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FAS Air Rifles

When Chiappa introduced the FAS 6004, an entry-level target pistol which made its way into the hearts of many 10M enthusiasts, they probably didn’t realize the instant impact and following it would encounter. Building off that acceptance Chiappa built a new kind of FAS but in the form of an air rifle this time around. The success of the new FAS air rifles would come as no surprise thanks to the exceptional manufacturing and reputation of the brand. Designed to offer unmatched versatility and performance, the FAS air rifle comes equipped for different levels of competition and even has a .22 caliber for added options to fit your needs.
We offer several reliable choices for FAS air rifles in our inventory. When looking at the available options, it is important to consider the many features offered by this brand. For example, you will find such features as ambidextrous stocks, sidelever cocking systems, adjustable rear sights, and front blade sights, internal regulators, and more to offer an all-around high-quality shooting experience sure to excite. These high-quality options are also designed to work with several add on accessories to heighten your experience and add to accuracy and results such as adding diopter sights and front globe sights, as well as elements like a 9-11mm under rail for attaching additional shooting accessories. Whether you are looking for a standard Sporter option or the Sporter and diopter combo for added versatility, we have you covered with our selection of high performing FAS air rifles at the ready. From the exceptional craftsmanship apparent in every aspect to the unrivaled focus on power and precision, these FAS air rifles offer something for every level of skill so you can enjoy the action while working on accuracy. Whether for competition, target practice or just fun, this collection has a rifle for you. Order today and get in on the action with this great lineup. If you have any questions about this collection, please contact us. Our team is always happy to assist you further as needed.