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Diana Chaser Rifle Kit

Available in .177, .22, Kit includes Chaser Pistol, Butt Stock, and Silenced Rifle Barrel
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  • Code: AGD-46139001 · $129.99 · .177 · 642 fps
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The Diana Chaser Rifle Kit is the best of both the pistol and rifle world! This CO2 airgun was designed for spending all day plinking outside or if the weather prevents that, it makes a great indoor plinker as well. Powered by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, the Chaser is capable of 500 to 560 fps, depending on the caliber. The indexing magazines will hold 9 (.177) and 7 (.22) rounds, making this an ideal multi-shot repeater pistol. The pistol grip opens up to hold a spare CO2 cartridge. There is a fixed front sight blade and adjustable rear sight with an 11mm accessory rail for a red dot sight or pistol scope. The moderated 17.7” rifle barrel will give you about 35 more feet per second over the pistol. If you’re looking for something fun and effective, look no further than the Diana chaser.

Diana Chaser CO2 Air Rifle Kit

  • CO2
  • Bolt-Action
  • Includes Single-Shot Tray
  • Fixed Front Sight
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • 11mm Dovetail
  • 2-Stage Trigger, Adjustable take-up
  • Spare CO2 capsule can be stored in grip
  • Small Weaver accessory mount on underside of barrel band
  • Kit includes Chaser Pistol, Butt Stock, and Silenced Rifle Barrel
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  • Manufacturer Diana
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 642 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 3.10
  • Overall Length 38.40
  • Barrel Length 17.70
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 50
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage, adjustable take-up
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By JeffApril 28, 2024 Verified Purchase

Great Rifles and super quiet to shoot ,...close neighbors will not get mad!!

very happy with this purchase, so happy in fact that I purchased the Diana chaser in a .22 version as well! these Rifle kits are sweet! be very careful assembling these and take your time. They both zero'd in in just a few shots. both shoot a little high the first couple shots, and after that are dead nuts for about 40 to 45 shots. I believe if these were the very first air rifles that I ever bought, I would not own as many as I do! they are that good. Both are very accurate, and both can be used for varmints at about 30 feet max and target shooting probably up to 50- 60 ft staying very accurate. Sale price is what convinced me to buy! I like shooting single shot at a time, so the mag cartridge does nothing for me. now I am looking for a bipod for them. seriously great quality guns ... make sure when you are changing barrels, the seal at the very end of the barrel is in place! directions do not tell you that.

would like a case to come with it that will fit the assembled rifle so that you do not need to break it down to put in the original case...once assembled, I refuse to break mine down because once I get them dialed in, I do not want to throw it off. both barrels should have the breach seals in place so that it does not get assembled without one by accident, making so you need to disassemble and assemble again.

By garyUSAMarch 25, 2024 Verified Purchase

stay with lighter pellet weights i am shooting with 14.3 grain pellets the 15.8s drop off faster as the co2 drops also put a drop of oil on co2 cartages that keep seals lub.I have a 177 cal on order, just have to wait 4 it to come in stock. Would be nice to have a magazine included with purchase.

just a great pellet rifle accurate fom fist shot till about 38 shots then it drops off a bit. the magazine's are a bit finnicky to load but they do work with practice.

larger volume magazine's would be great

By JackMarch 9, 2024 Verified Purchase

Diana guns just WORK out of the box.

Threaded barrels

A bit beefier stocks

By MichaelUSAMarch 9, 2024 Verified Purchase

Soo silent with Buck Rail suppressor. This silencer fits perfectly. And now the gun is in silent mode. Love it. My Chases has a Red dot sight, Maple Custom products 10 round mag. With JTS Dead Center 22.07 GR pellets it does 640 fps, that's 20 for! The hammer spring is preloaded with two 4 mm rubber shims.

It's cheap, fun. Lots of modifications to make. Accurate. Powerful enough

The 7 shoot mag is bad quality

By garyUSAMarch 8, 2024 Verified Purchase

i have had many air.guns but none as accurate as this . 22 cal. chaser. i put a cheap 3x9 scope on it, zeroed it at18 yds. haven't touched the scope since. it does shoot a bit high first 4-6 shots. Now waiting for the to be back in stock. I can get 35 good shots before they start dropping off then time to chg co2 cartridge. great little air rifle, cant beat the price!!!!!! also airgun depot beats everyone else price!!!


By MichaelUSAFebruary 22, 2024 Verified Purchase

I have a PCP rifle, But this is so light and easy to bring along. No need for bottles or heavy compressor.

Super fun! Did some plinking in the garden. 20 yards and 10 shots within an inch. Mounted a cheap reddit. This is in the pistol configuration. I will mount the long barrel in the weekend.

Both barrels were extremely dirty. Glad I clean them before shooting. DuPont wax based lubricant is super for the barrels and save o-rings. The screw on the barrel band was loose and got lost under the porch when I lifted up the barrel. Got new one at Amazon. M3 20mm.

By AlanUSAFebruary 10, 2024 Verified Purchase

From roughly 40ft, open sights and with a 3-5mph crosswind, I had about 1" group with 5 mags.

Dead on accurate out of the box. Extremely quiet and backyard friendly. Absolutely love it. While each gun is different with ammo, had the best accuracy with .22 Predator GTO lead free domed 11.75gr.

Rifle barrel was extremely dirty, spent about an extra 20 mins than expected cleaning it. But results were worth it.

By JeffUSAJanuary 27, 2024 Verified Purchase

I put an Athlon Optics Neos 4-12x40mm on this in rifle configuration. Cleaned the barrel and sighted in with about 20 shots. I have left full CO2 carts in it for weeks without pressure loss. I bought it for yard pest control up to about 75 feet. For this it is deadly accurate. It is not as loud as shutting the back door. The sound of the pellet impacting the target is much louder than the report. In .22 this is deadly on ground squirrels and rats up to 75 feet in my testing. I have not tried shooting this beyond 75 feet. I have not tried the pistol barrel. I am using Crossman .22 Premier 14.3g domed pellets at 50 feet these go right through 1/4 plywood and are deadly on the pests. I get about 25 to 30 full power shots per CO2 cartridge. I highly recommend getting a couple of the magazines, they make the gun much more fun and allow quick follow-up shots if needed. Airgun Depot shipped fast and good. Great bang for the buck.

Quiet and accurate

Pull on the rifle stock is a bit short.

By DavidJanuary 26, 2024 Verified Purchase

Fun to shoot. Accurate. Rifle kit makes a totally different gun.

Make easily removable moderator from rifle barrel.

By MikeJanuary 8, 2024 Verified Purchase

I setup as a rifle and mounted a red dot on this, and it is an absolute blast to shoot. I can't believe how much fun this pellet gun is. I love to shoot rimfire and centerfire firearms, but it requires me to pack everything up and make a long trip to the range. Once I found this amazing pellet rifle, I can enjoy shooting for much less money per round without needing to pack up and drive to the range. If you like to shoot and you're on the fence over whether or not to buy this pellet rifle, buy it now - it's a blast! And, I found RWS Hobby pellets work perfectly.

Accurate, easy to shoot, very fun, love the form factor, great number of shots from a CO2 cartridge.

The single shot pellet tray can be a little finicky, finding a 1mm dovetail to picatinny rail to allow me to mount a red dot was a little challenging.

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is the suppressor removable from rifle barrel

asked gary from USA

Do those who own one like a scope or is it good without?

asked Rochelle from USA

Good without but great with a red dot on it I used a boresight to sight it in and it's a tack driver now!

Dean from USA

Is there a laser sight available for this rifle?

asked Les from USA

Get a rail from buck rail and you can add a laser, light, bipod ,or whatever you want

Dean from USA

which type of magazine will be using?

asked IVAN from USA

You can order Diana Stormrider mag or order CP2 magazines from They have a custom one 14 shots .177, 12 shots .22

greg from USA

what's the best weight of 22 pellet for this gun

asked Bean from USA

My .22 caliber Chaser really loves the very economical H&N, (Excite) brand "plinking" wadcutters that weigh in at an even 13.0 grs. A tin of 250 pellets costs only about $6 but shoot very, very well in my Chaser as well a handful of my other .22 caliber break barrel and PCP air rifles.

Dennis from USA

Where can you get a bit stock for my chaser? I found a moderator bit everyone's out of buttstock accessorie

asked Roy from USA

What's the FPS on the .177 rifle?

asked Tom from USA

Is it possible from CO2 covert this gun to PCp rifle

asked Kayhan from Canada

Yep Google pcp conversion kit

greg from USA

I'm new to air gunning. What is an indexed mag?

asked Tim from USA

When you insert a pellet and push the bolt forward the next pellet will be indexed into place and move forward into the breech

Roy from USA

Where can I find the complete specs on the .22 cal rifle kit? I didn't find anything about the indexing mag or where to get it.

asked James from USA

Look up Diana Chaser magazine

Roy from USA

did you receive a indexing mag. with your kit ?

asked larry from USA

Buy Diana Stormrider mags

Roy from USA

No. Magazines are additional.

Mark from USA

What caliber is best for grouse and squirrel hunting

asked Dick from USA

22 cal.

Mark from USA

Does the order include a magazine and does it include a case?

asked Ryan

No magazine included but it does come with a soft case that holds the components but not the assembled rifle

Aaron from USA

Does this shoot darts?

asked Scott from USA

I'm looking at getting the 22 cal version what's the best distance you get out of it?

asked Dcott

Is this a magazine based gun?

asked scott merlo

This kit comes with a magnetic single shot loading tray that fits behind the breach. You can purchase magazines for the Diana Stormrider rifle and they will work in the chaser. .22 cal mag holds 7 rounds, .177 holds 9

Aaron from USA

Can unscrew the silencer on the rifle barrel and screw it on the pistol barrel?

asked Erwin from Guam

Yes, it will go on either barrel. It comes on the rifle barrel and is LocTited on, but will unscrew. Heat the area where the threads are. If you use a pliers, be sure to wrap the end so it doesn't get scratched.

Marshall from USA


Wyman from USA

It sounds like USA market Chasers have loctite on the moderator threads. People have successfully unscrewed the moderator and it will screw onto the pistol barrel. The pistol barrel has a cap screwed onto the threads.

Aaron from USA

If I bought both .177 and .22 could I interchange the barrels

asked Justin from USA

Photos show left handed bolt action. Is it reversible? Also, is a multi shot clip included?

asked KBF

Apparently a clip is not included but the clip for the Diana Stormrider rifle will work in the Chaser and must be purchased separately. There is a left hand breech block that can be purchased to convert to left hand.

Aaron from USA

Does this come with a carry case.

asked Alan from USA

It comes with a soft case that will hold the components but not the assembled rifle

Aaron from USA

Is it possible to mount a scope? If not, how accurate is the targeting of this gun?

asked Yuri

Yes It is very accurate little rifle, but don't expect to shoot for accurate over 20 yds.

Wyman from USA

Anyone know where to get the indexing magazine? I ordered this rifle kit and it only came with the single shot setup. I looked on the website, but couldn't find one. Thanks

asked Jordon

You have to buy the magazine for the Diana Stormrider rifle. That is the magazine that fits in the Chaser

Aaron from USA

What is a good scope and mount for the rifle configuration?

asked Kent from USA

What is a good. Heap scope for this gun?

asked John

What is a recommended scope for this rifle?

asked Len

One that fits.


For those who have both the .177 and .22, how do they compare in velocity and sound?

asked Lon from USA

I have the 0.17 pistol. It possible to buy the rifle conversion separately?

asked R. De Hon

I see no magazine online for this gun,a little help on this would be grateful.

asked Robert from USA

You need the Diana Stormrider rifle magazine. That magazine fiis the Chaser

Aaron from USA


asked ravenshaw

Yes both barrels are included and the Stormrider mag works in the Chaser

Aaron from USA

Can the bolt be switched over to the other side for a lefty shooter?

asked Bill

glenn61 how can you rate it when you haven't picked the "still not available " gun up?

asked JEFF from USA

Does this gun come with the indexing magazine or do you have to purchase it separately?

asked Peter P.E. Malmquist

GLENN61. THEY'RE NOT available yet so how do you know?

asked JEFF from USA

How many shots per co2 cyclinder

asked gene from USA

Is the moderator removable? It looks like the pistol barrel has a thread protector

asked Jon from USA

Does this come with the magazines?

asked Jon from USA


asked Richard from USA

how hard would it be to convert this to a constant air system with a larger co2 bottle i.e. paintball marker system.

asked Phil G.
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