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Umarex Fusion 2

Available in .177
Only $147.99
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  • Code: AGD-514010287 · $147.99 · .177 · 700 fps
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The new Fusion 2 from Umarex is even better than the first! This updated version offers enhanced ergonomics and a higher level of report suppression. With it's uniquely designed SilencAir technology, which encompasses a five chamber moderator, this rifle is perfect for backyard shooting! The side bolt allows for quick follow-up shots using the 9 round magazine, two are included with the rifle, and the 4x32 scope is perfect for short range shooting. It's new thumbhole stock features M-LOK slots on the side, which allow you to attach almost any accessory out there!

Umarex Fusion 2 Features:
  • Over 70 shots on 2x12 grams
  • SilencAir technology
  • Powered by (2) 12g CO2 or (1) 88g CO2
  • .177 Pellet
  • 700 FPS
  • Single stage trigger
  • Bolt action
  • 4x32 scope and (2) 9-round pellet mags included
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  • ManufacturerUmarex
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 700 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 5.95
  • Overall Length 40.55
  • Barrel Length 18.50
  • Loudness 2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 9
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail Weaver/Picatinny
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 70
  • Trigger Adjustability Single-stage
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By StephenMarch 23, 2024 Verified Purchase

Very easy to use, very accurate

Wish it had a little bit more power, screwing in the air cap is a bit difficult

By LukeUSAFebruary 6, 2024 Verified Purchase

I was surprised at how quickly this rifle freezes up in colder outdoor temps. I attempted to do a sight in from my outdoor range bench at 38 degrees (F) and the rifle froze up after the 5th three shot volley. I re-tried sight in by shooting indoors, and it would not group tighter than 3 inches. Occasionally two shots would touch, then a flyer. I was shooting seated, off sand bags. There is zero recoil and very little sound, so shooter error was minimal. I was hoping to use for small pest control on our acreage, but between the cold intolerance and poor accuracy, I sent it back.

Quiet. Sturdy frame. 9 shot clip

Poor accuracy. Cannot tolerate cold ambient temps (CO2)

By PeterJanuary 9, 2024 Verified Purchase

My video : UMAREX FUSION 2 SHOOTING ACTION December 31, 2023

SO far no complaints on the rifle. Still getting familiar with the product...Need better warmer weather to finish up

The so called silencer...not a fan of those gadgets :

By ThomasSeptember 11, 2023

These guns are amazingly accurate, I know because my dad got one and his is the same. I use these at my permission for sparrows out to 30 yards and it loves any pellet you put in it.

Accurate, I mean ridiculously accurate. Out to 25 yards it is as accurate as my FX Crown, simply amazing. I get 36 shots per (2) Co2 fill, with an average speed of 634fps with my 8.2g pellet. 7.3 ftlbs and its super consistent over those three mags with an ES under 30! There is nothing to really hate about the gun it performs so well for its price, its basically a PCP in performance. Will eventually convert it but what a great gun.

Needs a better scope as they always do, No drop in PCP conversion option offered. Co2 containers are a pain to get out and the mags fit super tight.

By ChrisMarch 5, 2023

Really like this rifle, my kids like it, very backyard fiendly. the co2 issues about not piercing the 2nd cartridges is easily fixed

Light weight pretty well built. Accurate , quiet, powerful enough. Trigger snobs wont be impressed but at this price point its just fine

Mags are tight to insert. Maybe a slight sanding on one side would be beneficial.

By TIMOTHYAugust 26, 2022

I needed a gun to blast red squirrels from a soffit. Many of my break barrels and all my PCPs had too much power and would shoot through the plywood. Actually my Crosman pumper fit the bill and was up to the task, but then I had no excuse for buying something new. Umarex supplies solid value. There are some sniggles with this rifle, but for the price you'd best hold your tongue. It's so quiet that it doesn't disturb the game shot to shot. Not a powerful weapon, but sufficient in the right hands. And it is old-school plinking fun. Perfect for that indoor basement range this winter.

Light, points brilliantly, hole on hole at 10 yards.

Loooong trigger, basic optic.

By WayneUSAJune 5, 2022

Looks and feels great

Simpler loading, co2 and pellet cartridges

By JohnUSAApril 9, 2022

I get approx. 60 shots with good power when both CO2 cylinders puncture.

Very accurate once setup with a decent optic. The trigger is decent for an inexpensive rifle.

Did not care for the scope. Also, more than half the time, only one of the CO2 cylinders punctures.

By Malcolm K USAOctober 18, 2021

Excellent shooter and very quiet. Much quieter than expected. My grandson loves it. I just have to keep the magazines loaded.

It did not come with scope rings.

By RobertUSAAugust 23, 2021

Very well made and easy to shoot. The one I own is extremely accurate. Very easy to carry since it weighs less than 6 pounds.

Light weight, easy to carry and use, very accurate

CO2 adapter cylinder will not pierce bottom C02 cylinder. Trigger needs work...way too much creep or take-up.

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Is an adapter needed to use 88-gram cartridges?


Scope rings?

asked James from USA

Come with it to mount the scope.

Adam from USA

Where can I get parts for the Umarex Fusion 2

asked George from USA

Umarex directly is going to be your best bet.

Adam from USA

How many rounds per cartridge

asked Robert from USA

Most airgun companies suggest that you use their recommended ammunition. Does Umarex recommend their own pellets for this rifle?

asked moze from USA

What is the best pellets and weight to use in Umarex Fusion 2?

asked Romero from USA

Any opinion on this being powerful enough to dispatch large rats within 10 yards or so?

asked Rylan from USA

how do you load the magazines? i have 4 mags and load them from the left but all wont seat all the way, very tight.

asked John from USA

Is there a regulator available for this rifle? Mine is completely erratic for about the first 5-10 shots, then it calms down and shoots great for the next 15. After that it's anyone's guess where the next round will go.

asked George from USA

what is the length of the Umarex fusion 2?

asked John from USA

Will you be able to use the Crosman CO2 12 gram capsules?

asked Jamie from USA

Yes you can use the crosman Co2, but because of the shorter neck on them you will need to insert a capsule then drop a dime in and then insert the second capsule. Has worked great for me.

Randy from USA

Do I need an adapter to run the88/90 gram co2 or is the rifle ready to go with it ?

asked Kevin from USA

Rifle is ready for 88/90. However you have to use it all or get an adapter so you can remove it and keep the rest of the Co2. You can't leave the Rifle pressurized

Randy from USA

When using the 88gr co2 and adapter should I be using a drop of oil with it? Asking since I've only shot 6 pellets and now I'm getting no air. There is air in the cylinder still but not coming through the gun now?

asked Norman from USA

What type of " oil " can you use if you don't have the RWS lube

asked Jim from USA

Any silicone oil

Malcolm K from USA

How to you mount a bi pod

asked Jim from USA

this rifle umarex fusion ll can I use 90grams co2 instead of 12grams co2?

asked Jose from USA

Yes. It works with the 88/90 gram cartridges

Randy from USA

700 fps velocity is possible with how much grains pellet?

asked Uzay from Turkey

Does the adapter for the co2 x2 come with the gun

asked Julius from USA


Randy from USA

I've read it's not advisable to store the gun for any length of time with an air cartridge in place. If I haven't used the entire cartridge, I don't have much choice right?

asked Mike from USA

Better to release the Co2 then damage the rifle. It will damage the rifle for sure if you leave the Co2 in

Randy from USA

Interested in this gun because of its low noise, but unfamiliar with 88 gram CO2. Is the 88 gram refillable?

asked Jarrod from USA

No The 88 gram is single use.

Mark from USA

Does this new version require releasing the safety with each shot? Does the safety automatically engage after each shot? Can this "feature" be disabled? Thanks for your help.

asked Anthony from USA

The Fusion II has a manual safety. It does not automatically engage.

Mark from USA

What is the length of this rifle

asked David from USA

Overall Length 40.55"

Mark from USA

does it come with the 12 gram adapters

asked Drew from USA

The Fusion operates with 12gm CO2 cartridges.

Mark from USA

When will the 22 caliber be available?

asked Rebel from USA

This gun will probably not be made in 22 cal.

Mark from USA
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