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Monthly Recap December 2023

With the holidays over, we go back to freezer filling and making sure there’s enough fuel to make it through the harshest season of the year. You’re on your own with the fuel issue, but we can help with filling the freezer.

Have Fun While Filling the Freezer

Hatsan Factor BullPup
Hatsan Factor BullPup

Freezer filling is made quick and easy with airgun hunting. Small game is easily taken with hunting pistols, especially at close range. They are perfect for those pesky critters who dig up your garden or eat their way into your house.  For bigger game, you’ll need more power with hunting air rifles

Large game rifles are best for hogs, deer, and large predators like coyotes. For a compact yet powerful rifle, bullpups are an excellent choice, like the Hatsan Factor BullPup. Shooting at over 900 fps, it has the power to take game effectively, and the compact design makes it maneuverable in the field. With the right scope, you’ll be an unstoppable hunting machine.

Medium game rifles are well suited for woodchucks, groundhogs, and small predators like foxes. The Benjamin Marauder takes this task quite well. As one of the quietest rifles ever made, it won’t scare off your targets before you get the chance to take them out. Whether it’s pests or freezer filler, you’ll have fun getting it. 

Small game rifles are best for tools you need for getting squirrels, rabbits, and birds. The Gamo Swarm Magnum Pro Gen3i, with its gas piston break barrel, has less vibration, more durability, and better performance in cold weather than a traditional springer. It will have you spit-roasting a rabbit over a low flame in no time.

For More Shooting Fun

Umarex Gauntlet SL30
Umarex Gauntlet SL30

Let Umarex expand your airgun collection with its extensive lineup. From hunting rifles to plinking pistols, Umarex has you covered. The  Umarex Gauntlet SL30 is a breakthrough for top performers who don’t break the bank. It has a larger air tank and higher pressure capacity, giving you lots more shots while maintaining its power, along with an easier-to-use side lever. Then there’s the Hammer. Even a bear is no match for the Umarex Hammer. With 700 fpe, it’ll drop a bear mere feet from the target zone, so you won’t be tracking it; just packing it out of the woods. For a different hunting style, try an arrow gun like the Umarex AirJavelin Pro. This unique hunting option uses high-pressured air to launch specially designed arrows, giving you 25 shots per fill to take game. The Picatinny rail has room for your favorite optic to make shooting precision supremely accurate. 

If you prefer plinking and target shooting to hunting, Umarex has airguns for you, too. Check out the Umarex Steel Storm, a high-performance BB pistol that’s designed for speed and precision. This CO2-powered BB pistol has a 300-round reservoir and shoots 6-round bursts in full auto mode, which will splatter paper in seconds. The speed load system makes reloading easy and keeps the fun going. Or there’s the Umarex Strike Point, a high-powered multi-pump air pistol that boasts both power and precision. It’s also great as a lower powered target pistol, great for indoor target shooting, so you can still get your shoot on even when your backyard is covered in snow. 

Exploring Power and Precision

Barra 1858 BB Revolver
Barra 1858 BB Revolver

Here are some ideas to ignite your shooting passions:

The Barra 1858 BB Revolver is a replica of the classic 1858 Remington New Army revolver, used widely in the American Civil War and the Wild West. This air pistol uses steel BBs and operates with 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Its notable features include a precision rifled barrel, a 6-shot cylinder, and fixed sights. 

The SIG Sauer GSR 1911 BB Pistol is a CO2-powered airgun designed as a replica of a classic 1911 pistol, a favorite among enthusiasts. This BB pistol stands out for its semi-automatic action and ability to shoot steel BBs at a velocity of 400 fps. Constructed with a full metal frame, it is reliable and sturdy, ensuring a long, useful life.

The Crosman RepeatAir 1077 TAC is a semi-automatic air rifle with a sleek tactical design. It’s a .177 caliber airgun that operates on CO2, providing high velocity and accuracy for your shooting activities. It can shoot at up to 780 fps and features a 12-round rotary clip. The all-weather stock provides durability and convenience for any shooting conditions.

The Gamo Magnum GR is an advanced .25 caliber break barrel. It has an all-weather stock, which provides a firm, reliable grip. It comes with a Gamo 3-9×40 adjustable objective scope on the 11mm recoil-reducing dovetail and windage adjustable fiber optic sights, so you can use it with or without the scope. The combination of performance, comfort, and versatility makes it ideal for both hunting and target shooting. 

A Timeless Legacy

Crosman 100 Year Anniversary Edition Pump Rifle
Crosman 100 Year Anniversary Edition Pump Rifle

The 100-year anniversary edition Crosman 362 multi-pump air rifle is an iconic collector’s item embodying both the legacy and evolution of airgun craftsmanship. It’s a timeless testament to the century-long journey of a legendary brand, blending vintage charm with contemporary technology for unmatched performance. 

Until next month, have fun and shoot safe.

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Hatsan Factor Bullpup

With the holidays over, we go back to freezer filling and making sure there’s enough fuel to make it through the harshest season of the year. You’re on your own with the fuel issue, but we can help with filling the freezer. Have Fun While Filling the Freezer Freezer filling is made quick and easy […]