun is normally accurate. Also bad bad trigger, but it's OK. Also, this gun IS loud! I mean, I have a TITAN GP .22 rifle and GP is way quieter than XL-1100.
Prosvery very powerful. You are gonna love its power
ConsTrigger sucks. Loud
By Greg C.
San Leandro, California
Worth the $$$
September 21, 2013
Bought this gun 3 months ago and finally got around to shooting it. I was worried about accuracy after reading reviews of the XL 1100 but that was short lived after I got it sited in. I used a homemade gun rest I made out of scrap wood I had, and this helped with my shot placement reproducibility while shooting in my basement (which is ~10 yds in length). After shredding a number of targets I was getting good groupings, so I taped a quarter to the target and hit it each of the 3 shots I took. I used a phone book to tape the targets to and boy did I destroy it! The gun is a little heavy but not too bad for an adult (not a kids toy), and the recoil surprised me the first shot I took but I haven't shot anything in years besides an old .177 Crossman rifle I bought years ago. I bought this gun to use at my retirement house down in the mountains from the SF Bay Area where I live and I can hardly wait for the upcoming weekend (going down for my 53rd birthday) so I can try it out at some longer distances. I'm sure I won't be disappointed. The noise level when shooting is low and my neighbors said they couldn't here me plinking away. I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a powerful, accurate rifle.

I was going to order it from Walmart so I could go and pick it up at the store by my house, but California is screwed up (bad) so I ordered it online from Airgun Depot. I received my gun after a week and will buy from them again in the future.
ProsLooks great, handles well, is very accurate (don't let other reviews scare you about accuracy, I was able to hit a quarter repeatedly from 30 feet), and is very powerful. Shoots relatively quietly. Heck of a lot of fun to shoot.
ConsHeavy-ish, single shot but cocking it is a good workout. No stars off for this though. Can't get pictures I took to upload here in my review.
By Raymond H.
Azle, Texas
I Love it, but have an Unusual Problem I need help with
May 25, 2013
This gun is NOT a toy!! It is Great and would recommend it to anyone! Very Accurate and is Sweet. However, I have a very unusual Problem, which has Nothing to do with the Gun.

OK, Please no one Laugh at me. I bought a Benjamin Trail NP XL100 .22 /Cal with Scope, the Scope is a Good Quality Scope.

This is what I don't want you to laugh at me about!

My Scope is turning, always to clockwise. I set it up with the Cross Hairs perfect in the gun. After about 10 shots, the cross hairs turn about 20 degrees clockwise.

Everything is Tight and Solid.

At first, I thought it was me, but I have reset it three times, same thing. the more I shoot the more it turns.

Anyone have any reasons why or how to stop it? I am thinking about a drop of supper glue, but then, if I need to more it again, I am afraid I won't be able to get it loose. LOL
By Todd
Newton Falls, OH
Awesome Air Rifle! Awful Wood Finish!
April 14, 2013
I love everything about this rifle (Yes, even the trigger, there are a lot of air rifles with much worse.) I'm 6'4" and weigh over 200 lbs and this rifle fits me perfect. It's big, heavy, extremely powerful, and accurate. The fact that it is NOT picky about what kind of ammo you load into it is a blessing. I've shot a variety of lead and PBA pellets at 30yrds. all with similar results. My only complaint is the awful wood finish they put on this otherwise beautiful, powerful, accurate rifle. This is the second Crosman product I've bought in the last 6mo. with a wood stock and the second one I'll have to use a Birchwood Casey gun stock refinishing kit on. I own several low end Chinese air rifles and their wood stocks are beautiful and durable compared to the finish that crosman has put on it's guns.
ProsPowerful Extremely Accurate Heavy Large Not pellet picky
ConsWood Finish Extremely Poor
By Dennis E.
Longview Texas
Dennis Easley
April 1, 2013
The NP XL 1100 is a pice of crap the way it comes out of the box. I couldn't hit a dump truck until I reworked the trigger. I installed a 4 x12 x44 RWS scope and spent weeks figuring out why it would shoot fair some then go crazy. I noticed the screws holding the stock in place at the forearm are to long. Or that the holes in the stock are too deep. When properly tightened, they should touch the cocking arm. This totally screws up a break barrel air rifle. If you shoot long enough, these screws will back out and the gun will began to show fair patters. I put round star type lock washers (2 each) under these screws and it went away. If I could buy one that shoots like mine dose now, I would give it a rating of 5 stars plus. If anyone wants to talk about these np xl rifles, my E mail address is [email protected] If you use 21.14 grain copper Beeman copper coated round nose pellets with your NP XL air canon, you can shoot a quarter size group at 50 yards and kill anything that walks, squacks, or otherwise.
ProsWell built, durable, and awesome once the problems are solved. Nitro piston is a great system.
ConsPoor attention to mechanial details. Don't buy one of these guns unless you like chalenges and solveing problums. Cocking these rifles are for grown men ,not for youths under 150 lbs.
By west m.
petersburg wv.
best .22cal on the market !
March 30, 2013
I've shot airguns from a young boy up to adult hood. Man, this thing is just flat out #1. It's so freakin powerful and accurate. It's just #1 all the way around. Right out of the box, I sighted it in so easy no problem. 1/2" groups at thirty yards. Power wise, it goes completely through a bigger than softball size gord at 50 yards. I was shooting with a 18 grain H&N Baracuda hunter extreme which has a flat type nose not pointed. I order my first gun in October 2012. It was a Crosman nitro venom dusk 177cal. Best .177 cal on the market. Then in November 2012, I brought my Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 .22cal. This Friday March 29th, 2013 I ordered my 2nd Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 .22 cal. It's the best. Now me and a friend can do some fine hunting together :-}
ProsEverything \Power, and plenty of it. Accuracy It's down right Beautiful!!!
By Robert S.
Good Rifle
March 24, 2013
The rifle is what I was looking for. The scope is worthless. Get it dialed in then shoot 3-5 shots and it moves on me. If you stay on target it will move constantly.
By Bruce
Awesome gun
March 23, 2013
Just got the gun today and it is amazing. I really like the thumb hole stock. I don't see why people dislike the trigger, I think it is good. I don't see any reason to buy Charlie Da Tuna's grt3 for this gun. It doesn't need it. Took about 100 shots to break in. I'm now about 400 shots in and everything is still amazing. The scope that comes with the gun is good and it only took me about 30 pellets to zero in, once the gun was broken in. I got a bird within 15 minutes of sighting the scope in. This gun has power. The bird just dropped from 30 yards, he didn't even know what hit him. The gun is very accurate. I can shoot 5 pellets from 30 yards and get quarter size groups. It may take a little effort to cock the gun, it weights about 9 pounds, but you get used to it. If you want an all around gun for under 400 bucks, I would definitely get the Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100. I am most likely going to try out the .25 cal version in the future. I am very pleased with this gun.
ProsThumb hole stock Power Accuracy Quiet
ConsNothing as of now
By g2bizzy
Detroit, Michigan
Fun gun
March 18, 2013
A mixed up description sent me a used "in the box" XL 1100 instead of the described Benjamin trail. I've put about 200 rounds through it and thank goodness for the mistake, this rifle is Great! I guess it will quiet down after break in period, but I'm loving the power. The included scope zero'd and functions OK. I've adjusted to the trigger. Good Buy...
By Bill
Trail City, SD
Much more powerful and accurate than I thought.
March 14, 2013
I use this gun on my trap line. I have dispatched 9 coyotes, 1 bobcat, and one fleeing skunk at 92 yards. Yes, 92 yards. No, not with one shot because I was sighted in for 30 yards so I had to walk the shot in. On the 5th shot, the skunk tilted sideways and staggered down hill about 5 ft. Then he rolled another 5 to 10 ft. The skunk was hit with only one pellet. As well, each coyote and bobcat were dispatched with one 14.7 pellet each at a range of 5 to 35 yards.
ProsPower and accuracy.
By 916 h.
December 26, 2012
This is one of the most powerful gun I have shot. I haven't took it hunting yet but I'm sure that it can do damage to any small to medium game. Wow!
ProsStrong, powerful, and accurate.
By michael
islip, NY
Fun. Powerful. Well Priced.
December 8, 2012
The trigger kills this gun. I replaced it the second week with a GRT-lll from Charlie daTuna. Since the install, I am shooting with far more accuracy. The groups are much tighter. This gun is finicky with pellets. Mine likes heavy pellets such as all the JSB Jumbo Heavies.
ProsGood price.
ConsMade in China
By Jeff
Irving, TX
I order the rifle, but it didn't ship. - Rating is for a poor buying experience.
October 31, 2012
I'm sure this review will be deleted, but I still feel compelled to share my experience.
I place my order online, but I decided to call a few minutes after placing the order to ensure I would receive the rifle by the following Friday. I was told my order would arrive on Friday as I had hoped. I received an email confirmation of my order on Monday so I assumed there would be no issues. I was wrong. Wednesday, two days after placing my order, I received an email stating that the billing address that I provided did not match the address on file with the credit card company. I've had the same billing address for over 15 years!

I immediately called customer service. I was greeted by a very nice and professional young woman who verified that my order had not shipped. She put me on hold for less than a minute and then returned to inform me that my address was actually verified. What??? I told her that I wanted to cancel the order. She was very understanding and asked if I would be willing to hold so she could try to accommodate me by expediting the shipping. I agreed to hold. She returned a minute or so later to apologize and said there was nothing she could do to further help me. Again, the person I spoke with was very professional and she seemed genuinely sympathetic, but she was not authorized to expedite the shipping on my order.

I ordered this rifle as a gift which I needed within the week. I canceled my order with Airgun Depot and did a quick google search to find one in stock elsewhere. Fortunately I was able to locate one quickly. I explained my situation to the other dealer and they shipped the order to me on the same day via 2nd day air at no additional cost.

I've done business with Airgun Depot in the past and it was a positive's why I came back to order this rifle even though it can be purchased elsewhere for less money. I don't generally mind paying a premium for products if great service is part of the process. In this case it was not part of the process so I will probably shop elsewhere in the future. This whole issue could have been avoided if someone could have simply picked up the phone and called or emailed in a timely fashion. Waiting 2 days to inform there is a problem (which there wasn't) is unacceptable. I co-own a mail order business; if we have issues with online orders then we contact our customers immediately. Competition is fierce and customers are the companies lifeblood.

The bottom line, if buying from Airgun Depot I would highly suggest that you call to place your order and stay on the phone until you receive verbal confirmation that your order has been processed without issue.
ProsI wish I could tell you.
ConsVery disappointing buying experience.
By David
Good Buy
October 24, 2012
Once you break it in, this thing is a tack-driver. Super quiet, perfect for small game hunting/pest control in the neighborhood. Nice scope, only issue I had was cheesy scope rings that come with it. They stripped far too easily. (usually what happens to aluminum when mixed with steel screws).
ProsEverything else
ConsScope rings.
By p b.
albany ny
Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 .22
October 5, 2012
Great gun for the money! Trigger sucks until it's adjusted, accurate. Really accurate! Hits squirrels hard!
ProsQuality, accuracy, power, wood stock, fit and finish, feels like a firearm.
ConsTrigger- better once adjusted.
By Michael
Temecula CA
September 28, 2012
I have had this gun for about a year now. After about a thousand rounds, I lost accuracy. I found that the to side pan head screws that hold the barrel in line became lose. I bought some lock tight and set them in place and Im shooting quarter size groups again at 30 yards. Im pleased with this gun. I bought it because of the squirrel problem I have. This past year I have practically eliminated the problem. My best shot was just under 100 yards. I use jsb diabolo jumbo express exact.
ProsI was impressed with this gun right out of the box and a year later I still am.
ConsThe trigger has too much travel. The adjustment screw does little to nothing.
By Eric
Oregon City, OR
Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 .22 cal
September 26, 2012
I am new to the NP air world. Right out of the box this gun is impressive! It is massive! In my hands, it feels like my 7mm rem mag and for an air gun, man this thing kicks. I am almost through 500 rounds of RWS superdome pellets. The jury is still out on whether my grouping is me or the pellets. I had a lot of trouble attempting to sight it in (as I started too far out). Once I moved my target in side of 20yds, I was able to get it dialed into a 4 circle, with several shots inside a quarter using 10 round groups. After reading many reviews about the superdome, I think it's more of a pellet problem than a shooter problem. Although, I have read how much more sensitive air guns are to post trigger pull vs center fire riffles. At least I am not blaming the GUN, I think the gun is great! Took down a pesky squirrel the other day, man, what a punch this thing delivers!
ProsSize, power and looks.
ConsWeight and cocking strength required.
By Jared S.
Milford, Massachusetts
Whats all the fuss about? This gun is amazing for the money!
September 1, 2012
I read several reviews on here and other places online that this gun is not accurate, piece of crap, blah blah blah... I chose to have faith in the excellent reviews that I also have come across. I have attached a photo of the first ten shots to go through this gun. The first shot is high and to the left. I centered the cross hairs on that shot, went back to the bullseye and the ragged hole that you see slightly to the right and north of the bullseye are the following nine shots. I adjusted the stock, mediocre center point scope once, and that was it. Also, I'm sure to many peoples surprise, this was from 25 yards. I am in love with this gun after just ten shots, need I say any more? I chose this gun because of the success and fun that I've had shooting my Trail NP all weather (see photos) slightly modified, the little brother to this monster. I still have the stock trigger on my Trail NP, and obviously on my brand new 1100XL, and I'm sure I'll follow most other and install GRT-III triggers at some point, but do i dare try to fix something thats not broken? Both of my guns are extremely accurate even at long distances. I'll have to put some thought into this. . .
Proseverything! accurate right out of the box smooth cocking and loading operation smooth, seamless shot cycle
Consnothing, even the mile long trigger, and mediocre scope, even though at some point ill replace them both...but only because of peer pressure, I swear! Actually, not crazy about the shape of the thumbhole stock, it's too short? I have fairly large hands and for such a large gun it seems like the grip is made for smaller hands. I like the grip on the trail NP all weather better. Not a big deal though, ill get used to it.
By jeremy
menomonie, wi
Pest Pounder!!!
May 10, 2012
I originally ordered the NP XL1500 but i had slingshot accuracy after hundreds of pellets. thankfully the folks at Airgun Depot were more than happy to let me exchange for the NP XL1100 and damn, what a difference! the only down side to my experience was losing my 300 bonus points due to what i feel was just a lemon air rifle in the 1500. anyway delivery was fast as can be, right out of the box i was holding groups at 25 yards of about 1/2 inch and the have progressively gotten tighter. now after about 500 pellets I'm shooting dime size groups all day... and power/ well you will have plenty to spare with this beast. i have had it about a month now and my tally is 5 squirrels, 3 chipmunks, 8 crow, and a handful of black birds and starlings. everything i put in the cross hairs of my leapers 4 -12 x 44 side wheel adjustable scope is a f'n lost cause! one shot one kills all day, fully penetrates a 5/8in thick pine board at 35 yards. head shot a squirrel at 65 yards and he never even moved.. dead now. stayed in tree as bait for a few of the aforementioned crow.. i love this gun tons of fun tons of power and accurate as any gun i own. its beefy heavy and thick well made air rifle. extremely satisfied. PS its also very quiet i live on the skirts of town lots of neighbors but its stealthy as can be. buy it! my best luck has been Crosman 14.3 gr hollows, but for a heavy pellet i like JSB Monsters 25.4 gr heavy hitters. gun however groups well all around doesn't seem to be pellet picky.. also likes artillery hold for me as well. set up... NP XL1100, attached side mount laser and 260 lumen flashlight as well as weaver under mount bi pod w leapers accushot 4-12 x 44 swat scope its a killing machine!
ProsAccurate Powerful Quiet Comfort Craftsmanship
ConsLost my 300 bonus points i have spent nearly 700 bones and cant even get a 5$ gift certificate..
By Wizlawz
Benjamin Nitro Piston .22 cal air rifle
May 3, 2012
great power. cost me about 150$... not bad for this gun. have had it for a couple of weeks now trying to "break it in"... been target shooting so i can know it well when small game season starts.

trigger pull is a little long but that's ok.
Pros1 "break" pump power.
Consdislike "slapping" the barrel to break it.. trying to find easier way to do it. this thing is HEAVY for an air rifle... 3 stars for weight. unlike my 10 pump crosman .22 which is much easier to carry.
By Tom
Baton Rouge, LA
A Great Air Rifle
March 18, 2012
I purchased the Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 Air rifle .22 for more power and the Nitro verus the Spring. When it arrived I was shocked by its size and the looks of this gun. The scope was awesone, but the trigger has serious issues. If your looking for knock down power this the rifle for you. I shot the Pedator Ploymag, its accurate and expands when you hit your game. I really can't say it is as powerful as my .22LR but, but quieter. When you first get it it noisy but, after 200 rounds it is alot quieter than my Big Cat .177. I would recommend this pellet rifle to a friend and I have and after he shot mine he ordered one from AirgunDepot.
ProsBeautiful gun, powerful .22. It worth every penny.
ConsThe trigger has issues. I replaced mine with a GRT III, by Charlie DaTuna. If don't hurry they be gone, Charlie is retired and is selling off his stock. It makes the Benjamin Trail perfect.
By Dan B.
Louisville Ky.
Love this gun
March 13, 2012
Ive had pellet guns all my life but this one is by far the best. Ive shot somewhere close to 1000 pellets through the thing and its dead on. My rear fence is 105 from the house and I can hit a 2 inch bulls-eye consistently at that distance. Ive killed at least 20 squirrels the longest being @ 125 feet, actually I killed two at that distance. I had previously bought the Ruger Air Hawk and returned it as it was a piece of junk. As soon as I got the Benjamin home the squirrels quit laughing. Id recommend this gun to anyone wanting a great gun.
ProsAccurate Quite Nice looking Powerful
Consthe trigger could be better but after shooting close to 800 pellets through the gun the trigger loosened up a little and I'm not having any problems
By Bill
Very nice gun and scope
March 1, 2012
I am a hunter not a precision shooter so this gun is what i expected it to be. The wood is very nice. The thumb hole is cut perfect and scope is really nice. Windage and elevation are adjusted without removing any caps. Has a paralax adjustment as well, which is was surprised about. Accuracy so far is good...only shot it about 20 times.
ProsScope Wood Finish Form, Fit and function It is quiet
ConsThe trigger has a long pull to it, haven't tried to adjust it yet, but I will. Gun is heavy....but you should know that as it is in the specs.
Couldn't Be Better
February 22, 2012
Thiis air rifle is great I recieved it about a month ago and allready kiled 5 squirrels and a chipmunk just from hunting on the weekends. Their is nothing I can possibley complain about this gun so far. One thing you should know is that JSB exact jumbo heavy diabolo 18.1 gr. and Predator Polymags pellets work the best in this gun. This gun was an upgrade from the Vantage 1200 which has the same trigger as this gun which I am disapointed about but you can upgrade to the GTR-III which is probably what I will do. I've put maybe 550 round through the gun and it is super quiet and a nail driver. I woul reccomend this gun to any ADULT or OLDER TEENAGER. AWESOME BUY!
Consnothing so far
By michael
rocky point new york
benjamin trail xl1100
February 19, 2012
massive gun, massive power! its a heavy weapon but gets the job done on small game! took me about 100 rounds to get the gun broken in but its still louder than my whisper, i hope it gets quieter as the piston breaks in.
Prosthe craftsmanship is awesome!
Conswish it was a pound or two lighter
By Brandon
covington, Georgia
Great Gun
December 7, 2011
I love this gun, it has let me take about 40 squirrels, plenty of crows, and a opossum at 75 yards with a shot right in front of his ear. This gun is good for hunting up to medium sized foxes, but if you are looking for a gun for your kid this gun is not a starter gun and gets heavy if you are just lugging it around the woods.
Prosgreat for older kids small game hunting pest control plinking and even bragging to your friends about it
Consnot a starter heavy
San Diego, CA
Great gun, but its not for amatuers
December 3, 2011
First, this gun is awesome. It's powerful, hits hard, and its accurate. However, its not for kids and takes some experience and practice to shoot consistently. Read up on the "Artillery Hold". Second, the trigger suck big time. Plan on spending another $35+/- and get a GTR III trigger from Charlie da Tuna. ( ) Once I replaced the trigger I started getting consistent 0.75" groups at 40 yards. I've read some reviews with smaller groups, which I believe are possible. I hope to shrink my groups with some more practice. Third, plan on shooting 300 to 500 rounds to break in the barrel. I was getting inconsistent groups and was thinking of sending the gun back when at about 400 rounds it dialed in. Fourth, the scope that comes with he gun is basic quality but adequate for the price and total package. I'm pretty sure any missed shots are the shooter (me) and not the scope, but I may upgrade at a later date. Lastly, this gun has power! I have the .22 cal and it has no problem going through a 3/4" thick cedar fence board at 30 yards. Know whats behind your target! I've hit soup cans at 100 yards. My only negative comment is the gun is heavy at about 9lbs and can be hard to hold on target when off hand shooting. Overall, for the price, I feel very comfortable recommending this gun.
By wyojim
Boulder, WY
Not ready for Prime Time
November 11, 2011
Basically a solid gun, But:
The trigger , as others have said, is terrible. I replaced mine,
a piece of wood which broke off from the stock lodged under the action and had to be removed before I could zero the scope, and
the swivel for the sling fell apart just from shooting.
I've shot about 500 rounds and accuracy is ok but not as good as my .177 RWS
By Paul
Benjamin Trail NP XL1100
May 17, 2011
This is a great rifle. I've put about 100 rounds through it so far and I pretty much have her dialed in. I can consistently hit penny sized targets at 75 yards. The package is a great one. The rifle itself is very well put together. I have killed several squirrels with it no problem. I am very impressed with how well this rifle shoots, and so are the people that I've let shoot it. I would highly recommend this rifle to anyone.
By Michael
benjamin np xl 1100 nitro piston
March 21, 2011
I just got this gun this morning. I mounted my center point scope it came with. I went on the porch to brake it in. The first 4 shots sounded like a 22 rim fire. Then after that all I heard was the spring sound. I haven't even sighted in the scope I have hit 2 pest and can at about 25 yards. I can't wait to get my first 100 rounds through it to properly site it in
By matt c.
ben trail np xl 1100
September 23, 2010
i got this gun about a month and a half go and put 300 rounds throught it. This gun is amazing yesterday i shot a huge raven at 80 yards and killed it in one shot. It fell to the ground right away. Its accurate but you need to practice alot, use the artilery hold,

The only thing is that it gets really heavy carrying it around all day
By Airgun
amazing gun
September 17, 2010
I got this gun all most when they came out . This air gun rock I work with it and broke it in and try about 20 diffrent pellets the best ones i found to use are Predator Polymag . Now let me tell you about the shoot I made it was about 75 yard I did not think I could do it I hit a black bird I did not belive it .Then I got some of this Gamo TS-22 22gr they work good in the gun to.I am very please with this gun. I get alot of crap from my friends about buying a air gun and wast my money but they do not know what they are talk about till the shoot it .
By nate d.
trail xl
September 12, 2010
im back again, i had to return my first because it had a small crack on the reciever and it rusted, but that one had a good trigger, the trigger on my new one was terrible though, it had so many catches in it, was hard to pull, and had a long pull, i adjusted the trigger and got it way better, but it still isnt great by any means, so i might get a GRT 3 trigger from charliedatuna, but the rifle is powerful, and with predator polymags i get a 1in gruop at 25 yds and the rifle hasnt even been broken in yet, so i should get those groups at 40 yards soon, hopefully, but this rifle does more damage to a soda can full of water at 50yds with polymags, than my gamo big cat does at 20yds with polymags, have only got one squirrel with a trail xl 1100 (the first one) with a crosman premier hollow point, at 27ish yds,shot it in the neck, and he clung to the tree for a second, and then it hit the ground like a rock, so this gun is accurate, powerful (25ft-lbs energy), and beautifully crafted,


the scope is great for the rifle, fineclick adjustments, mildot, adjustable obhective, and its clear as heck, the scope is better than the one on my deer rifle and the one on my .22lr

The included sling helps for when your on long treks through the woods, or your walking to your neighbors for pest control, this rifle is heavy, and the sling with the "Benjamin" name embroided in gold on the padded part is just beautiful

so all in all, benjamin did a very good job, and made one of the most poweful and economic air rifle and scope combos ive seen, but they need a new trigger for their springers, (its a crosman trigger)
By The D.
Great air gun
August 13, 2010
Fav .22 cal airgun iv ever owned. Iv had this gun for about 6 months now. Very impressed, it took about 500 rounds before it was broken in properly. I shoot and kill rabbits and squirells at ranges in excess of 60yds. This is not a toy by any means, it is definatly a magnum hunting air rifle. Its very accurate after break-in and a PROPER ZERO!! i can shoot at shotgun shells from 50 yards or more all day as long as its not too windy. For all of those sniper steves out there, dont expect to just buy an accurate gun and be able to shoot anything like in the movies. Anything out past 40 yards, depending on the weight of the pellet you are using, you NEED to compensate for bullet drop, and you do NEED to learn how to compensate for wind. Like i said, not a plinker for inexperienced shooters, this gun requires lots of technique and skill to shoot well. It is very hold sensetive, research the "Artillery Hold" if this is your first springer type gun. The gas ram is amazing, super quiet, very litte recoil/jolt and almost no "lock time", (reseach that word also if your an inexperienced shooter) I routinely pick off rabbits at 80-100 yards but more often then not, the pellet knocks the crap out of them, and bounces off, then they run away scared. This gun rocks, its quiet, smooth, the scope is good enough, my only gripe was the trigger. I wish they included a nice trigger to match the nice gun. I upgraded to a GTR-III trigger from Its a real shooter now! it loves heavy pellets also. Try JSB exacts, iv had pretty good luck with beeman cro-magnums also. If you are looking for a good plinker pellet for messing around, go with crossman premier's . Awesome gun, and i would definatly reccomend to any serious shooter. Gets about 940fps with 14gr lead ammo, and about 900 with 15gr
By nate d.
benji trail np xl
July 28, 2010
at first a had bad feelings for this gun, with terrible groups with any pellet i tried i gave up for a while, then i tried a standing position, at 20yds, i hit the top af a soda can 5 out of 5 times using benjamin .22 hollowpoint pellets. with pointed pellets this goes troguh milk jugs at 20 yards, very good for the price of only 300 dollars, if you want a gas ram magnum air rifle, get the trail NP XL rifle, (not a gun for inexperienced air rifle shooters as it requires excellent teqnique to shoot accurately)
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By Jake from Virginia on January 16, 2012
Would this gun be any better or more accurate than the Benjamin NP .22? The only difference is a few FPS.
By Dick from Omak on January 17, 2012

Not familiar with NP.22. Have not got my Trail NP Xl1100 dialed in as yet. Benjamin notes the nitrogen piston takes braking in. The 1500 is quieter and has lots more thump than my .177 RWS.
By Todd from Dimondale, MI on January 18, 2012

I believe the XL 1100 Nitro may be more accurate than the Benjamin NP .22 because of the increased velocity. I do a lot of pistol/rifle/shotgun competitive shooting sports but chose this gun because of the reduction in noise. I bought the gun for pest control (woodchucks) with shots at 50 to 75 yards, and the increased stopping power (bullet weight X FPS/1,000) will be higher with this gun than with the Benjamin NP .22.
By Luis R. from San Juan, Puerto Rico on January 18, 2012

The higher FPS for the Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 . 22 Cal. means that the accuracy of this air rifle will be sustained at a larger distance. This is an extremely potent rifle and used with good quality ammunition like the Benjamin .22 Discovery pellets you have an extremely capable air rifle that allows you to reach higher levels of accuracy at longer distances. After properly aligning the scope, accuracy will depend on factors such as wind velocity/direction, distance and the shooter's abilities. Be assured that with this airgun you have the required power and consistency to reach higher levels of accuracy.

By Mike Robinson from Brazoria TX on March 11, 2012
How dependible is this gun (life spam).
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on March 13, 2012

I've had mine for a year now of constant shooting, and have had no problems....they'll probably last 2 years before you'll have to get a new piston seal.
By John from Waldport, OR on March 14, 2012

I bought this air rifle for pest control, after shooting it to sight it in, It's turned into whole new hobby, I've had no problems with it, It's very accurate, as for the noise levels, it's the quieter than the air rifles my friends have, with
little or no recoil, I think you'll find this product to be a very, very reliable piece in your collection, after all it is a Benjamin....Enjoy

John Brown
By Todd from Lansing, MI on March 14, 2012

So far I have not had any problems at all. I got it in December 2011, so I only have about 500 to 600 rounds through it. I understand that the nitro piston provides better dependability than spring guns, and that temperature or use won't cause it to lose power. I have been extremely happy with this purchase.
By Warren from Roundup MT. on March 17, 2012

I have only owned my B.T.NP for a short period but I am more than pleased with the results so far. I am shooting tight groups and have had no problems. I highly recommend this gun.

By TERRY from PORT ARTHUR TEXAS on January 1, 2012
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on January 20, 2012

Well first, it isn't the scope that makes a gun accurate, it is the way you hold the gun, what pellets you use through it, and how you pull the trigger that makes a gun accurate. But yes, this scope is fine with this gun, mine has been on there for nearly a year with no problems.
By Robert from San Diego, CA on February 13, 2012

Those scopes work pretty good for me as long as you dial the parallax out of it, usually the ones I get are way off. You didn't say what you had as a kid, but most people had a Crosman 760 to similar. This one is 4-5 times that power. You won't regret buying it if that's what you're wondering.
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

The scope is fine, the range is 1-100yds, depending on what you're shooting.

By Rick Parks from Eaton, Ohio on December 14, 2011
Do you have to buy nitrogen cylinder for this air rifle?
By Staff on December 29, 2011

No, the Nitro piston cylinder is part of the gun and cannot be removed.

By ju from villa del parque buenos aires on June 16, 2012
Hello, is it all weather? Thanks.

By john from california on July 8, 2012
when is this rifle will be stock?
By Staff on July 9, 2012

Estimated in stock date is July-16-2012.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

By ERNEST from Arlington Washington 98223 on January 4, 2012
what is the noise index for this rifle.and its max. effective reage
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on January 20, 2012

This gun is a Medium to Loud on the Decibel scale, I shoot starlings out to 80+ yds all the time during the summer....If you do your part.
By Robert from San Diego, CA on February 13, 2012

It is very quiet for an airgun of this power. Both the pneumatic spring and the barrel shroud are why it's so quiet. I have a benjamin with the gas spring but no shroud and it's quieter than the new Stoeger Suppressor model. It's literally about 1/3rd as loud as a regular airgun. Range is all about pellet choice and if you can hit the target, but this gun has about as much range as you're going to get without spending big bucks on a pre-charged style gun that uses a scuba tank for power. I don't know what you're shooting but even my weaker guns can kill a crow or rabbit for example at 100 yards or more.
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

On a noise level, 1 being the quietest and 10 being the loudest, it ranks about a 5. Max effective range is like 100yds for a sagerat. 80yds for a starling. etc.

By stephen doerrer from venice fl 34285 on December 18, 2011
Can you upgrade the trigger to an GTR-111 on the rifle I just orderd 12/18 2011.
By Staff on January 7, 2012

You'll have to get that from Charlie da tunas website.

By Anthony from Gainesville, VA on April 23, 2012
.22 VS .177 Which is better for long distance shooting? Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 or the 1500?
By Staff on April 23, 2012

the .177 will go further due to the lighter weight but won't be as accurate or hit as hard as the .22

By Rick from Lodi, CA on January 28, 2012
CA allows air rifles for Turkey hunting. I will need to take shots 50-100 yards out from bird. I would appreciate comments on the Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 .22 Cal. Also, typically not packing long distance for hunt so weight not issue. Also nitrogen, ideas who refills or new buy for gas?
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on January 31, 2012

50 yds is kinda iffy for a turkey....100yds, no way. To humanly take the bird at 100yds, you'll need something like the Eun Jin Sumatra.
By Robert from San Diego, CA on February 13, 2012

This is about as powerful as you can get for the price. Any more power would probably cost three times as much. I'd guess if it's legal (which I didn't know) then this is the gun I'd use.
No it doesn't take any gas to charge it, when they say nitrogen gas here they mean it has a pneumatic spring vs the usual steel coil spring. All you have to do is cock it for each shot, that's it. I've had a gas spring gun for over 12 years now and it still shoots like the day it was new.
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

50yds max with this farther.

By Carlos Torres from Puerto Rico on March 23, 2012
Do you send it to Puerto Rico (Free shipping).
By Staff on March 28, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected] This so we can better help you.

By Al from medina ohio on November 22, 2011
I purchased this rifle for my son to be used primarily as rodant control. The first test shot out my back door was to see how quiet this gun is. It sounded off like a 22cal long rifle! The second shot was not much differant. I was expecting a pspt sound like on a James bond movie. The pallet used is a RWS 14.5gr superpoint extra. Was the round to light? or are the first couple shots always louder? Or should I take it back and give him a box of rat poison?
By Brandon from covington, Georgia on December 7, 2011

first shots are always way louder now mine sounds so quiet i can shoot a squirrel in my neighbors tree and get before they even notice anything had happened. I have taken about 1000 shots though. Give him a couple cans of pellets and a target and it will be fine
By Carter from Sunnyside, WA on February 3, 2012

Maybe you should get him the regular Benji Trail, they are not as powerful, as a result, not as loud.
By Robert from San Diego, CA on February 13, 2012

It's the lube inside the chamber igniting. Just shoot the first ten or so pellets into a tightly rolled up old bath towel with the muzzle pushed into it. The towel will silence those shots until they stop. I always do that when I get a new gun or anytime I oil the chamber. Once it stops it's because there is no more volatile fuel left in the oil, but the oil is still there to keep things lubed so you're fine. Use the recommended chamber oil for it, it's the least likely to ignite or will only do so one or two shots. The gunk china puts in is awful in more ways that one and some people say their guns don't quiet down for 100 shots. I've never had more than 5 or 6 shots fire like that so I guess it's who did the lubing at the factory that day. Don't ever use something really flammable like WD-40 because it will really light up and the harder the explosion the harder it is on the gun. I can't imagine it doing much damage but experts say it will ruin the gun if for example you used WD-40 all the time. And speaking of damage, never ever shoot it without a pellet in there, that really hurts the gun.

By TOM K from Michigan on June 7, 2012
I am intrested in the Benj Trail np xl 1100 and have done quite a bit of research concerning air rifles, however, I still am unsure about purchasing this gun due to the fact there are no sights on this gun and you have to rely strictly on a scope set up which I have found to be a huge issue with keeping accuracy (ON MOST AIR GUNS and don't particularly enjoy constantly adjusting scope /gun for accuracy). I am aware np lessens the vibration and I am looking at a Gamo silent stalker np with sights on the gun as a alternative.... however if the benj trail had sights I would lean that way it possible to mount open sights on the benj trail xl if not what gun would you recommend in the .. 22 cal also I heard the benj is HEAVVVVY . I would appreciate any help on this.. THANKS.

By Carlos Torres from Puerto Rico on March 10, 2012
The free shipping included Puerto Rico?
By Staff on March 12, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For this question I would recommend emailing us at [email protected] This so we can better help you.

By Sybil from New Jersey on February 5, 2012
Hello. I know nothing about guns. A small pet was recently killed in my neighborhood with this type of gun. The bullet did not come out of the animal so the police were able to retrive it. Can you tell me how much noise this type of gun makes. How close or far away can you be to get a clean shot? Do you have to have a license or register this type of gun? Any info would be appreciated. Sybil
By Robert from San Diego, CA on February 13, 2012

It's fairly quiet, someone could shoot it in the neighborhood without anyone knowing. It could kill a cat or small dog from 200 feet or more. No license or registration is required, but they're outlawed in a few cities.
Sorry about the pet. Very few people would do that, and even less without a reason. If it was a dog that barks constantly, especially one that keeps people up at night then I retract the apology and the pets owner should be glad that is all that happened.
By Carter from Washington on February 15, 2012

Check you local and state laws to find out if you have to have a license. This could take a raccoon with a head shot at 40yds max. It is fairly loud, but not as loud as a .22lr.

This is an air rifle. Not a firearm.

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