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Top 10 .25 Caliber Rifles of 2022

For our top ten .25 cal airguns for 2022, we’ll focus on airguns that deliver key features we find critical for shooters looking for more range and power.  Our choices will be based on sales volume, reviews, and our own subjective opinions. Because each person may have a different budget and use case, we’ll list them by cost.  Please note that prices can and will fluctuate over time. Prices reflect the release date of this article. So let’s get started.  

10 – Hatsan Mod 135 Vortex QE

Hatsan Mod 135 Vortex QE Break Barrel Air Rifle

The Hatsan Mod 135 line of airguns is the most powerful breakbarrel offered by Hatsan USA.  It stretches from .177 to .30 caliber, making it the only “big bore,” gas ram powered, break barrel on the market. The .25 Mod 135 packs a huge punch, making it perfect for small game hunting and pesting.  Its core features include a beautiful hardwood stock with an adjustable cheek riser, quattro trigger, vortex gas ram, and quiet energy integrated suppressor.  For those wanting a simple, powerful airgun, take a look a the Hatsan Mod 135. 

9 – Umarex Origin .25

Umarex Origin .25 Caliber PCP Air Rifle

Umarex USA came out swinging in 2022.  They dramatically expanded their line of hunting airguns, including the new .25 caliber Umarex Origin.  The Origin is an entry-level PCP airgun that solves some issues for those new to PCP air rifles.  The biggest hurdle for most folks considering PCP airguns comes down to an affordable and easy way to fill them.  The Origin incorporates Umarex’s patented Ever Pressure system that acts as a booster in the air cylinder.  In short, it helps make more pressure with less volume.  Where most PCPs need 100 to 200 strokes of a hand pump to take their first shot, the Origin needs only 13, and it also fills up with half the effort.  The secondary benefit of the Ever Pressure system is great shot consistency without needing a regulator.  Producing over 50 foot-pounds with great range and accuracy, the Umarex Origin is a great option for those looking for a .25 cal PCP on a tight budget. 

8 – Seneca Aspen

Seneca Aspen PCP Air Rifle

The Seneca Aspen makes another appearance on our top airguns for 2022. The .25 caliber version of the Aspen produces great power, range, and accuracy. In addition, the integrated high-pressure pump allows shooters to fill the Aspen from empty and keep it topped off in the field. This eliminates the need for an external high-pressure air source freeing airgunners to go out and have fun at the bench or in the field.

7 – Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup

Air Venturi Avenger, Bullpup PCP Air Rifle

Bullpup air rifles deliver the same performance and accuracy as long guns but do so in a more condensed package.  Generally, bullpups are more tactical and more expensive than their long-gun counterparts. But that’s not always the case.  The Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup is a great example of an airgun that brings the practicality of the bullpup design down to a very affordable level.  Also, it maintains all the adjustability of the long gun version. The power output in .25 cal is right up there with the best in class, and the range with hunting accuracy stretches out to 75 and even 100 yards.  It’s a beast of a .25 cal airgun. 

6 – Umarex Gauntlet 2

Umarex Gauntlet 2 PCP Air Rifle

The Umarex Gauntlet 2 is another example of how you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a lot of airgunning performance.  With 96 full-power shots before you drop off the regulator, the G2 is sure to be a favorite for all-day hunters.  And, of course, it’s very accurate. 

5 – Walther Reign UXT

Walther Reign UXT Multi-shot Bullpup Air Rifle

Sticking with the bullpup design, which continues to be very popular in 2022, the Walther Reign brings German build quality, engineering, and manufacturing down to an unbelievable price point.  Walther is a name known for quality, and it shows here as well.  The Reign is a great airgun for those that just want to shoot, in that all the power levels are fixed and not adjustable.   It’s also not regulated, which is an interesting choice for sure. But it’s very accurate and produces really good power.  Although it’s very simple, it has some unique features.  It has a forward cocking lever, which is far more comfortable to use, that’s ambidextrous.  The magazine is also ambidextrous.  It’s lightweight and a ton of fun to shoot. Did we mention that it’s made in Germany?

4 – Benjamin Kratos

Benjamin Kratos PCP Air Rifle

Benjamin introduced a set of new airguns recently.  These new models, the Akela, Cayden, Gunnar, and Kratos, are manufactured in Turkey.  The Kratos is a wonderful example of what can be done with an affordable platform yet delivering exceptional results.  While not regulated, it puts up consistent numbers that almost seem to defy the laws of physics. The Kratos is beautiful to look at, is fun, and very enjoyable to shoot.  It can put lead on target with ease, whether you are at the bench or in the field. 

3 – Seneca Eagle Claw

Seneca Eagle Claw PCP Air Rifle

Seen as the “Hunter’s Airgun,” the Seneca Eagle Claw is another air rifle with too many features to list here.  In short, you are getting an extremely flexible airgun that can push over 80 foot-pounds in .25 caliber.  Don’t always need that much power? No problem.  It can also drop down to the high 20 to 30 foot-pounds with its variable power wheel located under the receiver.  The most unique feature of the Eagle Claw is the lever action.  This allows shooters to remain fixed on their target while cycling the action for their next follow-up shot.  It’s fast, powerful, and very fun to shoot. 

2 – Ataman M2R Bullpup, Type 2

Ataman M2R Bullpup, Type 2 Walnut PCP Air Rifle

Now we are getting to the upper end of the price scale. There are a lot of airguns to consider, and one of our favorites comes from Ataman.  The M2R bullpup is available in a lot of calibers.  The .25 caliber is a great fit for target or varmint.  The build quality of the entire Ataman line is up there with the best airguns made today.  The M2R Bullpup is regulated and tuned for optimal power and shot count performance.  The shooting experience is one of the best out there with its liquid smooth shot cycle and feather-weight trigger. 

1 – FX Impact M3

FX Impact M3 PCP Air Rifle

At the top of our product stack sits the FX Impact M3.  The M3 is a true enthusiasts airgun package delivering exceptional adjustability and flexibility.  Owners can not only dial in their M3 to their exact needs, but they can also swap calibers with ease and shoot pellets or slugs just by swapping barrels. Everything on the M3 is designed to be infinitely tuneable, and that’s why it costs what it does.  Ask any M3 owner, and they will let you know that it’s 100% worth the investment. It’s powerful, accurate, and reliable.  If you want ultra precision with maximum flexibility, then the FX Impact M3 needs to be on your radar. 

That’s our top 10 .25s for 2022

While these are some of our most popular airguns, they are not nearly all the .25 airguns we have on our site.   So, if you need help picking your next airgun, please call us. We are always happy 

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Hatsan Mod 135 Vortex QE break barrel air rifle

For our top ten .25 cal airguns for 2022, we’ll focus on airguns that deliver key features we find critical for shooters looking for more range and power.  Our choices will be based on sales volume, reviews, and our own subjective opinions. Because each person may have a different budget and use case, we’ll list […]