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Evanix Air Rifles

When you need an air gun that feels like the real thing in both capacity and handling, there are only a few brands worth considering. With their commitment to excellent manufacturing and attention to every performance aspect imaginable, EVANIX is a Korean manufacturer of some of the highest quality pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifles available on today’s market. These EVANIX air rifles are favored by many as some of the best imported PCP models because of the superior performance features and the overall quality of the manufacturing. Every EVANIX air rifle has hand carved stocks, lathed and machined metal parts, and other notable features to make it well worth the investment. We are pleased to bring you a diverse selection of EVANIX air rifles to add to your collection. With a focus on durable manufacturing made to resemble the real thing, these models offer high performing shooting capabilities coupled with the features you need to make shooting easy and effective with every round. With a range of specifications available, including your choice of repeater or single shot firing mode, lever or sidelever action, various caliber choices, and various velocities, finding the option to fit your exact preferences has never been easier. Made to offer the similar performance of the real thing, an EVANIX air rifle comes with such features as built-in air pressure gauges, adjustable cheekpieces, weaver options, accessory rail with removable grip, and more. Another great thing about this collection is that you can choose from standard tactical and sniper-inspired models, as well as standard hunting rifle models, so you can also get the model that matches your needs. These options are great for plinking, fun, or target training to help hone your skills. Add the inherent quality and outstanding performance of this manufacturer to your shooting collection today. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or check out our resources page.