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Diana Chaser Rifle Kit

Available in 0.1770.22Kit includes Chaser Pistol, Butt Stock, and Silenced Rifle Barrel
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The Diana Chaser Rifle Kit is the best of both the pistol and rifle world! This CO2 airgun was designed for spending all day plinking outside or if the weather prevents that, it makes a great indoor plinker as well. Powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, the Chaser is capable of 500 to 560 fps, depending on the caliber. The indexing magazines will hold 9 (.177) and 7 (.22) rounds, making this an ideal multi-shot repeater pistol. The pistol grip opens up to hold a spare CO2 cartridge. There is a fixed front sight blade and adjustable rear sight with an 11mm accessory rail for a red dot sight or pistol scope. The moderated 17.7” rifle barrel will give you about 35 more feet per second over the pistol. If you’re looking for something fun and effective, look no further than the Diana chaser.

Diana Chaser CO2 Air Rifle Kit

  • CO2
  • Bolt-Action
  • Includes Single-Shot Tray
  • Fixed Front Sight
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • 11mm Dovetail
  • 2-Stage Trigger, Adjustable take-up
  • Spare CO2 capsule can be stored in grip
  • Small Weaver accessory mount on underside of barrel band
  • Kit includes Chaser Pistol, Butt Stock, and Silenced Rifle Barrel
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Diana Chaser Rifle Kit
20 Reviews
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By david
removing silencer from rifle barrel
January 5, 2020
if anyone is interested in removing the silencer from the rifle barrel in order to use it on the pistol barrel please read on.


1) carefully remove 2 o-rings from barrel tang end that goes into breech.

2) carefully remove o-ring that sits in end of barrel tang that goes into breech.

3) heat oven to 150f-180f and put entire rifle barrel in oven for 1hr.

4) carefully remove hot barrel from oven and clamp barrel between soft wood blocks in vise.

5) grab silencer with something grippy. i wrapped an old bicycle inner tube around the silencer. with silencer wrapped in something grippy just start unscrewing it from barrel and it should come off easily without needing to use any tools.

6) use stiff wire brush and or some type of solvent to clean rifle barrel silencer threads and screw on the thread protector cap that was on the pistol barrel and screw the silencer onto the pistol barrel and enjoy quiet shooting.

the silencer is adhered to the barrel with something like red loctite that needs to be heated to somewhere between 150f-180f before it will become soft enough to lose its locking ability.

anyone know how to remove the plastic front sight?
By dave
Lightweight but good Punch
December 31, 2019
nice little gun
Prossilencer works well
Best Usesplinkin, small vermin
By Frank
Non Lead Pellets
April 21, 2019
Thrilled with my air rifle. A suggestion however...I tried using non lead pellets...some of them broke apart in the barrel and lodged themselves in the silencer. I disassembled and cleaned out as best I could but from now on I'm using the solid lead Crosman pellets (or equivalent).
Best UsesFor me...10 meter targets.
By Michael
Hamden, CT
Diana chaser .177 cal.
April 6, 2019
Very nice kit. Very accurate. Clip works well once you get use to using it. Silencer works grate. Get a ocsistant 40 + shots per co2. This a fun gun for me but not for little critters. Well worth the cost. One hole groups @ 20 yards ( no wind ).

ProsLittle hard to get off silencer off. Rap some rubber around barrel for better grip.
Best UsesTarget & little critters.
By Joe
Manteno, IL
sweat convertabale
January 28, 2019
I picked this one up int .22. Bot the pistol and rifle variations are extremely accurate. I have been switching from them both. As a rifle he silencer is extremely quite
Proseasy to convert. accurate as a rifle almost silent.
ConsYou can't put the silencer on the pistol
Best Usestarget practice and plinking
By Chris
Fun gun
November 5, 2018
Already have one of these in .22 cal so I knew what to expect, but it seems like this one is quieter, if that's even possible! Wish there was a little more punch, but that's ok, it will still hit the target very well. If you are trying to keep rodents out of your yard, your neighbors will not have a clue unless they see you! These things are absolutely quiet as can possibly be and weigh absolutely nothing,that's why I say they are a lot of fun and accurate at close range. Looking forward to some squirrel or rabbit hunting in the timber. I could carry this thing around all day as it weighs barely more than a big box of Kleenex!
ProsSuper lightweight, very accurate at closer ranges, ridiculously quiet.
ConsDual cartridge capability would be nice.
Best UsesNoise-free backyard plinking
By Gregory
Rapid City, SD
Light, accurate and pleasant to shoot as a carbine
November 4, 2018
When in the rifle/carbine configuration this airgun is at its best.
It is light, accurate and fun to shoot. In the pistol mode it is still
light and accurate, but the grip is so poorly designed that it is very
unpleasant to handle and point. When configured as a carbine the butt
stock attachment is rather flimsy, but since I had already determined
the pistol mode was not going to something I would use I added a screw
to the butt stock to increase its rigidity and it is now quite
satisfactory. I use the optional 7 round magazine and have had no
trouble with it. All in all I am quite satisfied with the gun as a
carbine. As a pistol, it's no match for Crosman's 2240.
By J
San Diego
Great gun!
October 15, 2018
For $119.00 im just going to tell you to get one. Super accurate, well made little gun.
Proslightweight, accurate, modular (aftermarket parts will show up soon) great design/styling
Consrifle stock is very short, bolt action while cocking is notchy and trigger pull is a little heavy and rough, after some internal polishing mine was smooth.. otherwise none.
Best Usessmall varmint, plinking, 40yd and under target.
By Mike N.
Southern Oregon
Quiet, well made!
October 5, 2018
This air gun allows me to dispatch backyard vermin with precision and a certain level of stealth as to not alarm the neighborhood. Buy one or three!I will buy another to keep setup in pistol form and one more for friends and family to shoot. The Diana has a solid feel and a striking eye appeal due to the clean machining.
ProsAffordable quality
By Joe
Bristol, CT
Very well made.
September 29, 2018
Well worth the money. Going to purchase the .22 also. Very tight groups with both barrels.
ProsPackaged well and came with a cary case. Great power for a CO2!
By Bill
September 25, 2018
Super unique and well-made pellet gun. When made to be a rifle it is super accurate, right out of the box with no adjusting. The sound is so muted it makes me think the CO2 is out. Love this gun. Blue Jays beware!
Prosquite accurate cool looking light well-made
Consone-shot only, optional magazine looks awful from reviews no scope mount Case is for broken-down gun, not as rifle.
By Bob S.
diana chaser rifle kit
September 17, 2018
excelent product,but wish they hadnot locktited suppressor onto rifle barrel. all reviews i saw on product said suppressor could be used on either barrel.
Proslight weight,power and accuracy.
Consaforementioned locktited suppressor
Best Usesplinking and target shooting
By jeff
September 13, 2018
Surprisingly accurate at 10 yards in carbine configuration.a bit under powered past that.
Proslooks cool. accurate quiet.
Consa Bit under powered.
Best Usesplinking/pest controll with in 30 feet/target
September 11, 2018
I use and have used Crosman pellet guns for over 4 decades. I think that they make a great product. With that said, I have to agree with previous comments that this is what Crosman should have made. I REALLY like this model. When you consider the price point for what you get? Out of the park, In my humble opinion. I cannot find my crono sheet and will not quote FPS from memory, not to be trusted, but was on par per barrel length with the Crosman. Both are quite powerful. The round count per CO2 was on the same sheet. I just remember being impressed with the velocity consistency for the number of shots(85 plus degree weather). I have not scoped it yet, but found it very accurate open sighted.
ProsThe moderator works great. The stock feels solid when aiming. I am right handed but really like the bolt on the left, especially when using as a pistol. Being factory stock, I thought that the trigger was great. Sights are nice and sharp. Again, I think this is a great buy
ConsI would prefer the rifle barrel about 2/3 the length( my personal opinion) the velocity gain is not much. The bolt bounces when fired. Did not affect anything, just slightly annoying. I have not tried to mount a scope yet so take it for what it is. It does not seem to have alot of rail space. May or may not be an issue. My biggest complaint is that there is a "helper" lever threaded into the CO2 end cap. I am not sure if they all are the same but I had to use it, strongly, to get the CO2 to pierce. As long as there is no short future for the seal, being aggressively tightened, my problem ends there. I would have really liked it if the moderator could be used on the pistol barrel too.
Best UsesUp to you. It has the power and accuracy for pest to small game. It is a really fun plinker if you demand your plinker to be very accurate as I do.
Nice Gun
August 31, 2018
I like the ability to change barrels and grip, I have the pistol versions of this gun. The grip will also fit
the pistols there is a little more power and stability while shooting this gun with the longer bbl.
The pistol versions are the same specs. as the rifle conversion.
ProsA nice gun with many options and fun to shoot
ConsNone I Can Find
Best UsesCasual shooting and mild pest control
August 30, 2018
Nice looking weapon very sharp,took a while to put it together but much better than just a pistol,have not really shot it but just a co2 round but was dead on target.
ConsThe only real thing was taking off the pistol sight and leaving the screw holes empty,would have like to fill them back in with screws but you cant there to long after words. no biggy still looks COOL.
By Harry C.
Diana Chaser .22.
August 23, 2018
The kit is a good design, it had it's own character, I love this gun as it can switch quickly.
ProsGood design.
ConsThe moderator should be removable.
Best Usesclose range pest control.
By Patrick
Accurate and good price
July 31, 2018
Came in a nice package with bag and foam insert. I have the 177 caliber. Very accurate especially with long barrel. Both barrels definitely needed to be cleaned. 1st photo is with short barrel at 40 feet and second one is The long barrel at 40 feet. Using JSB 8.44gr Diablo
ProsGreat for Reading shooting sparrows in small vermin Or just knock and cans over.
Best UsesGreat for Ratting, sparrows And chipmunks along with orhsmall vermin.
Near Richmond VA
July 25, 2018
.22 and purchased 2 mags. Very nice gun, well made. First pistol shot- bull at 10 meters. Group of 10- size of 1/2 dollar. Very loud pistol!!!
Fixed rifle parts and first shot- bull, but thought something was wrong. Good light trigger and no noise, but bullseye.
This thing is whisper quiet as rifle setup. And sure FPS was higher than the pistol.
Has black nylon zipper case that HD foam from box fits into, nice touch Diana.
ProsVery quiet as rifle. Mini weaver rail below at front. Mags hold 7 .22s. Decent case.
By Joseph
Excellent Little Rifle
July 25, 2018
.22 with a single Co2, there's very much to see here, I love this one.
ProsVery light, accurate and quiet
Best UsesPlinking and target shooting
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Diana Chaser Rifle Kit
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    Velocity 560 fps
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    Velocity 500 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
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