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Nagant Air Pistols

Finding the right airgun for your needs is a lot easier when you have great manufacturers at the ready. When looking at Nagant air pistols, there is a long history behind every shot. A leader in the industry for a commitment to ongoing excellence in terms of performance, Nagant pistols are actually products of the brand Gletcher, although the name pays homage to its original designer Emile Nagant who developed these pistols originally alongside Belgians Leon. With a long and interesting history bolstering them on, Nagant pistols were a Russian firearm created in the late 19th century and later used by Soviet soldiers in conflicts arising during the times of the early 20th century. Today, Nagant air pistols are made to look and feel like their historical counterparts and for anyone who likes a little bit of history, this is a fun way to experience it.
We are pleased to bring you a diverse collection of Nagant air pistols to let you get in the action with a close replica to the real deal. When looking at our collection, you will find some of the most popular models in a range of styles reminiscent of old-fashioned pistols. Since a big part of the charm of these pistols is the appearance, its worth noting that these models come with such classic elements as full metal bodies with textured grips as well as ammo in old fashioned cartridge style to stay true to the past. With important details such as double and single action, fixed front and rear sights, safety lock, and more, it is no wonder people can’t wait to get their hands on these fun pistols made for all skill levels. When looking for a fun way to experience the past for yourself, these high-quality Nagant air pistols are the perfect solution. Order today and experience a true classic with every shot. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please reach out for assistance. We are always happy to assist you in any way.