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Head to Head: Beretta CX4 Storm vs. Sig Sauer MCX

Semi-auto CO2  plinkers are some of our favorite airguns. Always ready for some quick plinking indoors or out, plus the fast action and close resemblance to their powder burner counterparts make them a great way to keep skills sharp at fraction of the price of going to the range. But what difference is there, if […]

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Head to Head: QB78 Deluxe vs Sheridan 2260MB

Now that winter is behind us, and the warmth, sights, and smell of spring is in the air, we thought we’d pit two of our favorite CO2 plinkers. Call it the Super Flyweight CO2 Rifle Division. Both of these single shot CO2 rifles are known for their accuracy, simple reliability, and for having a plethora […]

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Head to Head: Airforce Condor SS vs Hatsan BT65 QE

Being that we have dubbed 2016 “The Year of the PCP” we thought that it would be best to throw a few of our favorite PCP rifles into the ring and let them duke it out to see who comes out on top. We constantly get questions about what makes one gun more favorable than […]

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Head to Head: Benjamin Trail NP1 vs Trail NP2

Up to this point we have always placed two competitors in the ring who have showed similar qualities but from different manufactures. We have yet to see two guns from the same manufacturer let alone the same product line. But for this matchup we wanted to do something a little different. Since manufactures come out […]

Head to Head: Marauder Pistol vs Hatsan ATp2-QE

Climbing into the ring today we have something a little different. With fall rolling in and many of us taking time off to head into the woods for hunting season, the topic of lightweight, compact, easy to carry air rifles has been hot on our minds. The question basically is “What airgun would be easiest […]

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Head to Head: Chiappa AG92 vs Beretta 92FS

We enter the Tactical Pistol Super-Welterweight Division and pit two non-blowback pellet pistol replicas against each other. Each emulating the Beretta Model 92. The Beretta model 92 has served in capacities the world over. Many Police units favor the Model 92 for its reliability and smooth shooting. Even the U.S. Militaries service pistol, the M9 […]

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Head to Head: Umarex Fuel .22 vs. Hatsan Model 87

Instead of the usual seasoned competitors, today it’s time for a few newer competitors to climb into the ring. Today we have updated versions of some of our best selling break barrels. Both guns are new for 2015, so it seemed only fitting that we have them square off and see which comes out on […]

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Head to Head: Benjamin Marauder vs Hatsan AT44S-10 QE

This is the fight that everyone has been asking for in the popular PCP Super Middleweight division. It’s the reigning champ again in the ring as more and more contenders enter the market vying for the belt as the best high value PCP in the sub $600 price range. What are we waiting for!? Let’s […]

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Head to Head: AirArms TX200 vs. Walther LGU Master

This week is a title match between two middle heavy weights from the world of quality european made spring air rifles. Both well known and popular within the sport of Field Target, it’s not often that we match up two guns that are nearly identical in every way. In the blue corner, weighing in at […]

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Head to Head: Benjamin Marauder vs BSA Buccaneer

This weeks matchup is a sparing match between the Benjamin Marauder and the BSA Buccaneer. Each of these two PCP contenders is vying to be at the top of the table when it comes to high value PCP’s. Its a matchup of the USA vs. Great Britain in today’s head to head. In the blue […]

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