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BB Rifles

Air rifles that shoot BBs are usually geared toward the younger shooter, but there are now BB gun rifles that are geared towards adult shooters such as the Ebos and Drozd Blackbird. Additionally, there are several rifles that are combos that shoot either a BB or a pellet. These types of rifles will have a reservoir that will hold 100 - 300 BBs at a time, but they are single shot (feed one BB at a time into the chamber from the reservoir). When shooting in pellet mode, you will either have to load the pellets one at a time or use a pellet clip, but a clip only works with some rifles.
BB rifles will usually have a smooth bore barrel. This means that there is no rifling in the barrel and they will not be as accurate as guns with rifling. However, these types of bb guns are perfect for youngsters learning to shoot as they can teach them basic shooting skills safely and effectively. They are also inexpensive so you won't break the bank owning one of these. However, if the bb rifle shoots pellets as well then chances are the barrel will be rifled. Check the specs of each gun to check whether the barrel has rifling or not. Most BB air rifles will either have a pneumatic or spring powerplant. Most pneumatics are multi-pump (meaning you have to pump them several times).